Luxury Christmas Gift Guide 🎁 VLOGMAS DAY 12

(cheery christmas music) – Hi, we’re Joel & Lia. – And welcome back to VLOGMAS. – Yeah. – Today’s video, we’re
in a very luxury location as you guys probably can tell by now. – This isn’t just any old place. – Oh, this old shack. (laughter) – Oh, this is just where I live. (laughter) – Today’s video is a
luxury Christmas gift guide for you, so we’re gonna go through some of our favorite brands and give you some ideas if you’re looking for something extra special for somebody. And we’re gonna touch on British brands ’cause that’s the niche – And we’ve just thrown
in one American brand that we really love, who happen
to be sponsoring this video, so stay tuned to hear more about that. – Spicin’ it up with a bitta this. – Spicin’ it up. – Bitta that. – Well, you know, lots
of our content is British versus American, so we thought, why not work with an
American brand as well. – Yeah, British brand and
a bonus American brand for you guys. So, the first brand we want to talk to you about is Hunter. So, Hunter are famous for
their wellies, really. If you don’t know what wellies are, they’re Wellington boots. – [Joel] Yeah, we wear
them a lot in the UK. – Actually, haven’t worn
my wellies this year yet. – Really? – I’m waiting for the snow. – Okay. I wore mine the other day, but not Hunter because I can’t afford Hunter wellies. I mean, they’re not that expensive. – What? In a house like this? – I mean, yeah, can you believe. I’m so rich. Maybe I should treat myself, but I have some rival
wellies, they’re Argyll, they’re not Hunter. – Okay, guys. – And I really love my Argyll wellies, but Hunter was established in 1856 and, like Lia said, they’re
well known for their outerwear. I think they have branched out into coats, but they’re well known for their wellies, especially their green wellies. Now, people just wear it
as a fashion statement. People in the city will
be walking through London with their Hunter wellies
on and you’re like, “what are you doing?” – What are you doing? That was made for the countryside. They hold actually several
Royal Warrants by Appointment, which a Royal Warrant by Appointment is when the Royal Family have
given them a Royal Warrant and said, “can you make
me some of your products?” So, they’ve actually worked with the Royal Family quite a lot of times and, actually, a few of these brands that we’re gonna mention in this video have done lots of royalty like them. – Oh, amazing
– So, that’s good. – I’ll never forget the
time I was at drama school and one of our teachers
suggested that I go and get a bra fitting at the
bra fitters to the Queen. – Oh, wow. – Yeah. She was like, “I highly
recommend this place for bra fitting, they’re
bra fitters to the Queen.” – I remember ’cause she got
all the girls in a group and was like, “boys,
keep doing the dancing.” She was like, “girls, come
in, come in, come in.” – Girls come in. – “Right.” – She spoke of our bras. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – It’s fantastic. – So, funny. – Still haven’t been
there, but I’m gonna go. – Do you own any Hunter? I don’t. – No, I don’t actually. I’d love some Hunter wellies. Might treat myself to some
this year if it snows. – But, I found out a good hack, so if you want to save some money, Hunter do some, like, in, what do they call them? Not insoles, but their
socks that you wear. Sort of, thick socks that
you wear with wellies, so your foot doesn’t slip. They’ve got branded Hunter socks that you can fold down over
the rim of your wellies. So, you could just get a cheap wellie from, like, Primark or something, buy the Hunter socks,
which I think are £15. – That’s really cool. – And roll them down onto your wellies, so then they look like they’re Hunter, but you haven’t had the price tag. – [Lia] That’s a really good hack. – Yeah. – I mean, no one would think
we were doing this hack when we live in this incredible place. – Yeah, it’s true. – It’s not our house. – It’s not our house, but we wish it was. – Oh my gosh. – So, next up is JBL. – JBL is an American company, founded by James Bullough Lansing. He was an American audio engineer and he started his own company and, now, it’s pretty huge. – Pretty huge. – And the product that we have from JBL that we really love is the Link 10. It’s a portable speaker,
it’s also waterproof, which is really handy when it’s Summer. – Yeah, it’s just nice to know
that if any water gets on it, it’s not gonna- – Explode. (laughter) – Because sometimes you just
wanna take your speakers into the shower, not into the shower, but into the shower room. – The vicinity of the shower, that’s it. – You just don’t want the steam or anything to just damage the speaker. – Yeah, I know, it’s true. – That’s what I really,
really, really love about JBL. – The fact that you can
link it to Google Assistant, so it can control your
music, you can set it up to control your light
bulbs or the smart heating. So, you could just be like, “hey, Google, turn up the heating.” And then it heats up. – This is pretty cool. – It’s incredible. – That is amazing. – As you guys know, when we
went to Winter Wonderland, we were controlling the music in our pod on the Ferris wheel with JBL speakers and Google Assistant. – That was so fun. – Wasn’t it fun? – We literally had the best time and we were dancing in our little pod. – And no one’s on their
phone trying to be like, “oh, change song.” You just go, – “Hey, Google!”
– “Hey, Google!” – “Play whatever.” – We were like, “play Nicki Minaj.” – Oh, it was so funny. – What was the song we played? – I can’t remember the name of the song. – Ah, I can’t remember, it was so funny. – But, it was an inappropriate song and then there was a kid about to get on and we were like, “hey, Google, – “play nursery rhymes.”
– “play nursery rhymes.” – We were like “cut the song.” And it stopped it straight away. – So, here’s a little clip
from earlier this week when we were using our JBL speakers, thought you might like to see. (singing) – Okay, Google. Turn it down now, please. – Hey, Google. Turn it up. (orchestral music) – So, the next brand is Penhaligon’s, which is a British perfume house which was founded in 1860. So, it’s super, super
old, super classic British and you’ve got shops all over. But, their main, what is it called? – Flagship? – Flagship, I love that word. – Flagship. – Flagship is in Covent Garden. – Yeah, a fun fact about
William Henry Penhaligon, who started it, he was
actually a Cornish barber, so for those of you that don’t know, Cornish means he’s from
Cornwall in the UK. And he actually moved to London as Queen Victoria’s perfumer. – That’s pretty cool. – How cool is that? – That is a really cool job. – So, again, it’s another
brand that has worked with the Royal Family. – I am perfumer to her. – I’m a perfumer to her. To the dead Queen. (laughter) – Just follows her around, like, (spraying) with his squeezy bottle. – Yeah, I don’t even
know what that involves. Is it just making or is it
spraying it on the Queen. – Probably just making it. – Yeah. – What a cool job. – He probably doesn’t spray it. That’s so cool. When we found out that Carol
Ann Duffy is poet to the, she’s currently in-house poet- – The resident poet. – Resident poet at Buckingham Palace. – So good, as if the Queen’s like, “I want a poem written about me. “Carol Ann.” – “Carol Ann, where is she?” – “Write me a poem.” – And it’s not even a paid gig. – No, she just gets, like, a
bottle of rum or something. – Bottle of sherry.
– Sherry. – Bottle of sherry every
year is her payment. – Wow. – We’re like “wow.” – She must love poetry.
– She’s getting ripped off. – Yeah. (laughter) But, Penhaligon’s, their
flagship store on Covent Garden, it’s beautiful, it’s a beautiful shop and they pump out the smell, so you can see under the windowsill there’s, like, steam coming out, but it’s not steam, it’s the perfume. – That’s pretty cool. – So, as you walk past, you just smell it and you go inside. The bottles are really beautiful. My favorite ones are ones
that have animals as caps. So, out of, like, it’s
probably not pure silver, but it’s silver looking caps
and it’s got a stag’s head- – Oh, that’s cool. – On a normal bottle or a
boar’s head on a bottle. Again, it’s very expensive. I, personally, have never bought
anything from Penhaligon’s, but I really want to, so that’s
why it’s in this gift guide. – It’s in the gift guide
because we can all dream, guys. – We can all dream. – We can all dream about it. Onto the next brand. – So, the next one is Harrods. You guys know we went to Harrods, we did a Christmas in Harrods video. – [Lia] Oh, yeah. – [Joel] It’s a must have
British brand isn’t it? – [Lia] It’s amazing. – [Joel] I’ve got some
facts about Harrods, that I’m gonna read because there’s no way I can remember it. – Okay. – But, for those of you that don’t know, it’s a massive department
store in Knightsbridge, which is a very exclusive,
sort of, posh end of London. But, the department store is
over 20,000 meters squared. It covers 330 different departments and it works out at
1.1 million square feet and it’s the largest
department store in Europe. – Which is-
– Is it? – Incredible. Yeah. – I didn’t know it was
the biggest in Europe. – Yeah. – But, it is actually massive isn’t it? – Yeah, it is huge. – So, one of the gift ideas
that we thought would be great would be something from the food hall. – Yeah. – Because you’ve got these amazing jams, you’ve got loads of cool
marmalades and just, ugh, all the yummy things. – It’s really, really, really lovely. And the food hall, like
Lia said, is our favorite. When we went in there, we
just spent so much time with the food, the vegetables, even just the stock
cupboard stuff, you know, like, the dried goods. – Yeah, there’s nice stuff. – Nice seeing the shelves all stocked and it’s just so nice. – Especially, at Christmas time. It’s, just, they make it so, so special. – But, also is was founded
in 1824 by a 25 year old man. How unsuccessful does that make you feel? – No way. – Back then it wasn’t that big. – Selfridges would have come first, right? – I think so, that was the
first department store. – Selfridges was the first
ever department store. – Bought be an American,
started by an American. – Oh yeah, Mr. Selfridge. – Yeah. – We all know that show. – Yeah. So, it’s now owned by
Qatar Investments Authority who paid £1.5 billion for it. – It’s a lot of money, guys. – It’s a lot of money. – It’s lot of money, but it’s worth it. – It’s worth it. – I’d buy Harrods for
1.5 billion if I had it. – Yeah, if I had it in
spare change maybe I would. – Yeah. The Seville. – Also, those cakes we saw. – What cakes? – Remember those little
cakes that were £10 and we thought that was really good value. – Massive cakes. – They were beautiful. – You say small, but they had depth. – They had depth. – And they were, like. – Yeah, we can put the footage in. So, these are individual cakes that are only a tenner, we’ll see. Look how cool gift they would be. – [Lia] It’s £10. You can’t fault that. Imagine that boxed up and
then in a Harrod’s bag. It’s just, like, the
whole presentation of it that makes it look extra special. So, the next brand is Barbour. You may be familiar with their outerwear, but they are actually a
luxury and lifestyle brand for men, women and children. They do everything. – Yeah, but like Lia said, they’re known for their waxed coats. Even now, it’s become a thing that a wax coat that isn’t made by Barbour will still be known as a Barbour coat. – Yeah you’d go, “oh, I
like that Barbour jacket.” Even if it isn’t Barbour, yeah. – Yeah, because it’s so synonymous,
wax jacket with Barbour, that now people just call
all wax jackets Barbour coats or Barbour jackets. – Yeah, I’m not sure how
the wax jacket started. It must be for, like,
shooting or for, like- – Because it’s waterproof. – outdoorsy sort of stuff. It’s all waterproof. – Because it’s wax cotton, so, yeah, I guess it’s just like,
this is probably cotton, but they’ve just waxed it and it’s great. – It is so nice. – I love the smell of it. – Do you? – Yeah, I love it. – I don’t like the smell, but maybe it’s because my
Barbour was second hand. – Oh, okay, yeah. – And I was always a bit,
like, I like this jacket, but I just don’t like
the way I smell in it. – But, you’ve got a new
Barbour now that isn’t waxed. – Yeah, it’s from their
actual motorcycle range and I saw inside it was
for motorcycle collection, which is a bit cool, bit cool, guys. – [Joel] Yeah, that is cool. – [Lia] Very cool. – Again, they’ve got
several Royal Warrants, so they’ve been supplying wax jackets and more to the Royal Family for years. – Yeah, that’s cool. – So, it is really cool. And I just love it
because it just reminds me of the countryside brands
like Hunter, Barbour, all these sorts of outdoor
British heritage brands. Really, really love. – Yeah, love that. Love those vibes. – Yes. – All those vibes. – And the final brand we’re coming onto is another perfumier. Is that how you say it, perfumier? – I think so. – Perfume.
– Perfume. – Perfume person. – How else would it be, like, perfumier. – Perfumier. – The next brand is a perfumier. (laughter) Joe Malone is the next
brand we want to talk about. – Yeah, and she wasn’t
founded in, like, the 1800s like lots of these people or early 1900s – No, she’s a modern day chick isn’t she? – Yeah, and she sold the
company in 1999 to Estée Lauder. – [Lia] For 1.5 million? Billion? – [Joel] Yeah, I think so. – [Joel] Well, millions.
– [Lia] Four million. – Oh yeah, I think on the website it said undisclosed millions, so it could be- – Could be, like, a lot. – 50 million. – It could be, not.
– We don’t know. – Well, isn’t it, like, £350
for a Joe Malone candle? It’s quite a lot. – It is expensive. – I did come across some the other day and I was like, “wow.” They are very luxury. – What you can do as well is go and make your own scent in Joe Malone. So, they run classes or little experiences where you can go in and
make your own perfume. – That’s really cool. – So, that’s a really cool gift. ‘Cause I think they’re based in the UK. – Yeah, they must be. – You could only really
do it if you’re in the UK. But, if you are in the UK, go and do it. It’s a really cool gift. – That’s a really cool experience. And then you get something at the end, you get your own scent. – Yeah, it’s personalized. – I’d love for us to do that. – Yeah, we should do it. So, those were some of
our favorite brands. We hope we’ve inspired
your Christmas gift giving. – And we know some of these
brands may be a little bit out of your price range. Some of them are certainly
out of my price range, but we can all dream. But, you’ve got Barbour and
JBL that are so affordable and, honestly, money
well spent on products that will last you a very long time. – I think that’s the
important thing isn’t it? To find the balance of something that’s not too extravagant,
but is really good quality. And, like you said, money well spent. ‘Cause we can all spend so
much money at Christmas. – I know and that’s the thing. You can go and buy something from a cheaper shop on the high street, but in, like, a year,
you might not be wearing that coat anymore, you might not be using that technology anymore because it might have broken by then. I think the brands that we’ve
mentioned in this video, certainly the ones that we ended up hands-on experience with,
we can vouch for 100%. – Oh, definitely. And JBL is one of those. Love their speakers. I’m thinking of, oh no, I
was going to give it away. I was saying I might get one of my family members a
JBL speaker for Christmas. But, they’re gonna watch this. – Well, they all watch our videos. – Oh well, they don’t know which one. – Thanks for watching this video, guys. If you did enjoy it then
please share it with a friend who maybe doesn’t know J&L. – J&L. – I was just about to say JBL.
– JBL. And don’t forget to subscribe
if you haven’t already. At the moment, it’s VLOGMAS. We’re posting a video every
single day until Christmas Eve. So, come back tomorrow, we’ll have another brand
new spanking video for. Brand spanking new video (laughter), not brand new spanking. – [Lia] We’ll see you tomorrow. – [Joel] We’ll see you soon. – [Lia] Bye guys.
– [Joel] Bye. – [Joel] Not soon, tomorrow, Joel. – [Joel] Dammit.
– [Lia] Soon. – [Joel] VLOGMAS.
– [Lia] Say soon. – [Joel] Soon.
– [Lia/Joel] Tomorrow is soon.

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