Meet the Kids Behind ‘The Big Night’ | Sainsbury’s Ad | Christmas 2018

One Christmas Night, 59 children from all over Britain put on a Christmas show for their parents. I’m going to be a star. When I saw it, it was massive. I’m a Christmas decoration. It’s a little bauble. So my costume is a turkey. I’m a vegetarian.. [laughs] We’re The Tinsel Triplets as you can see. Tinsel and triplets – one, two, three – tinsel. My costume’s the plug and it’s really cool when I saw it. I was like ‘this is confusing… I’m a plug’. My role is The Queen. I have not seen the Queen in the TV but I’ve seen her in a book. My costume’s very purple like I wanted it to be. Very beautiful. My favourite colooour! It feels like I’m like a real superstar. I just love it! My costume is really really really glittery, and I like wearing glittery stuff. This is my plug helmet [knocks several times on helmet]. I can kind of easily dance in it, but it’s a bit harder than usual dancing like *tu do tu!* For a turkey costume, I mean it’s pretty good. I think they’re wattles/waddles… erm, I don’t, I dunno know I just like them. The Rehearsals. The rehearsals are going to be very challenging because I have like a star costume and is like really hard to move around. I feel like we’re gonna have to put a lot of
hard work and do it but it’s going to be fun. I love one of my routines. I think there’s only one, but just to make sure. I’ve been dancing and rehearsaling I have. I was a bit nervous. The Dress Rehearsals. I would really want my mum to come to see the show. I felt when I was on the stage… so I’ve got to go into a socket and it’s like really hard because you have to like put your face on the socket kind of you’re like ‘ugh!’ The hardest part is probably getting over my fear of a lot of people, cos it’s just really scary. [Director directing] Now go like ‘I’m scared… I’m not scared!’ And then that’s your world, go crazy in there. Big smiles, big energy okay I’m okay! Everyone’s arms should be up until you hear cut! The Big Night. When my parents see the performance, they’re gonna be really excited. They’re gonna be like, ‘Oh! That’s our son! That’s our son!’ I didn’t know really what to expect at all I did think he was the most adorable little plug ever. Absolutely loved it! It was great! Everyone’s gonna be very shocked. They haven’t seen us perform and it’s just gonna be like ‘Huh!’ I got quite emotional watching them. Your child being in it as well makes it extra special. It was really fun because I haven’t really drummed in front of like a lot of people before. There were leaf blowers and when I did the crazy filled/fill bit they blew towards me and the feathers came up like a roast turkey. She’s just awesome isn’t she? She did a really good job. Great work. She looked amazing, like, I felt really emotional but really excited for her. [Audience cheers, music fades out]

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  1. These beautiful children are full of character, i think this advert is amazing. Well done Kids & well done Sainsbury's & all those involved in the making/directing!!

  2. I guess this is the only place to comment on this commercial, seeing as though you blocked comments on the commercial video itself. Did you fire your advertising agency and it with social media influencers? Where's anything interesting in this at all? Pretty disappointing.

  3. It actually sad how much hate this years ad has gotten, It was a Great done Ad and i hope everyone there had a good time and have, a great Christmas

  4. The anti white, anti Christian, multicultural propaganda is constant, and everywhere for anyone with a brain in their head and two eyes to see with.

  5. Cutest thing ever ignore the people who decide to backlash it's amazing to watch loved seeing behind scenes some people need grow up and look for holiday joy in the dictionary cause they clearly don't have it and love trying to spoil it for others well done sainsburys xxxx

  6. As an American with zero knowledge of, or experiences with Sainsbury, I saw the Mog commercial a few years back and have watched them every year since. Nothing has come close the Mog commercial but they have all been more or less enjoyable. This year's, however, was my least favorite. It is very generic and formulaic. A typical, timid kids break out into a slick, polished performance and shock everyone, plot. For any other company, this would be typical and acceptable Christmas commercial but Sainsbury has set the bar high for itself. Come on Sainsbury, I'm counting on an outstanding commercial next year. In the US we're stuck with a neverending stream of very bad Old Navy commercials. I depend on you to give me one worth watching. If I ever get to the UK I promise I'll buy something at your store 🙂

    BTW the one great part of the commercial was the kid jumping into the electrical outlet. Maybe next year's commercial should be about a grandfather telling the story about how, as a child, he stole the Christmas show when, dressed as an electrical plug, he made an impossible leap.

  7. Oh my goodness! Everyone one of these children are adorable! Made me laugh, made me cry! Brilliant advert but meeting the kids…and the parents was what won me over!!! Magnificent job!

  8. I acc love this advert too much😂 like I’m 16 but I have dreams of being a plug and jumping into a socket now 😂

  9. The heavy push of multicultural and minority agenda pushed in advertising and programs is already causing a backlash against the people they are trying to help. This anti European white, pro every other race narrative has to stop, this is not the worst example though, just look at the Tesco Christmas add, look at the thumbs down, the left response is to disable comments and hide votes, but it changes nothing. If it was more representative of the population demographic, no one would care.

  10. My favourite Xmas advert what a singer and the drummer looks like he's having so much fun my grandson is 4 he keeps making me play it again and again because he loves the plug. All the children were brilliant

  11. White kids, you’ll never be the star of anything, from now on. Comments switched off on main advert on YouTube. What you afraid of, Sainsbury’s?

  12. I did not like the small tinsel triplet she thought she was so cool and when she said I am really excited that they are going to see us perform for the first time it will be last

  13. Easily my favourite Christmas advert this year. Great choreography and excellent singing I love the New Radicals song and the plug is awesome!

  14. I swear every advert must have a black person as the main star now lol. It’s so forced. Doesn’t need to be in every advert. You know it shouldn’t be a crime to be white in a majority white country.

  15. I saw this ad on youtube while watching this supernanny episode, and I was like “Oh gosh darn it, another ad?” Then it got really emotional and I watched the whole thing without skipping, and I am here, to see the ad again!

  16. All the children are incredible and the little girl who's the star has such a lovely voice for her age. Well done to all involved. 🙂

  17. Yesterday we was watch Christmas ads in well-being as soon as the plug boy we was crying of laughter and I acc loved it then some of us stated finding the actor of plug boy HE IS ARE YR 9HERO

  18. This advert is the best ever produced so beautiful and the children are delightful. It's a pure joy too watch. Well done too you all. I love watching it it puts a huge smile on my face. Happy Christmas too everyone love and blessings for Christmas 2018 xxxxxxxx

  19. The plug is a euphemism for a glory hole, Sainsbury's disgusting sexualisation of children, the sooner they go into administration the better.

  20. I don't normally come to Youtube to watch an ad, but this time I had to. The little stars voice brought me to tears. Well done to the little golden star. You did an amazing job, and you have such a wonderful voice. I know your mum was well proud of you.

  21. Terrible ad. Sainsbury’s along with all the other global corporations doing their Christmas virtue signalling to minority groups.

  22. Agree with ZV below; its pure marketing genius …. musta cost a fortune to stage; a zillion details. Seems to totally encapsulate modern UK society. Bravo !

  23. This is the most amazing ad i have seen I loved it to bits, the plug , the drummer, and the little star black girl , just look at her mothers reaction so real. wow what a amazing voice too. Thank you sainsbury for givin us the most amazing advert seen so far.

  24. Sad thing about these comments.. And adult humans the kids probably love the parts they were given that's probably why the parents had to stay away so they won't corrupt the kids ..and the director, obviously picked who he thought was best for the lead an we can see its definitely not a race thing. So stop pulling he race card. Let kids be kids Damn they having fun shut up and enjoy things.. The plug is the real star by sides the star anyway .

  25. Thanks for posting!!! They covered this great-sounding song well!! Much enjoyed!!! Also very much enjoyed the 2014 advert!!

  26. If ppl are complaining about the star it just highlights racist UK. Now the morons can hide behind a computer screen to do it. Sad! It’s a lovely advert, my daughters sang it all through Christmas well done Sainsbury’s. Ps. Would have loved to hear from the stars mum on this

  27. I'd like to thank ALL the supermarkets farmers, small & artisan food producers for pulling out all the stops this Christmas and making it really great.

  28. For some reason in 2018 I thought the Christmas ad was going to be sort of like a continuation of the 2014 Christmas Truce ad with soldiers returning home from the Great War. but the ad was pretty good too!

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