My Review Monday: Regency Christmas Romance

Hi, it’s Kate from the Seekonk Public
Library, back with another edition of our “My Review Monday” video series. Christmas
is fast approaching and sometimes with the holidays comes a lot of stress with
all the things we think we need to accomplish to have a traditional or
happy or “perfect” holiday. Lots of stress, lots of shopping, lots of cooking, lots of
cleaning, lots of gift wrapping – take a break and enjoy yourself. I’m going to
recommend holiday romances. I have a series here by author Grace Burrowes, who
writes these lush historical Regency romances and several of them are set
during the holidays. Grace Burrowes writes about the Windham family and it’s
a Duke and Duchess and I believe they have seven or so adult children, so
there’s plenty of characters in the series to take you straight through the
holidays. But I’m going to focus on two – “What a Lady Needs for Christmas” and “Lady
Louise’s Christmas Knight”. Three in this series are about the Windham
daughters, they’re each set at Christmas, there’s also “Lady Sophie’s
Christmas Wish”, and what I like about this series is that the characters
are spunky and intelligent heroines, there’s the traditional meet-cute
Regency style, but she just writes very engagingly, there somewhat steamy,
there’s great dialogue, they’re very witty, and there’s a lot of great historical
content. So if you enjoy Downton Abbey, if you enjoy reading anything like
historical fiction, I would really suggest picking up one of Grace
Burrowes holiday romance books. They are not like the Harlequins of old, they’re
extremely well-written. Grace Burrowes, in fact, herself is an attorney and has
an extremely successful series. So if you need a break this holiday season, grab a
cup of cocoa, some hot tea, a glass of wine, whatever your drink of choice is, and
nestle in with a holiday romance. Happy Holidays!

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