My Christmas gifts got stolen 😡 | #Vlogmas Day¹⁸

Hi everyone welcome back to Joan Day it is currently 4:30 p.m.. I had a very relaxing morning I cleaned my apartment and Now I finished getting ready because a lot of my friends are coming over because we’re gonna have like a white elephant Like dessert potluck wine it’s gonna be a fun day today, and I actually didn’t change my pants these are still my PJs because This morning a package came and it is from revolve And I actually ordered a pair of jeans from there so the moment I saw this package I already know what it is, but I thought it would be fun to open it in front of you guys But I’m really excited for the party tonight because a lot of my friends are coming together Kind of like my birthday again of course our friends who can’t make it because they are Traveling or they have work So I know every time I have these events or when I’m getting lunch or dinner with someone People always ask where’s this person where’s this person? But I want you guys to know that I hate drama So I will not like be exclusive like that I’ve definitely addressed this in a video before But I thought I would address it again for those of you guys who might be new to Joan Day, but yeah I mean I I hate conflict so Like just like don’t try to start something in the comment section because I’m not fighting with certain people I’m really not, but yeah, let’s open what this is we have the receipt and The jeans so These are girlfriend jeans, and I think wanting to try out a pair because so many of my favorite like fashion bloggers, instagramers always tag girlfriend and talk about how comfortable they are and I personally hate shopping for jeans because Like I just never like the way it fits on my body, so I thought maybe girlfriend might be different so here they are They’re quite holey, and I thought maybe I’ll wear them for the event tonight He sent it to me in the wrong size. I just realized it and it is kind of like baggy I’m so sad because I really wanted to wear them, but They’re not my size, so I’m gonna have to return them I Hate returning like online orders because it’s just like such a pain to like handle but yeah, especially because these are from like abroad and not Korea I Can make it work, but they do look really oversized So yeah, I’m gonna have to figure out how I’m gonna have to return these alright so I’m just gonna wear it my AG jeans and my lie collection blouse and I gotta get this ready so Eddie and Sunny both bought innisfree pallets, so I’m gonna allow them to choose I don’t know. I think 16 colours for their palette because I don’t need all of this First person! Erin’s here While she’s wrapping her white elephant gift. I’m gonna show you guys what she brought she brought sundae and tteokbokki While we wait for the others I’m gonna write the numbers I think 10 people are coming today so I’m gonna write it in these little note pads the numbers one, two Mckay is here! and I brought cheese And I’m lactose look at his sweater And then Claudine and Sunny’s here, I’m the only one wearing green Maybe you should just take it, I know take it Wait, wait, wait Eddie sharing is caring so lets just sort out together She’s very competitive right now I’ll just take what ever is left – excuse me Just kidding, guys I’m actually nice wait a moment, wait a moment You guys have to see all the shadows right here while everyone’s socializing here, we are I’m so sorry but I have to push you on the side I’m so sorry We have too many eyeshadows right now its like eyeshadow situation right here There is highlighter, you said you wanted highlighter, yeah oh you? ah ok You like better organise this after Oh girl, girl I got you You guys are intense right now You know no one is even like everyone over there is eating and here you guys are It’s all thanks to you We love you, this is the best Christmas You guys look at Mckays sweater are you gonna take that? no you can take that one It’s funny you guys are being like so like polite. I know people who are gonna like rip each other apart like no thats mine I’m gonna try the homemade macarons It took you five hours? Kristine’s here. Oh my god this is so cool! Wait can I steal this for um…. ohhh white elephant This is Sunny’s palette, and then this is mine I have all the contour Guess who brought me flowers? Whitney Ace of the deck right here number ten, seven, number three She’s got the worst, she’s three Whitney is number one Open it, you have to open it No you have to open it now Number one Oh Eagle frisk coffee wait show us Okay, Eddie’s next you can steal right now, or you can open – I’m pretty sure someone is going to steal right from me anyway Oh, that’s a good one right there Full rocks the box is twenty dollars that’s how valuable it is, watch like it’s gonna be like a box in a box in a box It’s so Eddie this is me It’s Netflix and chill themed I know we can’t keep it, we can t keep a secret. This is my first unboxing unboxing I just stole Whitney’s gift, and she opened up a wine box it has two, iphone and just regular Yeah Erin got her present stolen so she had to get another one Hey, wines a great gift the holidays are coming She’s really good at picking gifts everyone wants Whitney’s gifts And he stole my coffee He stole from me – three times three times I think and If you sell these I believe it can get at least like 30 bucks for this. Why would you sell this ? Everyone was laughing throughout the night, but then later Christine got her gift stolen I know I picked my gift the one that I bought So Mckay lost two friends today. He lost two friends. He gained one, Claudine All right, then I’ll just sing a Christmas song do you guys know? My favorite song, my favorite Christmas song. okay you guys got camera’s right? chest-che-che- ready? ♪ Chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ ♪ Jack Frost nipping at your nose ♪ ♪ Yule-tide carols being sung by a choir ♪ Dude like all the girls here are just like dying ♪ by a choir Merry Christmas ♪ ♪ and a happy new year ♪ You guys have to follow him right here, it’s not working-party on the weekend ♪ martini blue – DPR ♪ Everyone has left There are two people doing vlogmas Sunny and Whitney so they have to go edit Eddie has to go edit and then people just all want to be good children, so they all left so it’s just me and Erin we’re Finishing up the wine Mmm Cheers, but yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed watching today’s vlog. I know it wasn’t really much though You know the video we filmed the Christmas that was 17 minutes long Yeah Yeah It was such a long video. I think every time I hang out with you It’s usually a long block because we do so many things or we talk a lot So ho did we talk a lot in that vlogmas. Yeah, we had like 15 questions to answer oh good That’s why yeah. I don’t know today’s vlog I don’t even know what it’s gonna look like but we basically had a mini Christmas gathering played white elephant she got a bat portable battery charger And then I won some wine because McKay kept stealing my gift ha ha ha ha ha oh I was so mad It’s ok ok I’ll get it back one day. We should do the next time We will we will, but I feel like like the more people the more like yeah, it’s more fun Yeah, but a lot of people couldn’t come today because they were either out of the country or it’s just really busy But maybe next time Yeah oh You got your Eddie Eddie bought the kakao portable charger Yeah, I thought hey. I thought you you you I think you told me that he’s gonna bring He’s probable I was like he’s definitely gonna bring something related to kakao cuz he loves kakao But I like it though ya know for sure But tomorrow I don’t even know what I’m gonna do tomorrow. What do you have? i dont know I want to go get my nails done I’m just gonna wait on my brother, and mom we’re just gonna chat now not that we have anything to catch up on Like so often. Yeah, but it’s okay. I hope you guys enjoyed watching today’s vlog Here’s the shout out today for those be guys who translated and transcribe this blog right here And I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s have a Joan day, Joan day

100 thoughts on “My Christmas gifts got stolen 😡 | #Vlogmas Day¹⁸”

  1. I'm totally everyone else in the background screaming "YAA!" for a coffee card!!!

    Sunny's reaction was~ 🙁🙁🙁❔

  2. I'm sorry to comment like this on your vlog.
    As VIP I'm super happy with Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin.
    But on the other side, I want to say STAY STRONG to all SHAWOL in the world….

    Thanks for this video Joan.. It's make me feel better 😊

  3. I watched a bit of a clip from Sunny's vlogmas. And I can't wait to watch ur version. So much fun to watch ur mini gathering from different angle. 😍

  4. Smile😍😙🤗 and cry at the same day…😣😭
    Today been really like a rollercoaster for me..
    Take care Joan 💙💙💜💜

  5. White Elephant is soooooo much better and fun than getting everyone a gift! My fam does this and you have to get a SORE LOSER prize b/c there is always a SORE LOSER that gets upset when they get a silly gift.

  6. Hi Joan … Merry Christmas
    I loved your Vlog today , and i'm sorry for your stolen gifts 😂
    I'm going to France next week , And I wanted To ask you if you know any helpful Skincare products from France .. 😅

  7. Joan said she’s wearing a green blouse, is she? Because from what I see it’s a blue blouse. Or maybe it’s just because of the lighting? I’m really confused right now lol

  8. I was like I wish Tina was there too and suddenly Tina came…..yayyy!
    Love watching ur blogs…can u plz tell Tina to make her own YouTube channel too lol…I love her so much…

  9. Joan how did you meet Mckay?? Gosh I remember seeing him on that korean singing competition show and now he's in your vlogs! Crazy lol!

  10. McKay!! I think it’s so cool that you guys are friends! I watched him on KpopStar 🙂 I love your videos, Joan! You’re such a genuine, chill girl ❤️

  11. You and McKay should date, there’s a mutual feeling between you guys. The chemistry between you guys was just so cute and lovely!!!!!!!!💖😍

  12. Hi Joan……………
    Joan receives a jeans from dog farm.
    She has to return jeans, because puppies are used for the holes.
    But she needs rod wheeler dog attacks. I can't imagine number of holes on jeans, if they attack.
    Papers show number of holes on their jeans.(6:14)
    We need the wilder dogs to get better jeans.
    I hope they thoroughly wash the jeans after dog attack.
    Don't worry. During the process, lifeless plastic models are used.

  13. I love Erin munching on her food while McKay was singing and Eddie in the back "alright, we get it" hahahaha! everyone is adorable <3

  14. I get so confused every time Joan calls Tina Christine lol I'm so used to everyone else calling her Tina.
    And I've already said this on Whitney's video BUT tell McKay to drop his Skincare routine!!! The man's skin is flawless.

  15. I have been avoiding watching happy videos. My heart still aches with what had happened. Depression is a very serious illness. But we cannot bring the life back. He was my idol. RIP jonghyun!

  16. omg I love playing the elephant game my Hispanic family plays it every year and last year we bought a bottle my aunt and mom drinked it and put apple juice on it . it was funny how they were trying to take it away from one another and my cousin 19 ended up with the bottle and it was just juice.

  17. no I'm sad that Taeyang is getting married. oh by the way Mackay is cute he reminds me of my cantopop idol. Guess no one is gonna read this nways 😅

  18. The ending shot of you and Erin is so cute — green and red on you two is so festive! Sunny and Eddie together is always such a weird and cute pairing to see hahaha adorable

  19. Hai Joan, can i know how does this white elephant goes? Like i meant how many times can one person steal another person present.

  20. Joan wearing Erin fav color and Erin wearing Joan fav color. Its really cool friendship. 😍👏🏻✌🏻️😆

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