My Crush, Embarrassing Moment, and Mac & Cheese | Q&A with Kamri Noel

Who’s my– Like, my crush, crush? Everybody thinks I’m so weird for eating it with a fork! Why would you eat it with a spoon?! Brooklyn’s making faces behind the camera. Hi guys it’s Kamri from the Kamri Noel channel. And today I will be doing a Q&A. A lot of you guys have been asking for this. And I posted on my Instagram and Bailey posted on their Twitter Asking for some questions And hopefully I answer a whole bunch of them cause you guys have been really asking for this video a lot. But before we get started make sure you like and subscribe to this channel. Now let’s go. My favorite color is probably teal. I love blue colors. I just reached 5′ 3″ I think but I don’t know Sometimes I’m like 5′ 3.5″ but I don’t — I’m not really sure how that works How do you gain an inch and lose an inch everyday? I’m just taller than the twins that’s all that I know. [hhhhhhmmmmmmmm] I don’t know. I like — I like — have a new show every once in a while I’m right now watching One Tree Hill but I watched like Pretty Little Liars and stuff But my probably all time favorite is Saved By The Bell. That’s a good one just to watch all the time. Definitely play my ukelele and guitar [singing] Kamri’s main channel is called Kamri Noel That’s my favorite thing to do. My favorite kind of dessert is definitely ice cream. I love ice cream more than any other dessert. Ben and Jerry’s is THE BEST kind of ice cream And the brownie one They came up with a new one that has brownie batter. It has literally brownie batter in the middle of the ice cream It is so good Spiders. Ew, gross. They’re just — ew. And scorpions I — one time I was washing potatoes and I turned one over and there was a scorpion on the back of the potato crawling onto my hand and I dropped the potato in the sink and it smashed it but Bailey didn’t even believe me — they didn’t really believe me until they walked into the sink and saw the scorpion smashed It was really gross One food I cannot live without is potatoes I could eat potatoes in any form that they come in Like there’s baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, french fries, tater tots, potato soup, like all this different stuff that potatoes come in and they’re all so good My favorite quality about each twin is Bailey is —- Brooklyn’s making faces behind the camera Um but let’s see Bailey is very fashionable and she helps me with my fashion stuff all the time And let’s see Brooklyn — hmm I gotta think of something — just kidding Brooklyn is nice and we share like the same personality — we are personality twins quite literally — like Brooklyn would move into my room if her and Bailey didn’t share clothes cause we both want the same type of room Um — Who’s my like, crush crush? I don’t have a crush so you know Single pringle ready to mingle Not ready to mingle Braidy’s my boyfriend My favorite hairstyle is the waterfall I actually came up with that name so — if you ever hear someone say waterfall — credits to Kamri I would rather be a unicorn because unicorns are awesome I can just fly around with rainbows all over me Probably my dream vacation would — um — be some like — exotic beach somewhere where you just sit in a hammock all day yeah — I would go to Bora Bora but that’s like really expensive — isn’t it? that’s like the nice — isn’t that like the most luxurious place ever? But Bora Bora that’s definitely one of my dream vacations I don’t know I just go with the flow — you know — whatever’s new — that’s what I like I have like a couple paths that I might go I definitely want to do something like more health related that will like help people so — I’m thinking like — either a nurse or a vet — I like animals — so maybe vet and I want to minor in photography cause I like taking pictures and stuff so — yeah that’s what I want to do My birthday is December 27th of 2002. Ok so probably my most embarrassing moment was I was with this English teacher once and we were like saying the national anthem and I thought dawnsearly was a word. It’s “dawns early” I thought it was an actual word but I just realized a couple weeks ago that it is “dawns early” like “dawns early light” not dawnsearly so any people out there who think dawnsearly is a word, it’s not. I like having a big family because if you’re like bored with one person you can just go to another person and everybody is kinda doing their own thing there’s lots of stuff going on in our house so you never actually get bored. I AM THE ONLY PERSON WHO eats my macroni with a fork. Everybody thinks I’m so weird for eating it with a fork. Why would you eat it with a spoon? That doesn’t make any sense. Spoons are meant for ice cream and soup. Not macaroni. Well I have like a new and an old one. My old one is Cinderella — I like Cinderella. And my new one is probably Rapunzel from Tangled. Ok so I’m going to describe everyone in my family with one word Oh I’ll start from the top Dad would be hard-working Mom — responsible, she’s very responsible Brooklyn — organized Bailey — bubbly Rylan — entertaining Daxton — a genius And Paisley is cute And Braidy is just awesome I play basketball and soccer Five items that I would grab if my house was on fire and my family was safe — ooh — would be definitely — the first two I think of are my ukelele and guitar those are big ones Oh my phone I can’t live without my phone My baby blanket that’s — I have that. I’ve had it for a while and we have like this chest that has a whole bunch of pictures from like every single year my mom puts like a whole bunch of pictures in like our grades and our — whole bunch of stuff in those — so I would grab those documents. Thank you guys for watching. Hopefully that answered some of your questions. Make sure you subscribe to this channel by clicking this button right here. 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  1. The scorpion is not as bad mine one I have a cup with a straw like built into it and I had water in the cup and there was a scorpion in the straw ( I’ve never used one of the cups )

  2. I agree! Who eats macaroni with a spoon? How do you get anything on there??? Do you use your fingers or something to scoop it?!?!?!

  3. i eat with a fork too!! everyone thinks i’m weird because with a spoon you can scoop more but you can stab and scoop with a fork!

  4. Who in the world eats mac and cheese with a spoon ?? I eat mine with a fork same with Absolutely everyone I know 😂

  5. I couldve sworn that i heard the greys anatomy theme when she said health. And whats with the mac n cheese with spoon? Ive only heard of that with toddlers bc the forks are to sharp for them

  6. What who eats macaroni with a fork!
    The same question is asked by my family all the time
    I always eat macaroni with a fork

  7. I LOVE ICE CREAM MORE THAN CAKES AND ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!! I love the cookie dough and caramel and oreo ice cream and brownie :3

  8. I LOVE potatoes too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I eat Mac and Cheese with a fork, its weird NOT to!

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