Local girl gives out Christmas gifts to homeless community

<:molly patt: tonight hundreds homeless people will have new clothes toiletries and food all thanks to a topeka ten year old. ksnt news reporter kelly saberi met her today as she toured the town with christmas gifts made herself. stand up kid wants unwrap socks on morning but local old knows that for some its what they need most. olivia layne has been handing out family last six years. thought everyone should present mom says parents did her...>AND NOW HER DAUGHTER OLIVIA HAS A GOAL. TO MAKE AN EVEN BIGGER IMPACT THAN BEFORE. BUT SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP. “”Life gets difficult its expensive when you have children I haven’t been on the street but I’ve been close so this means a lot to me” SO THE TOPEKA 10 YEAR OLD IS ASKING FOR DONATIONS. SHE SET UP A COLLECTION BOX AT “PAULINE SOUTH INTERMEDIATE” WHEN SHE WENT TO SCHOOL.BECAUSE OF THAT — SHE WAS ABLE TO MAKE THREE TIMES AS MANY GIFT BOXES AS LAST YEAR. BUT OLIVIA TAKES IT A STEP EVEN FARTHER. SHE HANDS OUT THE BOXES HERSELF.AARON THOMAS GOES ON ADVENTURES WITH HIS DOG RUBY AROUND TOPEKA AND HAS COME ACROSS CAMPS WHERE HOMELESS PEOPLE LIVE. “it’s a part of society that people don’t like to look at and they don’t

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