Ngày Giáng Sinh Gặp Ông Già Noel Và Thử Thách Ăn Hết Đồ Màu Đỏ Trong 24h – Táo Xanh TV

Yeah Today is Christmas Day But I still haven’t seen Santa
come to give gift for me I wish Santa Claus would appear right now Who are you?Why did you come
to my house late at night? Ladies and gentlemen My name is Santa Claus Make in Viet Nam No No Santa Claus has a white beard… White hair… Red clothes… And riding reindeer to deliver presents Come to Ha Noi ,
traffic jam and many red lights So I throw the reindeer on the street And go here by Grab (Taxi) To punctual delivery of gifts Wow!!! Do you have gifts? Let’s delivery me a gift Right!!!So what do you want? I wish I had a bigbabol box
watermelon flavor too giant So easy Is it right? Wow!!!Right it , you are really talented Ok ! I have a challenge for you Do you accept the challenge? What is the challenge? Now, I’ll give you the red food If in 24 hours you eat it all, Every day i would give you a gift you like Wow!So I accept the challenge Okay Take the challenge I go out Where is Santa Claus? Wow,So much delicious food !!! Let’s eat First I will eat this Too full Food is still plenty I will call Dau Dau Alo!!! Dau Dau Santa Claus give me many delicious food ,
Lets go here eat with me Ok Hat Tieu , I’m here Dau Dau , Come here Let’s eat with me Ok Too many delicious food So many Strawberry
Thanks you So fragrance Its delicious acid …
snack … Hat Tieu Eat like this, it’s not interesting Now , we play game Are you ok ? Game ? okayy Game is Robot control Sounds very interesting The following rules You do what I say If right,You can eat what you want. And me too . Are you ok? I’m okay Can you be a cat? cat ? How do cats sound? Yes!! You can eat I eat snack My turn Quiz you… Copy a barking dog You have a very bad riddle
Look me You look after the house is number 1 You say me is dog,umm I eat Eat 2 pieces Your turn Quiz you… the ape sounds what do apes sound? No no , unlike apes So you can’t aet It’s crazy If it’s action, what do you do? Now , im eat okay Eat new fruits Its delicious Now, My turn Duck Duck ? At swimming will be like? Right ?
you do the same Can you eat… Can I eat? I eat this cake This cake is very good Really? delicious Bonus you Thanks you Your turn I quiz you to be an animal … What animal ? Quiz you copy snake Look at me What are you doing? This is a serpent You look very horrible We eat together Ok Eat strawberry hey you Can this seed be planted? I don’t know I saw it on TV this seed can grow Right? Its fragrance Your turn Copy sound of… What kind of animal is that?
Bird bird???? Sound of bird???? Sound of bird???? You lose I don’t know You know? Like that OMG !!! Not right But i can eat Stop game! You with me eat now Okay OMG !!! Santa’s ordeal is eat all in 24h So you did not complete the challenge Im go out , Bye bye Food , my food? Dau Dau Santa Claus Turned out to be a dream

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