Olaf’s Frozen Adventure “Ring in the Season” Clip

*A curious girl enter the hall* *Anna is fascinated with the hall’s view* *Anna walks towards a tower of dessert* Hello *Anna sneakily tries to steal some dessert* Surprise! *Anna quickly catches Olaf* *Elsa walks down the stairs* *Elsa blasts ice toward the stairs* Our surprise holiday party doesn’t start until after the Yule Bell rings Ah, sorry, the suspense in tearing me apart. *Olaf tries to combine his body together Thank you *Olaf shakes his body* *Anna holds Olaf’s face*
I’m excited too Olaf This is Arendelle’s first Christmas in forever *Elsa picks a flag from Olaf’s head* *Elsa holds the flag on the right hand while talking to Olaf and Anna* *Elsa puts the flag on the table. Anna points to the citizen’s direction to Elsa and Olaf. Olaf jumps excitedly* *Anna quickly stands straight and walks towards the window pane then starts to sing.* *Anna sticks her right hand palm onto the window mirror while looking at Elsa. Olaf jumps and takes a deep breath while looking out through the window.* *Anna bends down to sing to Olaf. Anna then stands straight and spread her arms widely like a bird that is about to fly* *Elsa, Anna and Olaf are walking together with pleasure. Both Elsa and Olaf gaze around the ballroom.* *Anna walks by the ballroom’s table and rings the bells. Then Olaf popped out and amazed with the bell. Olaf rings it three times.* *Elsa gently takes a flower petals and attaches it on Olaf’s neck. Olaf jumps blisfully.* *Olaf looks at it and takes a quick glance to Anna and Elsa excitedly. The sisters look at each other and sastisfied with the idea.* *Elsa holds the wine glass then she delicately puts the glass to the tray. Then she walks cheerfully towards Anna to dance together.* *Elsa friend sprinkle snow on the castle. They walk together and Olaf follow from behind.* since we opened up the gate! And it’s the first Christmas I remember today, that is already worth the wait!

100 thoughts on “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure “Ring in the Season” Clip”

  1. Mexico during the showing: TAKE THIS SHIT DOWN RIGHT FUCKING NOW
    America during the showing: FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. I wish they kept this as a tv special. It was 21 minutes! That’s not a short film! But I did like it a little bit.

  3. Just to remind u…. Elsa doesn't change clothes at all…… She just change the style and color….. So

    For how many months or maybe years does she wear her gown?

  4. Can I watch the whole movie somewhere? I haven't seen Coco so also not this one☹ But I really wanna see it because I already love itt😍

  5. So what Christmas ended just because the two stayed inside XD that’s ludicrous, they don’t rule the holidays lmao

  6. I like 0:44. "Gotta look our best!" I also like 0:32. When Anna says party. I also love that little nod Elsa does when she says toasting the whole night through.

  7. Понравились разные ролики,из мультфильма холодное сердце,Эльза и Анна.желаем больших успехов.😁.

  8. Olaf is so cute. I know Anna is all about the excitement of things she has never "forever" experienced and Elsa is like about things since they have "opened up the gates". Olaf is like he just came to life everytime which he totally is. So cute!

  9. It's so sad none of the ppl came to their surprise that they done for them and plus this is their first Christmas togethet

  10. Look at all joy
    It's everywhere
    I feel the Christmas spirit in the air
    And the party will start at the strike of noon
    As we ring in the season so soon
    And its almost time to ring the bell
    And hear it chime through Arrendelle
    It's finally here and it happening fast
    We'll make the for all we have missed in the past
    And it's time to celebrate
    As we ring in the season

  11. Isnt it kinda mean the castle attendants didnt tell them people would wanna go back home for christmas 😥 and they got so excited too…

  12. and u think they can't make elsa any prettier…….. and in the frozen 2 trailer elsa looks a whole lot prettier than in this one. oh elsa, what do i do without u….

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