Opera 11.60 Christmas Carol

Opera 11.60’s out
with loads of new stuff in it I’ll tell you what it’s about
in just a festive minute. Site compatibility
got more robust and faster. In your Christmas sock is Ragnarök,
our HTML parser. HTML video
shines as bright as reindeer noses. It can be buffered and be seekable,
muted and preloaded. We all love our gradients!
So thank the Angel Gabriel! Not just boring linear ones,
but super-sexy radial. All cool kids love ECMAScript,
so shout out your hurrays! We’ve got the mode that’s oh-so-strict,
and sexy typed arrays. A present that is heaven-sent
is DOM Event Constructor. Without it, synthetic events
are a total … monkeyfighter. Deck the halls with protocols!
Light the yuletide candles! You can define the content types
that your web apps can handle. All platforms, even Win 2K
though that OS is shoddy. For Opera’s wish for the new year
is the Web for everybooooooooody. [spoken:] Happy New Year
[misteltoe-tastic winsome smile]

17 thoughts on “Opera 11.60 Christmas Carol”

  1. Не пользуюсь Opera, но песня и ее исполнение очень понравились! Даже подпевал местами! Спасибо за хорошее настроение и с Новым Годом!

  2. It would be great it you also added the option to open speed dial items in new tabs, please have a look at this video for a detailed discussion: watch?v=dnUweNnyark

    The feature will improve usability.

  3. @ralienpp just set middle mouse button to open links in new tabs (really should be default, but whatever…) and you can open many speel dial links in new tabs with same speed dial window. been using this way for a very long time.

  4. Best browser. Without it, I wouldn't be able to easily and seamlessly sync all my wonderful porn bookmarks across all my devices. Some took time to find!

    Opera rocks.

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