My First Video! | Kamri Noel

100 thoughts on “My First Video! | Kamri Noel”

  1. Dang! Ever since I’ve started playing the ukulele, every time I watch a video I’ve watched before, somehow the ukulele pops up! I just don’t get it! How could I have not noticed it before?

  2. You have become so far I have been subscribed since when u starten ur YouTube Chanel and I have always been warming cgh and brooklynn and bailey

  3. i want to see another k swag vid again,but she stopped making vids with these characters,cos probs she's moved on and tried different things

  4. Has anyone noticed ?.

    1.Brooklyn – Has long hair
    2.Bailey – Has short hair
    3.Kamri – long hair like Brooklyn
    4.Rylan – Has short hair like Bailey

    Brooklyn is older to Bailey
    Kamri is older to Rylan . Dalton is gonna have short hair , don't know about Paisley .

    Okay fine forget it . Byeee

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