London Regent Street Christmas Lights Switch on 2017

ROBERTS LONDON OK welcome to London’s Regent
Street just behind me here I’am at the Piccadilly Circus end of Regent Street this evening this years Regent Street Christmas
lights are going to be switched on there is a stage with entertainment just around the
corner here so I’am going to check out some of the entertainment this evening and then
hopefully share with you this years Regent Street Christmas lights So much of Regent’s
street has been closed to traffic its been pedestrianised so they can set up a big stage
here and so visitors can admire the lights once they are switched on up close and in
the middle of the road without the risk of getting hit by cars busses taxis even bicycles
a big crowd here already and the party the event hasn’t begun yet so I would imagine
the crowd will be phenomenal by the time the lights go on (music) OK guys I hope you enjoyed this
look at Regent Street and this years Regent Street Christmas lights the show before hand
was amazing and the lights and the fireworks looked phenomenal so I’ll
see you guys at the next event

17 thoughts on “London Regent Street Christmas Lights Switch on 2017”

  1. Thanks for uploading this, Bob. Tomorrow evening, I am meeting friends in a bar in Old Compton Street, then we are going to view the lights in Regent Street, Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and Bond Street.

  2. At Christmas time or anytime during the year, Regent Street is in my view the most majestic street in the world. The architecture is amazing and it is a great display of British imperial power, though the Empire has been downsized, Regent Street retains its greatness. Thank you Robert for giving us Yanks a good view.

  3. wow i love ur videos nice videos man i love this great job man !! nov 21 2017 ik spanish but i love watching this kind of videos !!!! wow i love london now i wanna go their !! and it looks like new york city

  4. Thanks for the sharing. It's fabulous. I wish I can see it myself. Have a blessed Christmas and Joyous season as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ unto our likeness.

  5. Thank you for posting your videos of a city I love dearly…..until I return to visit this amazing place, I will enjoy it through your eyes!

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