NAVIDAD | Guirnalda de Muérdago a Crochet ··· XMAS | How to crochet holly leafs

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hello, crocheteros! Today we’ll learn to make
this holly garland, it is very easy to make, and it will help us give
a Christmas decoration to any place in our house,
work or wherever we want. We can also make just
one small piece of holly to have a small decoration. Remember every Saturday of
November and December there will be
Christmas tutorial. Last Saturday we learned
to make a snowflake, essential for this season. Here is the link where we
learned to do it step by step, to decorate the tree, pillows,
blankets, beanies, etcetera. I’ll put the link again
at the end of this tutorial. Thank you so much to Marga,
a very special follower, for sending me this picture
of her first snowflake. This beanie was the first
Ahuyama tutorial, as many of you remember. It was four years ago, and I’ll also share this link
at the end of the tutorial. The materials we’ll need are: Wool or cotton thread in green
and red colors. I’ll use a 3.5 mm, but you can
choose the thickness you want. We’ll also need a rope
to make our garland, you can choose the material
you want, I chose this rope in a rustic style. We’ll need a hook appropriate
for our wool or thread, scissors and a wool needle. For the leafs, we’ll start
making a slipknot. We put the long part
on top of the short one, and we insert it in the hole. Then we insert our hook,
and pulling the long part, we adjust the slipknot
to the size of the hook. Now we’ll make 10 chains. TEN CHAINS Here we have our 10 chains, and
now in the 2nd from the hook, we’ll do one single crochet. There we do one single crochet. Then in the next chain,
we make another sc. In the next we do
a half double crochet, for this one we yarn over, then we bring the wool, we have 3 loops, and we
go through all of them. In the next, we’ll make
a dc, we yarn over, we bring the wool, we have 3 loops, we go through the first 2,
and then the last 2. There it is my dc and we go up,
forming the body of the leaf. In the next stitch, we’ll
make two double crochet. Two dc in the same chain. Here comes one and in that
same chain another dc. There they are,
two dc in the same chain. In the next chain
we’ll make one dc… …in the next one, we’ll do
one half double crochet… …and in the last 2 chains
we’ll do 1sc on each one. So we make 1sc here, and in
the last one another sc. And that would be
the first side of our leaf, now we’re going to make
a kind of mirror effect. To twist in the last
chain we worked on, we’ll make 2sc, one, that would be
the sc of our twist, and another sc, which will give us a start
in the other side. So 3sc in that corner. In the next stitch, we’re
going to do a sc, in the next a hdc, remember this is like
a mirror in the other side. Now one double crochet, then 2dc in the same chain. TWO DOUBLE CROCHET
IN THE SAME CHAIN This is how it looks our leaf,
now we make another dc. ONE DOUBLE CROCHET One half double crochet. ONE HALF DOUBLE CROCHET And in the last 2 chains,
a single crochet on each one. TWO SINGLE CROCHET And this is how the body
of our leaf looks like. Now to close it, we’ll make a slip stitch
in the first sc we did. We identify it, we insert
the hook in that loop, and we make a slip stitch
to close it. Now we’ll learn to make
the second row, where there will be the tips
of the Christmas leaf. We’ll make one chain up, and
in the first available hole where the chains come out,
we’ll do one slip stitch. In the next available stitch
we’ll do one single crochet. ONE SINGLE CROCHET Then we make 2 chains up,
loosen not too tight, two chains and in the first one
we insert the hook, and there we do
a slip stitch, then we go back to the stitch
where all my tip came out, where we made
the first sc and in that same stitch,
we make again a sc. And this would be the first tip
of our Christmas leaf. Now we’ll slip to the
central part of our leaf, and we’ll make
two slip stitches, one, and two, and in the next
stitch we do another tip. We make one single crochet, two loosen chains, slip stitch in the first chain, and where that tip came out,
we make one single crochet, where we did the first sc,
we do another single crochet. And that would be the second
tip of our leaf. And so we keep working
two sl st, one tip, two slip stitches, one tip,
until completing the row. If you have a doubt about
how to work in the corner, we’ll solve it now. We work the tip right in the
central spot of that corner. So in the first stitch,
we make a slip stitch. In the central spot
we make a tip, so we make one single crochet, two chains,
sl st in the first chain, and single crochet where
the tip came out. And in the next stitch, we
continue with this sequence, two slip stitches, one tip,
two slip stitches, one tip, until getting
to the other side. Here we’ve done the 3 tips
of the other side, we make the last 2 sl st
of that lap and get to the end. Here we can make a stem
or not, I won’t do it, I’ll paste it like this
to the garland, but if you want to make a stem
here you have the instructions: We make 4 chains, or as many as we want
for the length of the stem. I’ll make 4, here we do in the 2nd chain
from the hook, one slip stitch. And we continue making sl st, until going back
to the body of the leaf. This is how the stem
would look like, I won’t do any stems,
I prefer it just like that, so we make one sl st in the
first stitch we made to close that row. Then we make one chain
to attach, we cut the wool, we take the hook, and our Christmas leaf is done! Now we’ll camouflage only the
initial thread of our leaf, we’ll leave the final thread so that we can
join it to the garland. We camouflage that thread
with a wool needle, inside the same project, we cut the wool off, and our initial thread
is hidden inside the leaf. Now we’ll learn to make the
berries of our mistletoe, so we make a magic slipknot
with the red wool, we put the short part
on top of the long part, we insert the short part
into the hole, then we insert the hook,
we make 2 chains up, and in the first chain, that
will be our central loop, there we’ll make
five single crochet. FIVE SINGLE CROCHET
IN CENTRAL LOOP One… …two, and so until having
five sc in that central loop. If we pull the initial thread,
we can close that hole. And now in each of those
stitches, we’ll make 2sc, so in the first stitch,
in that loop we make 2 sc, here one and in the
same stitch, another sc. TWO SINGLE CROCHET
ON EVERY STITCH We go to the next stitch, and there we make another
two sc in the same stitch. And we continue 2sc
on each stitch, we must have 10 single crochet
in total in this second row. Here we have 10sc, and now we’ll skip
the stitch to the left, and in the next one we’ll
do one single crochet, and we’ll repeat this 5 times to reduce the diameter
of the berry, and start forming the circle. Here we see that our
circle is being completed, we keep repeating,
until doing it 5 times. Here we’ve done it 5 times,
we have our berry. We make a slip stitch in the stitch of the front
to finish closing it, and here we can cut the wool,
and take the hook. And to pass
all threads to one side, we’ll insert the hook
in one of the extremes, preferably with the
initial extreme, we pass that thread
to the other side, and we have those 2
to join the berry to the leaf. We’ll see how to make
the bouquet, I’ll make one of
two leafs and three berries, you can do it as you wish. So in the corner of the leaf
we insert the hook, we do the same
with the other leaf, and we start with that hook to bring the threads
of the berries. We yarn over, we pass them
leaf by leaf, until the other side, and we repeat the same
with the 3 berries, or as many as you will
include in your bouquet. We have our bouquet
set and ready to paste to our garland. We do 2 groups of threads
and we make a knot, a double knot if we want it
to be more tightened, and that’s it, we can camouflage
those threads behind the leaf, we camouflage them with
our wool needle. And we have the first
bouquet of our garland! So we keep doing bouquets
and pasting them to the rope, until we get the garland
we have on mind. I hope you liked this tutorial, and that you will make a very nice garlands
this Christmas! I’ll see you on Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, I’ll leave you all social
media links below in the video description. Remember to subscribe
to be updated! I’ll see you next Wednesday
in a new Ahuyama tutorial, and next Saturday in
another Christmas tutorial! HUGS AND KISSES,

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