7 thoughts on “Le premier ministre Trudeau offre ses vœux à l’occasion de Noël”

  1. Ici, j’ai essayé de le traduire en anglais (sans regardant la version anglaise)(Here’s my attempt at translating it into English (without watching the English version))

    “Merry Christmas, Canada.  It’s now the time of year to put on our winter clothes and to reach out to our loved ones at home and afar.  For Christians around the world, it’s the time to celebrate Jesus Christ and his message of compassion and it’s the occasion to gather ourselves together and make the most of everything that unites us.  Above all, it’s the time to appreciate the joys of the season and to turn ourselves towards next year with hope and optimism.  In 2017, Canadians all over the country gave us a lot to be proud of and showed us how diversity is our key strength.  Canadians, those that are neighbours that help one another, show their warmth, compassion and generosity, not just at Christmas, but all year long.  As the 150th Anniversary of the [Canadian] Confederation draws to a close and we turn ourselves towards the new year, we all have a role to play to make our world a better world.  So, at this time of celebrations and for the future, let’s start to make a difference.  Whether it be helping a neighbour or doing voluntary work for a cause that we believe in, we should be generous and embody these values which unite us.  We hold out the hand to listen to people present in our lives, those next door, those on the other side of the [Canadian] House of Commons, or even around our table.  To build a better world, we have to start by taking action here, where we live and work, in our own communities at home.  During the period of celebrations, I also ask you to take the time to think of our brave Armed Forces as well as their families. They make extraordinary sacrifices to protect us.  This year, our Government has made significant progress for families all over Canada.  We have reinforced the Canadian Canadian child benefit and invested in the early learning and child care.  We’ve made progress in the way of settlement with native people and pushed forward gender equality as well as reducing the tax rate of small businesses so that contractors can reinvest in our communities.  Together, we will continue to create the right jobs for the middle class and for all that work hard to be a part of them.  There is still a lot of work for us to do, but I’m proud of all that we’ve accomplished.  Every day, I’m honoured and grateful to serve the Canadian people and I’m very much looking forward to continuing to work alongside you.  On behalf of our family, Hadrien, Ella-Grace, Xavier, Sophie and myself, we wish you joy, health, love and peace for the Holiday Season and for the future.  Happy Christmas.”

    Faites-le-moi savoir, si vous trouvez des erreurs.  Merci(Anything wrong with it, let me know.  Thanks.)

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