#LightTheWorld Christmas Concert with The Piano Guys and Friends

100 thoughts on “#LightTheWorld Christmas Concert with The Piano Guys and Friends”

  1. I Can’t believe i missed it!. God bless you all. It’s beautiful what you do, very inspiring! 🙏🏻

  2. This was a wonderful event, and suddenly hearing my language sung made me feel even more the message you wanted to convey. Merry Christmas to all of you Piano Guys and Friends and fellow commenters (any other Italians watching this?)

  3. Thank u so much for sharing ur time and talent for #the light the world concert. I am blessed. God bless u all Merry Christmas everyone! ❤☃🎄🎁

  4. #lighttheworld from Colombia. That beatiful little girl made me cry.The powerful deep sound of the cello…thank you so much!!!

  5. I played your Video in Church tonight that I Pastor * I also Evangelize & Am planning of sharing your joy in the Heart of Israel & Abroad * I too am an inspirational Classical Pianist & am inspired by your unique beautiful Talents truly gifted from God! Shalom Blessings of Love

  6. This Piano Guys fan was disappointed. The talking to music ratio was exorbitantly high. ViolinTay should have had live accompaniment. Claire Crosby was in poor voice for her solo and was off for the finale. I am afraid I cannot recommend this concert. 🙁

  7. #light the world I don't have much but i have a friend who is homeless and I invite him over for a few days at a time to give him a break from the shelter. Would have him stay longer but cannot risk my housing. Then i wouldn't be able to do anything to help.

  8. What a gathering!?! Of the Greatest Angel voices sharing the giving light power of the Christmas season! Now I have this to listen often for light Strength to keep the giving service going for years to come💞 You all!!!

  9. Lexi Walker has filled my musical listening need for the next long while! She wasn't JUST born with a good voice, but also understands her musical instrument and really how to use it! As a former soloist, voice teacher and vocal coach, I really understand the challenges presented physically when such a gorgeous musical piece needs special attention, which when attended to well, sends a musical arrow directly to the heart and soul of individuals listening! Very nice Lexi and kudos to those young Piano Guys who are ever working at spatter-painting the world with peace of heart through the sound of music, and inspiring others to also 'Light the World'!

    ~Kellie Billings-Tan~

  10. I'm sorry that I just found this campaign in late January, but if you do it again next year you can expect my family and I to participate. You guys are amazing!

  11. Wow! Incorporating Bach's Prelude in C Major in the second song is just brilliant! It fits perfectly. Way to go!

  12. All of your songs are really excellent! Time to get back in the studio and make some more myself! 💗

  13. O Come O Come Immanuel is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and the love of Jesus with us. Bless you all!

  14. Watching this here in November 2018. This is the hope the world needs right now. Spread and share peace. Thanks to all of you. Sorry I'm a year late. I'm from Nebraska.

  15. I'd like to thank all of you for a beautiful inner peace and to think of my son Scott in heaven. I think of him everyday and I don't think I'll ever stop mourning his loss. Christmas is especially tougher and honestly I wish I could just fast forward thru the holidays but once again my wife and I will go thru the motions for the sake of the rest of our family. He loved this time of year and was always a giver. He loved seeing peoples expressions as they opened his gifts. And even when he left this world, he made sure that he was leaving the gift of life for as many people as he could by becoming a donor. God how I miss him. 💔💔💔💔💔


  17. No photo, from my childhood, I learned from my mother the Twelve Days of Christmas. I have continued that tradition and from when my sons could run we did the 12 days of Christmas centered on Christ. Our last day is the video “Joy to the World “ we look for a family that is less active or not of our faith. We have only best caught once or twice in 50 years.
    Now my oldest son and his family continues the tradition, and I have brought in a family with small children to help me. They have thoroughly enjoyed this activity.#LightTheWorld

  18. Wow, I want to subscribe to most of the YouTubers in who performed in this concert! They sounded amazing and beautiful!

  19. whoever disliked is a negative curmudgeon and has no soul.
    i don't want to offend, but seriously, how the HECK could you dislike this?!?!?

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