Noel Gallagher and Bono Both Don’t Remember Singing Karaoke Together

-You’re gonna go on tour. Smashing Pumpkins,
through the fall. And how is touring these days? I’ve heard you say
that it’s less fun being on a bus for six weeks.
-With guys. -With guys, yeah.
-With guys. Used to be, yeah, in the ’90s,
but I got my own bus now. -Oh, gotcha.
So you’re solo bus? -I’ve got my 11-piece band
all squashed up in a little camper van,
and I’ve got a huge bus about the size of this studio. Touring America, like, “Great.”
[ Laughter ] -Do the other —
Do they resent you, you think, your 11-person band, that you have this lovely bus
to yourself? -I thought so, yeah.
-Yeah. -Yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ] -You don’t feel it on stage,
though. -Not particularly.
-Okay. That’s good. -It’s my name
on the poster, so… [ Laughter ] -That’s a good way
of looking at it. You’re also touring with U2
in Australia in November. -That’s right.
-And I heard that you and Bono had a night where you sang
karaoke together. And yet there’s no —
no memory of it. -Well, apparently —
Apparently, they had a party for the crew in Bogotá,
and apparently we did karaoke, and we did the song,
“Kung Fu Fighting.” -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -And, apparently —
You haven’t got footage of this? -No, no, I swear we don’t.
[ Laughter ] -And, apparently,
we did the moves, as well. -Yeah, you did some
kung fu fighting. -So they say.
[ Laughter ] But, I mean,
it was full of Irish people who will notoriously
exaggerate everything. -Could’ve been
some just soft kicking. -I mean, I genuinely have no
recollection of it whatsoever. Neither does he.
-Wow. It’s one of those lovely myths that we will never know
whether it was true or not. -I mean,
thank God no one’s got footage. [ Laughter ] -How is it for you now?
I mean, obviously, you’ve been doing this
for a long time. How have your fans,
how have the concerts changed 20, 25 years into doing this? -It’s, uh —
I guess, uh… I’ve got young kids coming,
and I’ve become quite the thing for middle-aged women.
-Uh-huh. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] On my last tour in America,
we did a gig somewhere up north in the snow,
and it was — There was like three women
on the front row, and it became apparent that one
of these women was a huge fan and the other two weren’t.
[ Laughter ] And I was halfway
through a song, and I’m giving it the [bleep]
-Yeah. -And one of the women
on the front row, she’s doing this with her phone.
And she just goes… [ Laughter ] And she looks over,
sees me looking at her, she just goes, “Sorry.” [ Laughter ] And I’m kind of playing her,
going, “I’m sorry about that.” [ Laughter ] “Go buy a T-shirt.”
[ Laughter ] -What about you?
You have three kids? Is that right?
-I do have three kids. -Do they have a connection
to your music? -Well, it’s kind of a rule. They’ve got to kind of fake
a little bit of interest in it. -Okay. -Even at a lower level,
they’ve got to go, “Yeah, yeah. It’s a great song.”
[ Laughter ] They like — They like
the modern hip-hop, Kanye, and all that kind of thing.
-Okay, gotcha. -They’re kind of into it. You know, they’ve got to be
into it because, you know, they’re gonna benefit from it.
-Yeah. -At some point.
-Down the line, yeah. This is sort of —
This is a big deal for them. You’re sort of famously —
Your football club is Manchester City,
coming off an incredible season. -Amazing.
-Amazing season. And, you know, we sort of
from a distance know there are two big clubs in Manchester — Manchester United,
Manchester City. -Well, we don’t mention
the other one. -We don’t mention the other one. Well, we were talking
about your kids and how they sort of are — You know, you asked them to be
a little bit of fans. What would happen if one of
your kids wanted to be a fan of the other Manchester team? -[ Breathes deeply ] [ Laughter ] That would be tough. I mean, I’d probably drive him
as far away from my house as possible.
[ Laughter ] And I’ll leave him
on the motorway. [ Laughter ] -The point would come across. -These things get sorted out
quite quickly in Manchester. It’s just like, you know — You say to, like, a baby,
“You don’t know this yet. You don’t know this yet. But you’re gonna support City,
and that’s the end of it.” -That’s it. -That’s it.
That’s the end of it. -So you have had no trouble
on that front. -No, no, they’re kind of
big into it, and they — I mean, when they first came
to the matches, like all kids, they’ve got the attention span
of a small flea. -Yeah. What’s the right age,
did you find? When can they finally engage? -I’ve brought my eldest son
when he was about 7. And, you know, kids now,
they’re onto social media, so he brought his iPad
to the match. -Yeah.
-And I was like, “I’m not sure
you’re gonna need that.” [ Laughter ] And he ended up on it,
you know. Because the match is too long.
It’s like an hour and a half. They’re kind of into it now,

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  1. Noel you are like Peter Pan, how do you do it with three kids! Please bring back OASIS, together you were stupendous. 😊❤❤

  2. Any Mention of the Gallaghers or Oasis and I'm taken back to the Will Ferrell SNL skit where he's a Brit politician constantly pushing mandates declaring the greatness of the band. :ใ

  3. He's not doing his self any favours about his solo career, every interview he's always talking about people being bored or how little they've sold and smaller venues, we all know this Noel we all know this 🤣

  4. Very appreciative of having him correctly pronouncing Bogotá. Refreshing actually to see him make an effort 🙂

  5. Man.. when I asked that genie for a Smashing Pumpkins/Gallagher team up, I meant the cruddy 80's comedian! Just so it could be billed as 'The Smashing Pumpkins, smashing watermelons'.

  6. I could watch Seth interview Noel for hours and hours. Now he needs to get Liam on the show. Noel interviews are always gold… but Liam interviews are always brilliantly wacky and wonderful.

  7. Noel was likely too drunk and up his own arse to recall and Bono doesn't want to admit hanging with this prick.

  8. Bono is another leftie little tramp who hates everything herry yet stays just to free load same as geldolf Allan Sheeran liniker etc jog on parisites

  9. This is the ex drug abuser drunk boozer who slagged of Bonnie Scotland-Gods Country. this midget is a total Joke.

    he is from Manchester England 😂😂 it is 1 total hell hole of junkies, hookers, gangs killing 1 and other, work shy fools.

    and he feels in his little silly head the need to Slag of SCOTLAND.

    go away you midget little Beatles wannabe

  10. we don't mention the other 1. bono, of course. he he. Noel is the wittier Gallagher brutha with his antidotes. is U2 still relevant in 2019?

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