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Merry Christmas, everybody! In honor of the occasion, I’m gonna take a little break from the Disney sequels and instead look at something a bit more Christmas oriented but is still a direct-to-DVD movie. That’s “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas”. Every year, I see this brought out, and I’ve never really seen it before because I think it came out a little past my time in that I love Disney, but it’s kinda the basic Disney cartoons. It’s Mickey, Donald, Goofy… all learning about the meaning of Christmas while hijinks ensue. I kind of assumed there wasn’t that much adult stuff in it, and, yeah, it does seem mainly for kids, but for a Christmas movie aimed mainly at kids, I think it’s done pretty good. It’s an anthology of stories, each dealing with the holiday. The first one centers around Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and them all wishing that Christmas could be every day. Yeah, you now this tale, and you kinda know what comes of it. They get Christmas every day! At first, they love it, but then they find they don’t, and, eventually, a lesson is learned. It’s pretty standard until they throw in a little bit of a twist where, once the boys get sick of it, they start to act up and make things worse. This results in them seeing the consequences of their actions on the rest of the family, and I don’t know. I thought that added a little bit more. At least from what you usually expect of this story, it’s kinda nice, and there’s a nice little bit about a Christmas card that you think is the throwaway joke, but it makes a return, too, and I don’t know, it was actually pretty emotional at the end. I liked it. The second centers around Goofy and his son, Max. Actually, a much younger version of Max, which I really like. I kind of like the idea of seeing him at a different age. But, then again, they probably did that because it’s about his belief in Santa Claus in that he’s starting to doubt. Next door neighbor, Pete, tells him that there’s not a Santa Claus, so Max is bound to find out if that’s true or not. The one bizarre twist is that Goofy believes there’s a Santa Claus, too, and actually ends up staying out all night until he comes. This one is mostly pretty good, but I don’t know. I thought the ending was a bit of a cop out. Not to give anything away, but they do reveal whether he exists in this world or not, and I don’t know. I thought you could’ve done this without a definitive answer. Like, maybe they go to bed, they wake up in the morning, and find the gifts, and then you don’t really know if Goofy did it or if it was just an act. I don’t know. I felt there was a really smart, good ending to this, and they just kinda do the traditional route. But, honestly, the rest is so good, especially with Max trying to make his father feel better, that I think it’s fine. The third and final one stars Mickey and Minnie reenacting “The Gift of the Magi”. Yeah. They actually call it that. I really think that’s cool. I usually don’t care for Mickey Mouse stories, but, honestly, Mickey and Minnie are kinda the perfect people to tell this story. You all know this tale. Mickey wants to get a gift for Minnie, Minnie wants to get a gift for Mickey, but neither of them have a lot of money. So Mickey has a plan involving his harmonica, and Minnie has a plan involving her watch, and– Alright, I won’t give it away in case you haven’t seen it, but it’s a very decent telling of the story. Mickey and Minnie are the epitome of wide-eyed innocence that it really does make sense to do this story with them. It’s a good, humble telling. All the stories are tied together with a narration from Kelsey Grammer. The minute you hear his voice doing the whimsical, inspiring thing, you just kinda laugh and giggle at how corny it is, but you also kind of admire how sweet it is. And that’s the best way to describe this movie: corny but sweet. The animation is really good, especially considering it’s just kind of a Disney cartoon. I mean, they didn’t have to throw all this money into it, but they did, and they really tried to make it look nice and Christmas-y. There’s a lot of nice, little touches, too, if you know the Disney universe. For example, one of these ornaments is from the second “Beauty and the Beast” movie. Minnie works for Mortimer’s, which is this classic Disney villain. And even all the characters are kinda tied into each other, like one person in one story might be the neighbor to another person in another story. It’s kinda clever that way. There’s even a couple laughs in there. There’s one involving Goofy finally spotting Santa Claus that literally made me laugh so hard and so loud, I think my neighbors walking by heard me. I won’t give it away, but it was a really funny scene. So, yeah. This is obviously something meant for little, little kids, but as something for little, little kids goes, it has a lot of charm and delight to it. It’s probably not something I would put on a lot around Christmas time, but I think it’s great to show your kids and kinda get ’em the culture in some of these classic stories and some new stories as well with your favorite Disney characters. There’s clearly effort that went into it, and the effort pays off. You get three nice, gentle stories that aren’t phenomenal, but are effective. Each one has a legitimately emotional moment, and each one has one or two laughs in it as well. Definitely a nice one to check out around the holidays. There’s plenty more Disney sequels along the way, but until then, Merry Christmas and enjoy the best day of the year!

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  1. This was a cute movie… Kind of wish I own it so I can watch it with my Grandma.

    The Huey, Dewey, and Louie "Groundhog Day" story's been done to death, but like Doug said, the one time the trio decide to act up and make things worse, knowing it'll all be reset the next day, is actually pretty powerful. The moment they run for their sleds and turning and being shocked, it's like both they and the audience expects Donald, once again, to burst into anger, throw a fit, etc., but instead, they see him lying there, completely broken and miserable… And then the read the card for once, and they realized they went to far. I dunno, something about that is, like Doug said, kind of unexpected and almost welcome, especially since it helps fuel their change the next day which finally breaks their "wish".

    Goofy and Max's story is cute, but like Doug said, it would have worked better if the ending was more ambiguous.

    Not much to say about the Mickey story, it's good, and honestly, now that I've gotten a whole new appreciation for Mickey Mouse in recent years (thanks in no small part to the new shorts on the Disney Channel), I like it a whole lot more now. I also like how they brought back Mortimer Mouse for this, playing Minnie boss. I always felt he was an underutilized character. Pete can be used for being a general villain/antagonist, while Mortimer is specifically a rival for Mickey, especially where Minnie is involved!

    So yeah, cute movie, really like it… And by the way Doug, if you ever get the chance, please take a look at those new Mickey Mouse shorts, they're all available on YouTube here:


  2. 3:36 – Speaking of nice little touches to the Disney universe, the biggest reference of all which Doug either didn't catch or didn't mention is that the band Mickey performs with in his segment is a caricature of Firehouse Five Plus Two, which was a Dixieland jazz band made up of members of Disney's animation studio. Two of the members FYI were Frank Thomas and Ward Kimball, who were also two of Disney's Nine Old Men. If you watch the movie again and look at each band member, they are all caricatures of the real members of the band.

  3. thice is probably one of the most nostalgic christmas things for me, partially cause i had completely forgotten the name of it

  4. "I like the idea of seeing Max at a different age."
    Doug must have never heard of Goof Troop.

    Also, I don't care if I'm a month late.

  5. I still think the Goofy ending woulld've been much better if there wasn't Santa Claus at all. It would've taught to kids it's not a bad thing Santa Claus doesn't exist.

  6. I've watched this movie every year since I was 4… and I can't really see the problem with it but then again maybe that's the nostalgia talking

  7. I thought it was pretty cool and very entertaining. My little sister and I watched it last year and we pretty much enjoyed it. It was very cute.

  8. I always thought the Donald one was the best story, if largely because the sweet message is made less cloying by him and the triplets' usual dysfunctional chemistry and gags. There was something touching about the three actually realising for once Donald just wanted everyone to have a nice Xmas and actually feeling bad about their usual pranks.

  9. I'm More of a Halloween fan ,But this movie is a classic 🎄☃. anything that involves Mickey mouse I'll come to watch it.

  10. When I first watched the Goofy Santa scene, before it was revealed my sister said "It's a robber!" and I laughed so hard that it was right.

  11. I remember having this movie when I was a kid and watching it. It is not deep, but it is harmless and nostalgic and sometimes you do need something simple.

  12. I remember watching this as a kid and man does it just warm my heart. I loved it so much as kid, this was before I stopped watching movies really and got more into video games. Gosh this makes me wanna watch this movie now though.

  13. This movie. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, and santaclause is coming to town are the movies I rewatch every Christmas

  14. The Gift of the Magi one made me feel hollow after I saw it. It also made me want to kill Pete more than I normally want to. And that's a bit rare.

  15. Yeah there was a reason, to show Pete how much of a prick he was for making Max doubt his belief in Santa and causing a terrible rift between Max and Goofy in that department to begin with.

  16. Mickey had enough money and Minnie hoped money was her Christmas bonus but the prick at the department store gave her fruitcake as her bonus and kept calling her the wrong name and again, cook Pete.

  17. I thought that the film was pretty good. (By the way, that scene that made you laugh out loud made ME laugh out loud too.)

  18. I always adore watching this every year. It’s cute, simple, and brings good messages. It’s just a great time and I love sitting down to watch it with the family. Again, nothing special, but it just reminds me of Christmas.

  19. Ya, they are the epitome of wide eyed innocence until you see their porn. Because heaven knows, everything has to have porn! SIGH.


  21. We ALWAYS skip the Donald Duck one because the repetition is so annoying.

    Every time I think about it all I can hear is "WELCOME TO TOYVILLE" in my brain.

  22. My god, i loved this so much, on DvD i played some bonus game with sledges and stuff like it, man i need to rewatch it. Also Donald's story was my favourite out of all 3

  23. I had this film in VHS when I was a kid and I remember it very fondly. I rewatched it today and I still find it really charmy. It's a little bit cheesey but it's warm and heartfelt. I love it 🙂

  24. I hate the sequel “Twice Upon a Christmas”. One of my least favorite
    sequels. That donald duck part i hated the most.

    Thats my opinion.

  25. I saw this movie a lot of times on tv, and This was actually the first time I saw goofy’s son, Max. Which kind of made me surprise because well, I didn’t know what goofy had a son. I always pondered who the mother was

  26. In goofys story santa is real and in mickeys story micky sells the harmonica and minnie sells the watch and the presents they got them is accessories to the crap they sold

  27. I just wanna point out that this is the only time (that I know of) where you see Max alongside characters like Mickey and Donald. Otherwise, the Goof Troop cast stays fairly separated from the main Disney cast

  28. 2:54 does she use the watch the measure the time she has spent with her, how should i phrase this, gentleman visitor?

  29. Aww, I remember loving this as a kid, and watching it every Christmas! I may have to revisit it.

  30. i saw this for the first time a year or two ago, it's a perfect little Disney Christmas…the same can not be said about Twice Upon a Christmas

  31. It is explain in this movie that Santa was the one who gave Max “Old Stuffed Bear.” The following year, in An Extremely Goody Movie, Old Stuffed Bear makes an appearance when Max goes off to college. Goofy uses him as a way to tell the audience how difficult it is for him to see his little boy become an adult and leave him.

  32. The moment I heard the narrator, I couldn't help but see Sideshow Bob unironically narrating a Disney Christmas special, and it was hilarious.

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