‘La Carrera’ (‘The Race’) short by Noel Films.

Hello children. Are we ready? As you know, the race is a 4km one, a ‘mini marathon’ in which you need to put your maximum effort But one thing…
Don’t cheat! You need to be sincere and loyal. We are forming you as decent persons. The winner will win a prize. The prize is this medal. – But we can keep it afterwards?
– Of course. It’ll be my first medal! They will also be chosen for a provincial competition. Don’t make noise! Teacher, can we run as a zombie? Mr. Soria, and your running shoes? But you can’t run with those… But he never has any. Ah! We can see your butt crack! Who are you smiling to? Listen son. You will win this race. I’m like an idiot at home all day,
and don’t need more of your feeble stuff You were always a weakling. Always in your mother’s skirt.
But now she’s gone. This race, you WILL win it.
You WON’T humiliate me again. Two more kilometers! One more kilometer! You WILL win this race. You won’t humiliate me again. Last 300m! Go on kids, you ca do it! It’ll be my first medal! Byem Andrés. You let me win. There was no need. You’re a faggot. It’s o.k. It’s O.K.

4 thoughts on “‘La Carrera’ (‘The Race’) short by Noel Films.”

  1. Por un momento, me imaginé que el niño ganador iba a entregar su medalla al niño de segundo lugar…pero luego me di cuenta de que el mundo en el que vivimos no es tan grato….que todo el concepto de la competencia, un humano contra otro humano, es una mierda …..no trae nada bueno para nuestros jóvenes … la idea debe ser cooperar … ¡no competir!

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