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– Good morning, clan!
Welcome to Christmas Eve 2016! Whoo! Yeah, it’s Christmas Eve 2016 and it’s the mad
dash to wrap presents and in some cases
put things together. Those are Christmas
presents for Victoria and Max. You guys remember
the kids got these like three years ago? Two or three years ago. I want to say it
was three years ago and you can see
they still have them. They’re sun rotted,
sun faded and they’re just a
little too big for ’em but every time Max and
Victoria come over here they get on those things
and they ride them around. Tiffany had the brilliant
idea of ordering them online having them shipped here
so we’re putting ’em together. Bryce just wrapped
Sierra’s present from him. Tiffany’s in
there wrapping presents. We got some boxes
here for Papa and Meemaw. Getting things in order and then we’re gonna shower, we’re gonna cook and
we’re gonna head to my brother Austin’s house for
Christmas Eve with my family. (bass notes) Alright guys, we are here at
Austin and Michelle’s new house and they’re
pretty much settled in. Still moving in,
it’s been two weeks. It’ll be three
weeks I think this Monday. Christmas tree. Couch. Kitchen where
everyone’s hanging out. All the food. Kitchen. Got the den in
here with some seating. This is the den. Bedroom, garage, bedroom, bathroom, back to the kitchen. And there’s the man himself. Thanks for having us,
dude. Merry Christmas. (group chatter) What’d Mommy make? – Cheese dip. – [Clintus] Three
kinds of cheese dip. Tiff, who got us that crock pot? Was it Travis?
– I think Travis like two or three years ago. – [Clintus] Christmas, that was
a Christmas gift right there. And the only time we pull it
out is for Christmas. (laughs) – It’s used about once a year.
– [Clintus] Yep. Bryce is super excited. Here’s their
backyard which is awesome. We were super
excited to use it but as you can tell, it’s raining. So, yeah. I don’t know
how much we’ll be using this. All the wood’s getting wet too so even if it did stop
raining we got no firewood now. But it’s cool,
the previous owners built this giant sitting area. It’s purely 100%
for entertainment. There was a gas grill there. Austin will
have to replace that. You got a chiminea
if you will right there. This nice looking
tile all the way back here. And then another
slab poured back there. Kinda nice. So very non-traditional but this
is totally our tradition. Mexican food for
Christmas Eve with my family. Only with my family. We got red enchiladas,
we got green enchiladas. We got my mom’s
chili relleno casserole. Look at this. Look at all the layers of that. Oh yeah, you got
cheese, egg, green chilis. Rice and beans. Then you got a
bunch of hors d’oeuvres. Cheese, cheese dips, salsas. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Look at Tiffany’s outfit.
I love it. So cute. So cute. Aw, yeah, the rain has stopped and Uncle Austin’s got
the fire going. Whoop, whoop. Trying to at least. That’s a nice
chimney you got there bro. I wonder if this gets hot. – [Austin] It will eventually.
– [Clintus] Yeah, I think so. (groans) Don’t
stand behind me, bro. Look at Bryce’s outfit. Baller, turn around, dude. I love it man. Those pants come in extra long? – [Michelle] Ella wanted
to come see the fire. – [Clintus] Ah, look
at this doggie. Ella! She’s the shy one. And this one (imitates barking). – [Bryce] Barks at
himself in a mirror. (Clintus laughs) – [Clintus] That is Austin’s
pride and joy right there. – [Austin] And my bubby.
– [Michelle] Yep. – [Austin] Huh, bud? – [Clintus] And
you got this chick. Look at her.
I love that jacket. I always talk about
how you guys just dress, I love the way you guys dress. Your style’s impeccable. They’re my kids, bro. They don’t get
it from me though. That tiki fuel works real good. Burn baby. I can feel the heat now. You kids smoking?
You smoking? – Yeah, smoking without
one of those smoker things. – [Bryce] Watch. (Clintus laughs)
Oh, wait, that was bad. – [Clintus] Alright, the
pinnacle of all of desserts is my mom’s Dutch Apple Pie. She brought it and here it is. It smells amazing. (group chatter) – Ken and Theresa. – This one doesn’t
have any name or anything. – [Mamaw] See if
it’s wrote on the bag. – Jack and Chrissy. – [Clintus] Go ahead,
go ahead Bella. Oh, nice! Those
things are awesome. (kids chatting) – [Sierra] I got a crossbow. – You got a crossbow?
That’s sick. – [Clintus] Sierra help Bella.
What’d she got? – Oh yeah. A box!
(group laughter) – I got a jersey Mommy!
– [Tiffany] Got a jersey. – [Sierra] Daddy!
– [Clintus] Hey, nice! – [Mason] Oh my gosh. I got a Patrick Petersen jersey. – [Sierra] I got
Larry Fitzgerald. – [Mason] Yeah! (group chatter) – [Austin] What’d you get buddy? – David Johnson! (group chatter) – I already know what it is but
I don’t know like what kind. – [Tiffany] Oh. – Pretty sure you guys
already know what this is. – [Tiffany] Let’s see,
let me zoom in. What is it? It’s a volleyball.
(group laughter) – [Jack] I bet
it’s a hockey puck. – [Tiffany] Oh,
hockey puck, yep. – Oh yeah, it looks
like a hockey puck. No, I think it’s a football. – [Tiffany] Maybe. Maybe. – It’s a basketball! Indoor and Outdoor, yes! (group chatter) – [Clintus] Poopouri.
– [Tiffany] That’s, Austin. That’s your
housewarming gift right there. – [Clintus] That’s
your housewarming gift, yep. – [Tiffany] Show us. – Oh, I love that. – [Tiffany] I saw that
and I said that was so you. – Yeah. That’s great. That’s cute.
Thank you. – [Clintus] Kids’
gift to grandpa. They were all out of
Thanksgiving blend so… Next best thing, right?
– That’s right. Very nice, thank you very much.
Thank you. I have my own now.
She stole my other one. (group laughter) – I did. I confiscated
his cup last year. – [Clintus] What
are you guys doing? – Calling Santa. – [Clintus] Calling Santa?
– [Bella] Look what I have. – [Clintus] You think
he’s gonna answer the phone? He’s on a sleigh somewhere. Somewhere across
Iceland, Greenland. What do you have Bella? What is that?
What is that? What are those called? – [Bella] Zoom-zooms.
– [Clintus] Zoom-zooms. What do you do with ’em? – [Bella] There’s so many kinds. – [Clintus] There
are a lot of them. Oh my goodness, oh
they’re all from Disney. – [Theresa] Yeah,
it’s a Disney thing. – [Clintus] Oh, Tinkerbell,
Lady, Patch, Lucky. Cruella Deville. – [Theresa] No, they just stack.
– [Woman] They’re collectables. – [Clintus] Oh. Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, Cheshire Cat. That’s Chip or
Dale, who else we got? – [Man] That’s Chip.
– [Clintus] Is that Chip? Who’s this? Oh is
that, wait, who’s that? Is that Baymax? – [Man] I don’t know. – [Bella] This one’s creepy.
– [Clintus] Creepy? Is that Rage? Is that Rage from the feelings? Inside the head?
I think that’s Rage. This one I don’t know.
Is this one Baymax? Alright, wrapped things
up at my brother’s house. We’re back home. Gonna call it a night. Santa will be here bright
and early tomorrow morning. Us parents need
to get some sleep. Kids are already
tucked into bed. You excited?
– Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Mhmmm. So excited. (laughs)
– Stop. – [Clintus] And your
Coca-Cola bear. – No, it’s not Coca-Cola. – [Clintus] It’s
like polar bear. – It’s just wintery.
– [Clintus] Wintery. (Clintus yawns) I’m so tired. Sweet dreams.
– Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Good night. Bryce getting his
onesie. What’s wrong? – [Tiffany] His zipper’s broken.
– My zippers broken. – [Clintus] Oh, no. – [Bryce] I can’t zip it up.
– [Clintus] Can’t zip it up? Alright, this little boy’s, he’s not really little any more. He’s so big. We move into that new
house bro you get a new bed. – I almost, when I put my
head on the pillow I’m almost the length of the whole… – [Clintus] Hmm, you
got a long way to go. You got a long way to go. – [Tiffany] Got at least a foot. – [Clintus] Got at least a foot. – My toe is touching the…
– [Clintus] Hmmm. – The end right now.
– [Clintus] Yeah. Good night.
– Good night. – [Clintus] Sweet dreams.
– Sweet dreams. – And that’s where we’ll say
goodnight to you guys as well. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and we’ll see you guys tomorrow
morning for Christmas morning. Kids get to open
up all their gifts. And so does
Tiffany and I’m excited. It’s exciting.
It’s exciting stuff. It’s exciting day. For everybody. So we’ll see you tomorrow,
Merry Christmas. Bye! – Vlog on! (upbeat music)

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