Melania Trump gives tour of White House Christmas decor

100 thoughts on “Melania Trump gives tour of White House Christmas decor”

  1. I think her step daughter Ivanka Trump Should be the first women president of the United States Of American in 2024

  2. Awesome First Lady! Beautiful xmas at the white house. Loved the gingerbread white house! Happy New Year 2019!
    Ginger $ love live long and peaceful and enjoy everyday like it's ur last! Amen!

  3. Mrs.Trump The White House looks so beautiful.THANK YOU For not forgetting the true Reason of The Season is Jesus. The Nativity Scene is beautiful. God Bless You and Your Family.

  4. I think she is smart and nice and pretty..She can speak 5 languages and is well spoken..I think people spend too much time hating the President and making fun of his wife and children and anyone related,We only hurt ourselves as a country when as a collective group act as children full of hate.

  5. Thank God Fox News is impartial and willing to bring us this beautiful tour of the White House. Mrs Trump is classy and beautiful as always!

  6. Great job, Melania ! And know you're very well loved by fair minded, good hearted Americans. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. She might be on top of the world now, but she came from nowhere. And that's what I like most about her. Trump is a real American and Melania is an honest person just like us.


  8. I wish the media would lay off the First Lady she is an elegant, intelligent, humble & hard working woman I don't know what more people want from her

  9. I noticed only the pretty decorations are shown but not others that look like dead branches or trees like last years.

  10. Absolutely beautiful, awesome, amazing decorations. Mrs. Trump is without a doubt the most amazing First Lady with impeccable taste and creative style. The White House Christmas’s for the past two years are untouched in beauty by any other Presidential family who has lived there (or any that has ever been shown). Anyone who dislikes this beautiful display, , has no taste, is blind or is most likely a Liberal Democrats (although I bet they secretly loved the decorations.)
    Thank you Mrs. Trump.

  11. Con 6 meses de anticipación planean la decoración navideña??? Con razón a mi no me queda tan bonita mi decoración navideña porque la planeó en el momento de las rebajas. 🤣

  12. Haha. she interrupts the reporter constantly. It's a shame she is together with a corrupt president. Ride the wave as long as you can I guess.

  13. She's obviously fabulous when it comes to clothing. But when it comes to decor, terrible. No aesthetics, no flow, no balance, bad color, not visually appealing.



  16. I like her better with the one picture that shows naked Melania lying with the US dollars strewn all over her

  17. I thought the first lady was so rude and arrogant but after I saw these comments, people really like her. Is she a good person? Idk because I'm not American.

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  19. First lady melania you the most hottest thing ever omg Michelle obuma be so jealous of u and i see why lol

  20. The White House looked so elegant for Christmas in 2018. Can't wait to see it for 2019. They start planning in July?!!

  21. I wonder how they did the White House back in the 60s with Jackie’s presentation with old things the presidents had

  22. Excelente adelante a ser muy felices todos unidos en paz bien verdad justicia amor bondad humildad respeto, jesuscristo les bendice hoy siempre aleluyah Shalom amén!!

  23. Wow first lady voice is very soothing and relaxing OMG, u media bastards u ruined and made her feel funny to public

  24. Holy Freakin S#*~, that is my FLOTUS, an embodiment of what every American is and everything America stands for. God Bless America, God Bless POTUS and FLOTUS.

  25. and when I see this is when I really miss the Kennedy, One minute of Jackie's tour is better than the whole video

  26. Awesome 💕so ..Beautiful Hi melania so nice of you 😊lots of love God bless you all 😊Happy christmas🎆

  27. God bless the Trump family and God bless America Make America Great Again Keep America Great USA🇺🇸🇮🇱💪

  28. Just imagine the amount of Secret Service Agents just standing around behind the camera with their hand on the panic button just Incase someone tries to steals a tree. 😂

  29. My favourite is the fruit and vegetable tree. What can be said about a Christmas tree covered in fruits and vegetables?

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