Office Christmas Party Official Trailer 3 (2016) – Jennifer Aniston Movie

Hey Megan, I thought that I have been clear about the number of button can be another button? Are you body shamming her right now? Jeremy, come on It’s winter, can we put dancer and prancer back in their stable. CO-WORKERS… If I give you like a stripper girlfriend, put my children on her motorcycle one more time; I will “Gone Girl” you so hard. You’re going? I just gonna going. YOU THINK
YOU KNOW THEM Hey silly, are you gonna be inviting your fake girlfriend to the holiday party later? I mean to make sure we have time to inflation. BUT THERE’S
ONE NIGHT A YEAR This party has to rock. Did you rent a live baby? What? It’s cheaper than you think. Let’s party! WHEN
YOU FIND OUT Get up here Mary. WHO THEY
REALLY ARE Savannah? Oh my God, you guys are gonna have so much fun tonight. I’m not even getting county friends. Right? Yeah, we’re not friends. Oh my God… ON
DECEMBER 9 I love you party. I love big company. I’m OK. Merry Christmas. You do not wanna die in the hands of Lulu Lemon here. Here really embarrassing for you, a large guy. She’s made nothing out of salad and smartwater. No, no time out. OFFICE

90 thoughts on “Office Christmas Party Official Trailer 3 (2016) – Jennifer Aniston Movie”

  1. Man… this looks like one hilariously good crazy ass office party of a Christmas Movie! Not sure if will be good, but looks like fun.

  2. Its like they had a script to a decent movie then thought of the worst possible cast with actors people barly like if at all and thats how you end up with this. it will be shit

  3. Wait a minute, if this is an R-rated movie, then where's the red-band trailer? They haven't seem to release one, and considering the content showing why it's R-Rated, they should release a red band trailer or something.

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