LOVE IS A GIFT – Christmas Short Film

Hi Chris, it’s Mum. Merry Christmas Poppet. Another year has past. I wanted to start this one by saying something I haven’t said yet which is… Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to remember me after all these years. I can’t believe you’re going to be 30 soon. I wish i could be there to see how you’ve grown to see what kind of man you’ve become. I know I would be so proud of you. So this is it my last tape. I wish I could keep talking to you every Christmas but… it’s time to say goodbye. Just remember how much I love you! Never forget that! Okay? I will always be your Mum. Before i go let me tell you a story about the happiest day of my life… the day you were born.

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  1. My mom on October 14th 2018 went in to respiratory arrest from an asthma attack then went into cardiac arrest and was without oxygen for a few minutes so she's currently unresponsive at the hospital she's making progress but it's very slow so this is the first holiday season in 30 years I'm spending without being able to talk to her it's extremely hard this made me break down into tears my mom is the most amazing person I just miss being able to talk to her.. ♥️

  2. Take a bow son! Absolutely fantastic video, shits all over John Lewis's Christmas advert this year! Brought a happy tear to my eye

  3. oh my days… in bits here… not seen this before… worst part… sadly… this is real life for many.. maybe the 1st christmas withkut someone… sending love if so… stay strong x

  4. this will be my second christmas without mum and i miss her everyday….when i saw this beautiful video i cried and i've just got teary eyed watching it now as it's my mums birthday today and i know she will be looking down on me and all the family watching over us with dad god bless you mum and dad love you both so much xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. This is such a beautiful video and really touched my heart and made me cry.
    My amazing mum died in July, 10 days before my 21st birthday. I love listening to her voicemails on my phone and this reminded me of that. Merry Christmas to everyone who is trying to celebrate even though their heart is broken and they're missing someone deeply. ( and to everyone else) xxx

  6. Well I wept and wept once I realised what was going to happen. I lost my mother to cancer on Christmas Eve morning eight years ago (2010). Christmas has never been the same, not sad just not the same. We see her every Christmas Eve and say our thanks for having such a special and wonderful person in our lives who fought bravely till the end. The night before she died my mum apologised for 'spoiling' all the future Christmases to come…..I am glad to say it hasn't, it's a moment to stop and be grateful for all that she had done for us. My mother loved Christmas with her children and grandchildren and it is that memory that we all remember. Cherish those you love and build memories that will last through the dark times for they will pass, I am glad I did. Merry Christmas…….

  7. 20 years ago I lost my mom to cancer, I was only 17 at the time… I really wish I had some tapes with her voice on them, like this…

    Amazing video, thank you for making it – and Merry Christmas.

  8. I lost my mom in a snorkeling accident on April 4th, on April 1st she had her accident. It was 2015 and I was 16 turning 17 in May. I'd give any day to hear her voice. She was 58 years old and she rescued my sisters and I. My sisters and I were adopted from Russia. I was an only child until she adopted me with 3 other girls. I'd love to have recordings of her.

  9. Hi Phil, A brilliantly simple yet powerful story-line that is a reminder of what Christmas is really about. Thank you for sharing. I hope to see another one before too long.

  10. You make me cry so much, I feel like I dry all my tears. The most beautiful, powerful and emotional video ever, keep this way we need this, to bringing back us to the reality.
    My sincere congrats.
    Mother is a word that mean everything, when you lost yours the world is fall apart. But Mother still is everything.

  11. My mum died in July 2011…dad, a few months later… Christmas is empty without them but their love continues. The worst days are when you see someone in a shop, with that familiar gait, look or mannerism and for a second you think it is them. Then, the moment breaks and you are jerked back to reality. The grief lingers for the rest of the day reminding you of who is gone and the hole left behind, it dissipates until the next time you see someone. Grief is a measurement of the love you had. Rip mum and dad, love always, your son.

  12. Nice video very well done.
    It illustrates that there is No Pain without Love.
    But WHY the Hell prolong the sulfur at this point?

  13. as someone who lost both parents over xmas [christmas day 08 & boxing day 13 ] this film brought some tears and a smile of recognition , treasured memories cost nothing yet are priceless , my tapes are my very first digital pics from a gift from mom & bonnie , thinking of those who have lost over christmas or are dealing with sick or dying family or loved ones , Someone once said to me only special folks get to go to the Lord on his B day , nonetheless the ghost of Christmas past always brings a tear & a smile celebrating their lives instead of loss , not always easy but comforting , a wonderful touching moving film , TY

  14. Just watched this ad again, its so lovely and so sad at the same time. I lost my litttle mam 25 yrs ago just before christmas , its still painful but I now remember her with a smile, and we laugh at the fun times. Thank you ❤

  15. I saw this at the start of the month… it made me sad. Yesterday my mom died. 😭
    Thinking about this commercial I saved the last remnant of her voice from a voice mail.
    Its not much, but it happen way to fast. 😭
    Now I am back crying at this clip, knowing I will never hear my mom again except that small voice mail telling me to call back. 😭

  16. I am sure someone else has said it many times on this page but John Lewis must be kicking themselves all the way to the dole office, Elton John must have been paid a fortune for this years add, wow this guy is a genius, as iBDWR below says "A bloody genius".Thanks for posting.

  17. Fantastic video, always makes cry even during these past days before Christmas. Now that it's actually Christmas I feel it's way better. A bittersweet moment for me personally, I've been having so many issues that I can't be completely happy during this time of the year. Still trying to be grateful. Merry Christmas for everybody even if you don't feel in the mood to celebrate it, I know how it feels.

  18. You touched a million of hearts Phill.. My mum past away 10 years ago, and i will be 30 soon.. Love is all we need for Christmas and every day!

  19. I was privileged to see and watch this video. They said Be the next for making John Lewis AD. Hopefully they signed you up guy. Lots of love from Lesley in Margate xxxx

  20. Being honest this showed more on Christmas then John Lewis. This showed how important we all are to each other and we must embrace the time we have together before it’s gone

  21. Congratulations for this great short film!
    Versión con subtitulos en español:

  22. I didn't cry..
    I am usually very sensitive to these things…

    I don't know why.

    I think maybe it's because of the "hipster" look, the house etc etc. none of it felt authentic.

  23. May a say you something?
    First you are a beautiful boy.
    Second, the history of your mother let me cry …
    And I stop here, …
    But no answer … after all this days … maybe time to say … goodbye?

  24. This is a very touching short – may I ask what the circumstances were, that the man is listening to tapes made years ago? Was his mother ill and died? Or did she not raise him due to circumstances?
    Perhaps we (the viewers) are to fill in the blanks and imagine the rest?
    In either case, it's a lovely film✌💕

  25. 11k+ people including myself have lost our mum, its been nearly 2 and a half years since my mum passed away from alcohol poisoning about 2 days before her 46th birthday. me my brother and nan had to be with her when the life support was shutting down, with my dad who died in a bike accident in 2002 ive had to do everything on my own with support from my nan. no video has made me so upset and relatable to… fantastic ad <3 =(

  26. This tore me apart when I first seen it. It's now been 10 months since I lost my mum and her birthday is the 8th of August, so now it digs deeper than I ever knew anything could. So much love and respect for this. Forget the fact it an xmas advert, love IS a gift, so please please – for anyone you have it with – treasure every moment of it. Appreciate who you have 🖤

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