Le goûter de Noël – vocabulaire + jeu d’observation

Where are Seli and Pipoiv?
The Christmas snack First, let’s discover Christmas sweets and desserts. Candy canes. A plate of cookies. A box of chocolates. A gingerbread house. Oranges. Hot chocolate. A Christmas cake. Fruit juice. Pipoiv is playing hide-and-seek. Look carefully at the image and find out how often it appears ? Pipoiv appeared 3 times. Now Seli is hiding in turn. How many times does Seli appear ? Seli appeared twice. This time, Seli and Pipoiv are both hiding. Be attentive and count their appearances. How many times do Seli and Pipoiv appear? In total, they made 7 appearances. Seli appeared 4 times and Pipoiv appeared 3 times. That’s all for today! See you tomorrow, “ouistiti” !

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