My Christmas Eve

The hours late, should go to bed
Near midnight I believe But memories keep me wide awake
This snowy Christmas Eve Yes, memories of my kids moved on
Each has their separate life And how the holidays have changed
Since angels took my wife The toys, the food, the Christmas cheer
My wife would bear the load ‘cause I work most holidays
State Trooper on the road Just sitting in my easy chair
So many years retired I reminisce of times gone by
And all that has transpired Of all the many happenings
That seem to come to light A multitude of them occurred
Right on this very night A drunken woman in a wreck
Who Died on Christmas eve Leaves memories of a tragic case
Most people can’t believe I had to drive to where she lived
To tell her next of kin Found the rundown mobile home
She had been living in The person answering the door
I still recall today A little girl about four years old
She said “I’m Sue McKay” I asked her if her dad was home
And felt the longest pause She said “My daddy ran away”
“You must be Santa Claus” “My mommy said you’d come tonight”
“If I just stayed in bed” “And bring a pretty doll for me”
“It’s what my mommy said” I broke the rules that Christmas Eve
Did not call child’s care They’d merely put her in a room
And that I couldn’t bear I picked her up and took her home
My wife tucked her in bed And wrapped a pretty doll for her
Just like her mommy said Adopted by a loving home
And soon they moved away I won’t forget that Christmas Eve
And little Sue McKay Another bitter Christmas Eve
A blizzard to behold Had left a family in a ditch
Just trapped there in the cold By grace of God I spotted them
All cold and gaunt with fright Drove them to a motel room
To safely spend the night One Christmas Eve a homeless man
Shivering and wet Was trying hard to get a ride
I’m sure he’d never get I picked him up and drove him
To a diner on the hill To warm his bones and left him with
a five dollar bill Strange how when you’re all alone
What memories you recall You think of everything you’ve done
And was it worth it all I think about my God, my job
My children and my wife Would I do it all the same
Could I re-live my life Then comes a knock upon my door
This late who could it be? A neighbor or has Santa Claus
Come to visit me The figure standing in the cold
Gives me a sudden fright A trooper with that solemn look
Dear God, who’s died tonight I’m flashing back to bygone years
How I’d often stood On someones porch to bring them news
And it was never good Is this how life gets back at me
For misery I’ve induced Where pain I’ve caused some other folks
Has now come home to roost But looking in the troopers eyes
My mind is in a whirl I see a pleasant countenance
The trooper is a girl She smiled and reached to shake my hand
And silence wasn’t broke Until a tear rolled down her cheek
And then she softly spoke “I’m sure you don’t remember me”
“But thought I’d stop and say” “God bless you on this Christmas Eve”
“I’m Trooper Sue McKay”

100 thoughts on “My Christmas Eve”

  1. Once long ago, I was driving to Vermont from NY…I left too late and a blizzard set in…very hard to see…unfamiliar with the roads..and I pulled over..not being able to see even the lane edges or worse even the ditches…put my blinkers on and my friend said to me…what are you doing? I said someone will come to help…she said..who? no one knows we are here, you can't just wait here…I just told her, someone would come..I don't know what I was feeling…maybe in 15 min. or so a NY State trooper pulled up and walked over and asked what was going on…I told him how fearful I was to continue…he asked where we were going, I said Vermont….his voice got louder and he said VERMONT?! you are still so far…I asked him if I could just follow his tail lights to the closest lodging…I followed him for about 5 miles maybe and he made a right into the lodging's driveway. I thanked him and will never forget his kindness. I just knew "someone would come".

  2. Came back to watch this again. This is what Christmas and good will to all men is all about. God Bless America, God Bless The men and woman in blue and our armed services far from home tonight. Thank you.

  3. Lovely and touching. Everyone in law enforcement understands this and has done kind deeds like this. God's blessings to all who serve.

  4. God Bless all of you….enduring this difficult profession you have chosen! I sit in tears as I watch this….but will share to all. Peace and Love from Atlanta Ga

  5. Many never know or understand the many works of law enforcement and the good deeds they do each and every day! God bless our law enforcement!

  6. That is it image stories truly speak out from the heart who to tell.
    nice video. thankful for toll . Holiday 'S Christmas…

  7. There are tears running down my cheeks remembering such brave men and women who choose to serve and protect us all! CHP your the best! A Blessed New Year to you and your families.

  8. This ones such a touching story. Especially during such a difficult time for our officers by that i mean with all the officers being murdered across the states. Please know that not all of us are against you and i am one of the many that back you guys thank you all for your service.

  9. Mary Christmas and I hope the best for all of you even through we separated by a country which is the great old U.S of A

  10. This morning 2/22/2019, I had the pleasure of having our Friday morning coffee with Mike Del Puppo, who's CHP Mustang was used in this filming. Mike is part of our every Fri gathering in Morro Bay, CA @ Carla's.

  11. I’ve always been inspired by law enforcement. I’ve been interested in joining a law enforcement agency for quite some time. The unique thing about the CHP is that they treat everyone like family. I know that in all departments there is a “blue brother bond” and that they all watch out for each other, but CHP is stronger. If I do join a police department in the future, it will most likely be the California Highway Patrol.

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  13. California Highway Patrol Someone stole my badge your office sent me with compliments even though it was a replica it was made to look like the original one of the 1970's I watched heaps of stories like this from police training to how to be a better officer Strong in every way. I still work with Law Enforcement but from a different car. Roadside & Highway Rescue Christchurch New Zealand. I was wondering if I could have an other posted to me please. [email protected] And a Los Angeles Police Officer Badge Please 9173 This was from Chief Of Police Daryl F Gates 1973 with compliments from Tom Bradley Mayor.

  14. "The message behind this video: "never miss an opportunity to extend kindness". So many of the problems of the world could be resolved by abiding by those simple words. Genius, yet touching at the same time.

  15. What FANTASTIC video!!! This should be played on all TV channels. 72 year old tears on this old mans face. Everybody, please obey and respect our law enforcement people.

  16. This made me cry though….

    Thank you officers deputies and troopers for risking your lives for me and protecting me. You deserve more respect. I salute you.


  17. Trendmeus video. It brought tears to my face as I watch the part when the retired officer gave her the badge to his uniform and in return the girl comes back in uniform to reunite with him. That is true commitment and passion any and above all men and woman in or out of uniform should have.

  18. There’s always a few bad apples but all in all the people who represent CHP, do so with love, compassion and care.

    I love the the CHP they are only fair

  19. When I was around 5 or 6 years old I had a local PD officer approach my mom in a Walgreens and ask her if he could buy me a Hot Wheels car. She said yes, and he told me to pick out whichever one I wanted. Maybe he witnessed something horrible that day and wanted to end the day on a positive note, or maybe I reminded him of a child that was no longer with us. I'll never know the reasoning behind his kind gesture, but he made my day back then and I will never forget it.

  20. Why did this beautiful video get recommended to me so late after Christmas. God, I'm in tears with the beauty of the story telling. Hopefully one day I'll have the qualifications and the courage to put my name in for tribal police and serve my people on our reserves. God bless the brave men and women of law enforcement.

  21. It’s funny about how people hate cops. If cops weren’t around life would never be good. AND CHRISTMAS WOULD SUCK

  22. Please subtitles in portuguese Brazil.
    I am a police officer in Brazil, we are very undervalued and unmotivated here, I would like to repost this video of chp, but in Portuguese would be more viable. Thank you!

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