Welcome to Alsace ! Nice ! Good morning sir, welcome! Our hostel is located right here Ok and it’s 10 minutes away from the big cathedral of Strasbourg. Ok, top! Your room number is 203, on the second floor Thanks. Welcome to Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace. I came here to show you that Alsace is a wonderful place in the winter. Let’s start with the Notre-Dame Cathedral that’s close to my hostel. But Strasbourg is more than that! If there’s one district I think you shouldn’t miss in Strasbourg, it’s the district of petite France where you can see a lot of timbered houses, all very typical. Of course it’s a very touristic place but it clearly brings a wow effect. Every year a country is highlighted in Strasbourg’s Christmas markets. This year, it’s Iceland! That’s why I’m wearing this scarf, it’s a bit chilly here. I found Santa! Believe me, Icelandic beer is really worth a try. I’m digging it! Santa is boiling hot. I’m taking a walk on the Grande Île in Strasbourg, a UNESCO World Heritage site, so you can imagine that you will be impressed by everything you’ll see. So, Strasbourg is a really cute city, I understand why it’s so trendy. Though, you cannot say that Alsace is just this city so I’m going to show you my favourite places in this region. To start my tour around Strasbourg, I’m going to Riquewihr, a small village of 1000 inhabitants. It’s very cute, I understand now why my subscribers recommended me to come here. OK I’ll tell you the truth, what I prefer at Riquewihr is the hot wine! Cheers. I’m here at the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle. I think my pronunciation was terrible. Snow covers the castle, it looks like in a fairy tale. I really didn’t expect to see something like this in Alsace. So far, my rating for surprise is 10/10. Dear Alsatians, I really want to ask you something, as well as all of France: why are the names of your villages so complicated? Breusch…Breuschwickersheim This is just one of them, there are many others. Mittelhausbergen Scharrachbergheim Oberschaeffolsheiiiiim, with a terrible pronunciation! or the very famous village Souffelweyer… Anyway, you need to spend 8 years in college to learn how to pronounce these names. Speaking about villages, let’s continue. I just arrived in Kaysersberg, which was voted as the favourite village in France in 2017. That sounds pretty cool! Darkness falls on Kaysersberg so it’s time for me to go to Colmar, a city that is famous for its Christmas markets. Let’s go! Here we go, I’m in Colmar, let’s see this famous Christmas market. Now I’m back in Strasbourg after this tour in Alsace, which was a really nice surprise. It’s nice to see that a region celebrates this much Christmas. I have rarely seen this in my life even though I have travelled a lot. I really recommend you to come here, at least once, during this time of the year. I’m sure the Alsatians will welcome you with open arms because they are really nice people. I’ll leave you with these beautiful images, and above all, keep travelling! Peace!

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