MAQUILLAGE POUR LES FETES 2018 ( Noel , nouvel an ) / Lisa Ngo

Hello girls I hope you are well today I find you for a video makeup so it’s the one I currently wear so special Christmas and New Year I am rather based on the palette Nude of Huda Beauty because I told myself that he certainly had many of you going to ask for Christmas after if it’s a makeup that you want to reproduce for Christmas precisely I think they are shades that you can find easily enough otherwise you will put in bar information of similar pallets that come from supermarkets for those who are new to my channel first of all welcome to you I invite you to subscribe by clicking just below the video and follow me on social networks that I put you right here so it’s a makeup relatively simple to make and fast enough but tell me in comment here when you make up you realize the steps in the same order as me because I know we are all quite different on it so it’s really a make-up for parties full sequins you know that usually I wear makeup pretty naturally but since these are the holidays it’s once in the year so I enjoy a little bit to do something a little more conspicuous and a little more worked we will say despite the fact that it is a makeup in shades of pink I think it’s a makeup that can go with a lot of held finally here so I leave you with the following so we will start with the complexion in first I apply the concealer at Too Faced so it’s the Born This Way and I have almond hue I really find it not bad it can serve as concealer, for contouring, to illuminate, and to correct, I apply it to the beauty blender you can see that the coverage is really not bad Then I come powder and all with a powder brush I use the powder Hello Flawless from Benefit beige I then warm up my complexion with a tanner Too Faced, I put under the cheekbones at the level of the bridge of the nose I will then blur it well Then as the holidays I allow myself to put a good layer of highlighter, good not too much either I use a fan brush and I apply the Opal highlighter from Becca it is quite natural but we still see it not badly I really find, I find really beautiful I also apply it to the inner corner of the eye and the level of the brow bone I can then do my eyebrows so I use the pomade at home Anastasia Beverly hills in Ebony tint it was the first time I used it since I just finished my pencil from Benefit and I find it really top Then to be sure that the makeup will hold I apply a base from Too Faced also so it’s the Shadow Insurance I apply Raw Blush from Huda Beauty’s New Nude palette it is a shade a little red brown that you can find quite easily so I apply it at the level of the hollow of the eye and I come to blur it Then with a flat brush but quite thick I take a brown eye to intensify a little more the hollow of the eye and I come to fade again Then I apply makeup Concealed so it’s a concealer, a concealer, at the level of the eyelid mobile base for the makeup that I’m going to put right after I apply the Excite Blush these are pink red glitters at the level of the eyelid You see they are very pigmented but it puts a little bit everywhere so be careful That’s also why I apply it to my finger I add a bit of fantasy makeup at the middle of the eyelid to lighten a little more With this bottle that no one uses I apply the Excite Blush again at the inner corner of the eye and the outer corner it’s really one more time to step up a little bit more I then take the Dusk Desert pallet from Huda Beauty also, I use the Turkish Delight so that is a glittery pink that I apply at the level of the middle of the eyelid also, I continue to make a line of eyeliner so there is an eyeliner at Kiko I curl my eyelashes of course you can put false eyelashes but I did not want and I use my mascara from Lancôme so it’s Monsieur Big in waterproof To intensify a little more I take the makeup Raw so that the beginning that I apply to flush with lower eyelash and I put mascara also So here for the eyes at the lips I use a lipstick brand Joyce so it’s the Blow Peach I already told you about this lipstick in one of my first videos I think it was a beauty hall and I add one last time of the highlighter so here I add at the level of the lips also history of fixing everything I apply a mist from Urban Decay And so here is the result So you see it’s a rather red make-up pink but again I think he can go with a lot of outfits So that’s finished I hope you enjoyed this tutorial do not hesitate to tell me what you think in comment I try to answer as quickly as usual so if you liked this video do not hesitate to put a small thumbs up again if it’s not done yet do not hesitate to subscribe to follow me on social networks they will show up right after again I hope you enjoyed this video I make big kisses and I tell you next week.

32 thoughts on “MAQUILLAGE POUR LES FETES 2018 ( Noel , nouvel an ) / Lisa Ngo”

  1. Canon 😍😍 c'est bien au niveau du teint c'est léger t'as pas l'impression d'avoir une épaisse couche sur la peau !

  2. Pour mieux cacher tes cernes tu peux appliquer le correcteur pêche de chez urban decay puis l'anti cerne et appliquer une poudre libre faîte pour les yeux.
    Pour l'highlighter pour le dessous de l'arcade du sourcil le mieux serait de d'abord faire les sourcils 😁😁
    Pour réchauffer le teint au niveau du Front juste sur le haut sans descendre aux tempes permet d'avoir un teint plus diffus et unifier et finir par un blush pour réveiller le teint 😁😁😁

    Pour les yeux rien à dire le maquillage est magnifique et l'idée de rester sur un teint frais et des lèvres naturelles est excellente

  3. Hello les amis ! Aujourd’hui je vous présente une petite idée de maquillage pour nouvel an / noel ! Bon comme je vous l’ai dis je me suis plutôt basée sur la palette New Nude d’Huda Beauty mais vous pouvez facilement le reproduire avec d’autre palette ! 💕

  4. Ces couleurs te vont à merveille 😍
    Ça fait des années que je suis fan de make up et que je m'amuse mais je n'arrive toujours pas à faire un trait d'eye liner 😂
    En tout cas sublime sublime, et moi ma touche finale c'est toujours l'highlighter 😍
    Des bisous ma belle ! ❤

  5. Coucou ma toute belle! juste sublime ce makeup j'aime trop le rendu en plus tu le porte a merveille bisous bisous 😍😘💖💖💋💋

  6. Hello Lisa! Ce make up te va à merveille 😍
    Perso je pourrais pas le porter car trop rose pour moi même si j’adore cette couleur !
    Stp Aurais tu un mascara drugstore à me conseiller à la place du Lancôme ?
    Merciiiiii 😘😘

  7. Hello ma belle, je pense faire ton make up j’ai pas la palette mais une qui y ressemble de chez make up révolution je ne sais si tu connais cette marque mais je l’adore! Bisous ma belle ❤️

  8. Coucou ma belle ❤️ vidéo toujours au top le maquillage est super beau ❤️ très pigmenté tout simplement sublime je te fais de gros bisous 😍❤️😘

  9. Ah si j'avais quelques années de moins je dirais pas combien parce que voilà tu es très mimi ❤️ et le make 💄 up super. Bises à toi 💕 💖

  10. Cc
    J espere que tu vas bien
    Si ca t interesse j ai mi plein de truc en vente sur vinted tu as l air tt fine et c est du 34 iu du 36 et des chaussures
    Sinon ca pourrait etre une idee d acheter des trucs de tes abonnés pas chers et de faire un hall avec

  11. Cc merci de ta reponse
    Je suis beaucoup plus petite que toi mais vu que tu es fine tu dois mettre la meme taille que moi (lulu1100)
    Et j ai trouve que ca pourrit etre une bonne idee pour une video vu que ce n est pas teo cher
    Bonne journee ma belle et merci d avance pr ton mail bibis😍

  12. Coucou ma belle! Que penses-tu de l'eye-liner de chez Kiko? Est ce qu'il est Waterproof?
    Ps: tu es magnifique! J'espère que tu vas encore faire d'autres tutos!

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