Noel Gallagher slams Phil Collins

You know the brother is not the only one who gets it between the eyes, mate and the list begins with….. Robbie Willams, Blur, Keane, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party…..of course I’m going to do this! Sum 41, Backstreet Boys, White Stripes, Kylie, Britney.. …Eminem, George Harrison, George Michael… And most famously Phil Collins…. Not George Harrison, that’s Liam’s… ….that’s Liam’s thing Most famously Phil Collins, who has an entire paragraph dedicated in your online Wikipedia… various potshots that have been made at the former lead singer of Genesis. It was some flippant comment about him being the Antichrist that he got the arse with. You know, these old fellas, eh?! They’ll take offence to anything! They get more sensitive, don’t they, as they get older?! You’ve had some fun, man. It’s pop music, isn’t it? It’s alright, it’s pop culture. Well, the thing is, you say things….I’ll admit, they look bad in print, but a lot of it…. I probably gave a very balanced view about Phil Collins that day… But I admit that the thing that looks bad, slash, good in print is the bit about the Antichrist, fine, fair enough! But, you know, people are allowed to say things about me! But, you see, Phil Collins knows he can’t say anything about me ‘cos I’m the f***ing dogs bollocks! And that’s the things that does his head in…and the fact that he’s bald… ..and he f***ing left the country, because the Labour Party got into power, the toerag! And if that’s not a reason to vote Labour at the next election, then I f***ing don’t know what is. Who you gonna vote for? Jesus, they’re all as bad as each other….seriously. Not totally… Tell me I’m wrong..

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  1. He hit the nail right on the head, Phil Collins is the anti-Christ, a freakin' nightmare, probably the most overrated "musician" in the history of recorded sound. What songs has that asshole EVER written or recorded that are good? Probably the only one that comes across as halfway decent is "Take a look at me now" which is totally schmaltzy, but other than that, his music is a fucking nightmare from hell.. I actually smashed a radio at my work once because I worked with an asshole who insisted on constantly playing this lightweight rawk radio station and when Phil Collins "I dont care anymore" came on, I just couldn't take it anymore and I took a jack pipe that you use to jack up a car and smashed his radio to bits. I didn't get fired but I had to buy him a new radio, but it was totally worth it because everyone else at my work cheered me on. PHIL COLLINS SUCKS ALL FUCKING ASS! HE IS THE WORST! Nobody is worse than that guy, not even Justin Beiber.

  2. This Noel guy looks like one of the Mole Men from the very first Superman episode.

  3. I mean…at least phil collins reinvented himself whether you like him or not, gallagher's music has been the same since definently maybe. Remember the whole blur oasis battle? glad radiohead shat all over that.

  4. Phil Collins great in Genesis and great as a solo artist. Noel Gallagher had his 15 min of fame in Oasis now its over Phil Collins still winning

  5. None of the British political parties is right wing enough. And I do hope this moron leaves the country for Venezuela ☺

  6. Gallagher is doing something here that hasn't been picked up and is something that 'edgy' artists sometimes do (see also Sinead O' Connor). That is they observe what the critical opinion is of another artist (not what the public think) by music journalists. So Gallagher sees that someone like Phil Collins is slated by critics and decides to join the fray because his agenda is to curry favour with those self same critics in the hope of getting them on his side with his music. It also gets Gallagher lot's of publicity as music journalists love nothing more than when one musician slags off another musician. If you notice Gallagher never slags off Phil Collins music because he doesn't know it very well. Theres also jealousy at play here as Phil Collins has conquered the US twice both solo and with Genesis. Oasis never acheived this. Billboard chart history shows Collins had scores of No.1 hit singles and top ten hits. The stats speak for themselves. A music journalist friend of mine who rates Collins very highly said that if you gave a music journalist the choice of interviewing a moderately successful artist ( Gallagher) or a hugely successful record breaking artist (Collins) they will opt for the latter. So at the end of the day Gallagher is fooling himself if he thinks slating another musician is going to give himm added kudos with music critics.

  7. I love Noel and Oasis, but I'd be tempted to leave the country if I earned that much cash and the socialist thieves got into power.

  8. Two utter cunts for the price of one. Check out this Kiwi's interview with Morrissey, you can tell Mozzer wasn't keen on him.

  9. From 1996 to 2003 I suffered from a brain tumour. I had total memory loss for that period and missed the recording career of Oasis. Every cloud has a silver…………….

  10. Another labour fan thinking it's the party of the working class when it's the party that supports destruction of its own country by mass immigration. . . . .3 Chord thunderbird puppet.

  11. I like Noel and Oasis, I was a big Britpop Fan in the late 90's. But before that, I was heavy into Genesis in the 80's, they were the best. Come on, Phil Collins is Phil Collins, Genesis is Genesis, nobody, and I mean, NOBODY can top them. Oasis was good, but Genesis is a legend. Noel never wrote songs like Supper's Ready, Home By The Sea, Mama or Dreaming While You Sleep, he is a great songwriter, but never had the aura and that "certain something" of Phil Collins. I think he's a little bit jealous. Noel always plays the cynical, sometimes he seems to be much too pragmatic, while Phil comes across as very kind, warm and human. People notice that. Phil always loved to perform for an audience, he has a great enthusiasm, but Noel seems to be bored on stage. Did he ever enjoy it at all? I never understood that attitude. And Oasis songs never had the complex arrangements of Genesis songs. In Oasis there was only Noel as a songwriter and Liam as a singer, the other musicians and their contributions weren't that important. But in Genesis there were other great musicians like Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Steve Hackett. Each one of them can write, play and produce. Two of the former band members, Peter and Phil, are successfull as solo artists, Mike had a lot of wordwide hits with his own band, but Noels solo career isn't that overwhelming. I like him, but if you compare Genesis to Oasis, Genesis wins clearly.


  13. how can one even put Genesis, that made the history of rock, and.. (yes, the other thing.. how do you call it? ah, yes, oasis) in the same sentence?

  14. For fuck's sake! All these fucking rock/pop stars are CAPITALISTS. They ALL secretly want to make as much money as they can so that they can live in HUGE houses in the country. Or in other countries. Some PRETEND to be socialists, but they're not. And if Labour (under Corbyn) ever get in, I'm leaving the fucking country too! I imagine Noel is now more than a little ashamed of his association with BLAIR. Speaking of capitalists…

  15. Noel is a cunt but he’s got a point you know. People are allowed to say things about him, and he is allowed to say things about them. Freedom of speech works both ways honey

  16. Genesis sucked after Gabriel left, they were sellouts. I listened to the first track of A Trick of the Tale, did not like it. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway was smart, this wasn’t smart. Not only did I leave off Genesis for good, I left off mainstream rock for good. Because it wasn’t rock and roll any more, it was Crappy POP. Gabriel also lost his goodness. I went to The Ramones and called it a day with the mainstream garbage. I quit mainstream rock because Tony Banks and Phil wrote shit lyrics that were stupid. The Lamb was the last time they were good.

  17. I totally missed Oasis because I basically quit Mainstream Rock in 1975 and never willingly listened to it again. And still don’t. And never will again. Because Pop is Satan to me.

  18. I’m American. You Brits never did a single good thing again after the Sex Pistols, and that’s the truth. Why, you’re almost as bad as American Pop now. Shame! I guess when McCartney lost his goodness, you all did, huh? I read the history of Yes and could not believe it. You people are crazy! Trevor Rabin my butt!

  19. Phil Collins and genesis was a better actor than a song writer/singer LOLZ Noel and Oasis are legends..where is baldy now? I saw Noel Galaghers High Flying Birds last week at Radio City Music Hall in NYC and it was epic.

  20. Name the 10 best Oasis songs and I´ll match them with the best 10 Genesis songs of my choosing. I don´t think the most hard core Oasis fan can name 10 songs that he feels are world class worthy.

    Oasis is crap.

  21. Basically he is a typical ignorant chav who cannot form a sentence with out swearing but who was elevated to a platform of wealth through the ability to perform on stage. Why do these people think that stage also includes the world stage. Fair enough musically but what a poor specimen of humanity.

  22. Am I the only one when Noel and Liam hates the music of other bands/singers makes you want to hate them too? 😂😂

    I used to love some of the ones mentioned not I fucking hate them coz Noel does

  23. Josh , Oasis were just a Beatles tribute . Arrogant bastards the pair of them !! chav music for the masses .

  24. Josh , Genesis have been going since 1969 so how does that make Oasis bigger .Oasis were for a time and now that time is up . Genesis there for spanned Generations .

  25. Noel Gallagher is the world's least talented, obnoxious douchebag alive,his music sucks,can't play guitar and will never be the musician Phil id

  26. Talented musician, but talks so much shit, typical Manchester chav. How on God's earth could you call Phil a anti Christ YOU COCK

  27. Dude,I'm a musician for 35 years ,mostly studio work ,I've done well ,and this guy is far from a great musician,he writes nice songs but his personality really sucks to

  28. Noel Gallagher and Liam have always been bellends and clearly jealous and envious of Phil Collins Solo career and Genesis success and they couldn't surpass it.

  29. Noel Gallagher is a fucking asshole. Piece of shit could not achieve a 100th of what the Legendary drummer / musician has. Of course Phil has nothing to say about this guy because he's a douchebag ! And a legend like Phil Collins will not give a shit about douchebags. Phil Collins is one of the greatest drummers and songwriters. His solo career is one of the best. Albums like Both sides which were completely performed by him just show what a great musician he is. Noel Gallagher can go screw himself !

  30. Oh, Noel. Phil has more musical talent in his little toe than you'll ever have. You don't like his solo stuff? I don't really give a toss, but his work with Genesis (especially in the 70s and early 80s) towers over Oasis on its own. Anyone still listening to 'Be Here Now'? No, I thought not.

  31. This is a total scum bag doesn't have a clue what he is talking about and he is mad at phil because he more successful and much better musician than he will ever be and you are in oasis the worst band ever. I love phil collins his music is good but some music not good every musician has some issues with there music. But this dumbass should not be talking crap about other musicians because they should be supporting the music world.

  32. Never heard of this guy. And he’s bagging on Phil Collins. I thought it was an unwritten law among musicians that you didn’t rip on fellow artists. This guy did get the memo I guess.

  33. What noel did is a classic case of inferiority complex… He's good but Phil is a legend. Records sale says more than words from his mouth, noel is good nevertheless.

  34. I bet Oasis don't have an album like "The lamb lies down on Broadway" in their discography. What a bunch of pricks

  35. Phil Collins is a fucking legend and great song writer, I recently watched one of his concerts from the 90's, and holy fuck, it was one of the best I've seen, Noel is a wanker, just like his brother, Phil Collins >> Oasis

  36. He left the country because labour got in power the toe rag. Other then his music being sole less shite. That enough of a reason to never buy a Phil the cunt Collins record

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