NEW Room + Loft Tour 2017 | Kamri Noel

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  1. What was your favorite part of my bedroom + loft? Comment below! Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY for an exact duplicate of my school backpack + school supplies + iPad mini! Enter HERE! 💋’s -Kamri

  2. Get a different record player! That cross key is going to ruin your records. It may be cute but it can hurt your records. Get a player like the Audio Technica LP-60

  3. How come rylan is with Daxton and Paisley and not you? She deserves the bigger room. She could use that loft for another bedroom. Why do you get to take furniture and stuff from everyone else? Your voice is quite annoying btw.

  4. Hi kamri!!! Im so inspired by you!!! Thats why when i see a room tour, morning routine, and much more… I always try to do it! But i fail… But that doesnt get me down! Watching your videos courges me!

  5. You should the empty one a place for your key chains and put one for every place you've been to and you had a keychain on it or like a pendant or something

  6. A loft is a raised part. For example, my loft is about 10ft off the ground with a ladder to get up to it. Some people have loft beds where the bed is maybe 6ft off the ground at most but it's still a loft. But that is just an extra room, even of it is a step up it's not a loft. I'm filing this title under misleading/clickbait.

  7. So she claims she loves animals but has a cow head on her wall and also says she loves butterflies but catches them just to pin them in her wall ?

  8. 1 of the reasons I like their family is that even though their well of by my standards they don't showoff about it

  9. 15% of comments I love ur room 13% of comments OMG I love All around Audrey u commented on her vid 72% of comments YOU'RE KILLING BUTTERFLIES

  10. I need a room like that lol except for the butterflies, instead i would have a big giant plush tiger stuffed animal (not real) in the corner

  11. Please calm down guys! We don't know that she looks them! She might just keep them until they die! And those were in here last room too so it's probably been a while since she could have possibly killed them! Maybe they had a broken won't and couldn't fly! Please just calm down… Kamri doesn't deserve the hate ❤️

    Edit: They may also be real ones she bought…maybe she killed a few but some people sell them already preserved. And if she was little she probably kept them as pets until they died

  12. For those complaining about the butterflies, if you happen to also be a Biology major don't ever take an Entomology class 😅

  13. All these comments about her "killing butterflies" are ridiculous. Taxidermy is a very normal thing. She isn't being cruel when she does it, there's a ton of respect for the creatures used in taxidermy. It's a way to respect the creatures and thank them for their beauty and contribution to nature. It honors them. So enough with the "kAmRi Is CrUeL bEcAuSe ShE's KiLlInG bUtTeRfLiEs" comments, jeez

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