Lucky Fortune BFF Series Surprise Bracelets I The BEST GIFT you can give to your BFF

Hey moonies, welcome back to the channel, today we have the cute lucky fortune Bff series So we’re gonna open the BFF series and we have been waiting for so long because we love these bracelets We actually wearing them right now. So these are from series one. So these are the cutest Lucky fortune bracelets right here. Do you have a favorite? Oh, it’s the unicorn, isn’t it? Yes, that’s what you said the unicorn and the second is the diamond Mm-hmm. I’m wearing a lemon, cupcake anda pretzel. So these are actually my favorites for now And on the other hand, I have a narwalw and an ice cream So these are super cool because you get to share them with your friends and now since there is a lucky fortune BFF series it’s even better So now I’m gonna open the BFF series and then I’m gonna share them with my best friend Can you guess who she is stay tuned. Whoo. I wonder who she is I am gonna take everything out, let’s see how many there are inside Guys look, it’s so cute. It’s even multicolored So we have four of them and they both have different colors on so this one has like a bluish purple and a pink and this one has a teal or a blue light blue – teal I think I think that’s teal and purple so you can find 50 pairs of the bff bracelets And you can also find the ultra lucky pair Do you think that’s the ultra lucky pair with the two hearts? And it says xoxo. that’s so cute, do you think we’r gonna find it? Yeah, yeah, you always say that I’m gonna open this one first I have a lucky feeling inside Hey lucky. Mmm. Let’s see. I can’t wait to see the checklist as well it’s the same Yes, I don’t think so it’s not the same okay, so I was one of the cookies and you have the other one So let’s open and see what pair of bracelets we have. Okay? Okay, we open at the same time, oh That’s a background I always like the background the colors are pretty okay. Are we ready? Yeah. Okay. Let’s open in three two one Okay, so that’s the fortune oh it’s gonna be my fortune oh, that’s a heart Okay, so let’s see the fortune first yeah, so I have Okay, that’s in Portuguese. I can read it, but You complete me . What does yours say a your says I wouldn’t be whole without you Ah, that’s cute. That’s really sweet Good, okay So this is the collectors guide and it says me and my BFF like to and then I’d say celebrate Then you have play and eat. Who what do you like to the serenity? What do you like to do with your bff? play, you like to play we have the heart which is Celebrated that’s the heart that we have and it’s a pink star. What’s the pink? The pink is very lucky very lucky That’s cool Oh guys. See that’s the little red or the ultra lucky xoxo. Even that cute. Yeah. Oh I hope for their next one. We get it. Let’s see Let’s open the last one and see if we can get the ultra Okay So we are ready for the second one and look how cute these fortune cookies. Are I? Didn’t even show the first one. Look this is really cute. Thank you like series one you can hang them on your bag So you you know listen on your keychains Yeah, I can hang them on your door as well. Yeah, it’s really cool. I really like this 3 2 1 Well, is it Oh, what is that? Okay, so my fortune says you’re the soul to my paper Oh What does your say we go together like salt and pepper oh so we have salt and pepper How so so cool so I have the salt and serenity has the pepper. That’s the pepper Salt and pepper is cute. We have salt and pepper, which is a lucky It’s a lucky and it’s from the eat. So me and my BFF like to eat. Yeah, you like sweets as well your BFF Now since we’re done opening the lucky fortune, we’re gonna call my best friend. Have you guessed who she is? Yeah, don’t work cuz you’re gonna see her in 3 2 1 Of course. My BFF is my sister Elena. So it’s time to share bracelet so I’m gonna share the heart with her. Let me see Elena. Oh So cute See Now you’re sharing hearts Okay. So now you have the salt and pepper. So the salty Serenity’s And then the pepper is for Elena Peppa pig Peppa pig? that’s not peppa I mean pepper pepper and salt. Okay, so that’s the bracelets. Do you like them? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah kid so today was a fantastic day because we opened some lucky fortune cookies and I got to share bracelets with my BSS and you guys know what to do go comment down below What do you think about these lucky fortune bracelets and comment down below which was your favorite lucky fortune bracelet? was it the heart? the salt and pepper or whatever was on the checklist? let me know if you have a favorite Okay moonies that’s it for todays video I hope you enjoyed give us a big thumbs up subscribe and Hit that bell icon so that you can see more fun videos and I’ll see you in the next video moonies Bye You

60 thoughts on “Lucky Fortune BFF Series Surprise Bracelets I The BEST GIFT you can give to your BFF”

  1. Hi Serenity these looks super cute and cool Bracelets great to share with friends great review Serenity Happy weekend πŸ‘πŸ””πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

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    Your video is interesting and brilliant
    Lucky Fortune BFF Series are cute and lovely kid is so pretty
    Thanks for sharing
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    Happy weekend friendly greetings solha <3🌻β™₯️

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