OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY (Olivia Munn, Jennifer Aniston) – Final TRAILER

Hey, Megan! I thought that I had been clear about the number of buttons that can be unbuttoned. Are you body-shaming her right now? Jeremy, come on. It’s winter. Can we put dancer and prancer back and their stable? If I hear you let your stripper girlfriend put my children on her motorcycle one more time, I will gone-girl you so hard. You’re good. I’m just gonna go in. Okay, so are you gonna be inviting your fake girlfriend to the holiday party later? I mean, I just wanna make sure you have time to inflate her. This party has to rock. Did you rent a live baby? What? It’s cheaper than you think. Let’s party. Get on up here, Mary! Savannah? Oh, my gosh, you guys are gonna have so much fun tonight. I’m not even getting count it. Because we’re friends, right? Yeah, we’re not friends. Oh, my God. I love this party! I love this company! [car horn] I’m okay, Merry Christmas! You do not want to die at the hands of lululemon here. Be real embarrassing for you, you’re a large guy, and she’s made of nothing but salad and smart water. No. No tap outs. Ooh, somebody’s getting fired. Oh, no, it’s my sister. You’re having a Christmas party tonight? It’s not a Christmas party. It’s a non-denominational holiday mixer. More inclusive. Well, whatever you call it, it’s not happening. All right. It’s canceled. Hey, idiot. I’m looking right at you. Okay? We’re not doing it. We’ll still do it. This branch is failing. I’m shutting you down. You got to give us a little bit of time to turn this around. All right. If, by some miracle, you can close Walter Davis and his 14 million dollar account, your jobs are safe. Done. And you’ll, see you’re gonna look so stupid. Then we’ll finally have something in common. Goddammit, she’s so mean! Guys, what if we show him the greatest time of his life at our Christmas party tonight? This way we save everybody’s job. It’s not the worst idea. Walter. Do you party? I used to. It’s f-word Christmas b-word, let’s get mother f-word drunk. Lawsuit. It’s my birthday. Ah. Really committing. That’s nice. Like the candle. Merry Christmas, bitches! Right down the chimney, folks! Greatest party ever, hashtag open bar. Who are you sending that to? Everyone in Chicago. I am CEO of Zenotech. Please just drive. I just dropped off four people there at that party tonight. They gave me three stars, like a bunch of bitches. What did you just say? I said there were a bunch of bitches! Tonight, the decisions you make will have consequences that will haunt you for the rest of your professional lives. Pull over or I will shoot your penis in the face. I love America! Let’s party! I love this company! What did you guys do to him? I feel alive! I think he meant to swing there. Where’d you get these? Be better if I didn’t say. Oh. Pardon me. It’s Christmas, we should celebrate, they said. Just a little get-together for the employees. Have a few drinks, blow off a little steam, nothing crazy. Merry Christmas, Jeremy. Great night, huh? This is a sample cheese board for a holiday mixer tonight. I’m sorry, you’re having a Christmas party tonight? It’s not happening. All right. It’s canceled. Hey, idiot. I’m looking right at you. I’m telling you. The thing is not happening at all. I’m not messing with you. Hey! Stop doing that! All right? If you are going to have intercourse tonight, please do not do it on company property. Go into the Rite Aid parking lot. We talkin’ Rite Aid baby makin’ all night! Fwe fwe fwe! Oh. Pardon me. Hey, Santa! Wanna party? I love this company! I think he meant to swing there.

46 thoughts on “OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY (Olivia Munn, Jennifer Aniston) – Final TRAILER”

  1. Party this wild is not a party at all if there's no corpse at the end of it. Totally drunk accident. Please let someone die at the end of it. Horrible Bosses have death person in it & it was not a party movie.

  2. if you look up the orgins of x-mas you see why it was ban for almost a century until coke cola in the 1940's change Krumpus drop the demons and leave the fat man and make him jolly instead of using pagan feel to it just put in families getting together having a good time

  3. JUST SEEN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really really enjoyed it, made me wish i was there, haven't seen a crazy Xmas jam like this since………Can't Hardly Wait (if i missed anything in between plz inform me) ….but this was funny and Ms Munn was awsome in her role.

  4. I've seen this movie, yeah it's not good but I mean come on, we expect it not to. It's good stupid fun and I had a blast watching it

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