Operation Christmas Child Overview 2017, Full Length

Right now, in places
all over the world there are children
who feel forgotten and alone, without a
home, without a friend, and without hope. But what if love could
arrive through a simple gift? When you pack a shoebox with
Operation Christmas Child, you’re giving much
more than a gift. You’re helping a
child find a friend, experience the love
of Jesus Christ, and discover their
own potential. In the hands of a child, this
small gift has a big future. Ready? [CHILDREN SCREAMING HAPPILY] The children receive the gift
boxes with such excitement. You see it on their faces, on
their smile, in their eyes. Some of them, it’s
the very first time that they ever received
a gift in their lives. We always include about a 10
minute Gospel presentation in each event. Jesus loves you. That’s what Operation
Christmas Child is all about, is to reach children of
the world with God’s love, and we do that
through a simple gift. My favorite thing. They feel like,
“Somebody love me.” There’s no greater
joy than knowing we’re getting to be a part of
the Great Commission together, and so there is a global
change that’s going on. Yi, yi, yi! This is Franklin Graham. Right now, I’m in Yangon. We’ve just handed
out shoebox gifts, and we couldn’t do it without
the army of volunteers at home that make this happen. [CHILDREN CHEERING] Volunteers across
the nation love to spread the word
about shoebox gifts. This is a little
too big of a box. And they’re both
getting a teddy bear. What should we put in there? There’s no way that you could
do this without volunteers. They’re incredible, the
energy that they have, the excitement that they have. Shoeboxes! We were just packing
some Christmas boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Little gifts that we
can fit all into a box, and then we also got to
write little notes for them. I do this because
I know it makes a difference in a child’s life. One child, one life,
one difference, one more soul for eternity. We’re packing shoeboxes. Oh, man, there’s a party
going on behind me. We want to make sure that
the boxes that we send back are something that these kids
are going to remember forever. You just know that you’re
changing someone’s life, and that’s the best gift
that anybody could ever get on Christmas. Bye. After shoeboxes are
collected, processing centers around the country prepare
them for the journey ahead. Hey, guys! I’m here at the
processing center Atlanta for Operation Christmas
Child, having a great time! Our volunteers are
just incredible people that love the ministry of
Operation Christmas Child. Special deliveries! All these beautiful people
behind me are volunteers, and they are so excited. This is the Good Samaritan
work that the Lord is looking for people to do. When we pray, God
takes your gift and He begins to navigate
it around the world, and it ends up in
the hands of a child. God begins to answer
those prayers. One! Two! After a child
receives a gift box, the child is invited to go
through 12 lessons which we call The Greatest Journey. We want to disciple
to make a stronger foundation of empowering
the new generation. When students graduate
from The Greatest Journey, they receive a certificate and
a Bible in their own language. In the hands of
the local pastors, these boxes can
be used as a tool to touch a whole community. The Great Commission, we’re
to go into all the world to preach the Gospel, to make
disciples of all nations, to baptize in the Name
of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Evangelism, discipleship,
and multiplication, that’s what we do. (SINGING) With a sound
so full it cracks the sky Whoa, we sing hallelujah. Whoa, we sing amen. Hear the sound of the saints… We don’t just give
this box for today. We give this box,
we preach the Gospel through the boxes for the
next 10 years, 20 years. The ministry of Operation
Christmas Child, it has given me so much hope. (SINGING) Whoa, we sing
hallelujah; whoa, we sing amen It never ceases to amaze
me how a simple box can change the world for a child. (SINGING) Hear the sound of the
saints as we march on to Zion. Thousands will be
impacted by just one gift. (SINGING) Hallelujah, amen. Isn’t this fun? You know, every
shoebox is different. I don’t think I’ve ever
seen two shoeboxes alike. They’re like snowflakes. But one thing that’s common
with all the gifts and that’s prayer. You see, we ask people to pray. Pray for the child that’s
going to get your box. Can you imagine millions
of millions of people praying for children this year? So thank you! Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your support. We never have enough boxes. We always need more. So please, continue to
help and continue to pray. God bless. Thank you.

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  1. This year I donated ten boxes and I didn’t think it made such a deference in a child’s live I will contribute and help as much as possible

  2. Are church doses operation Christmas child and all most ever one helps that donation bens of toys and the help and some times they don’t have time to by something so that donat money and a person will by something for them

  3. this is so awesome I always do it because I want kids to be happy and learn about God I know God has an awesome future for them

  4. This is such cute to see a thing was lights a kids life now they god in them people we love you who don’t that god Bess you

  5. Just so wonderful. I love to see the videos of the children receiving their gifts. God bless BGEA and Samaritan's Purse.

  6. Muchas gracias por bendecir a tantas personas .. muchas bendiciones los amos en el amor de Cristo …

  7. This is the first time I’ve heard of this, and I’m definitely, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, doing it this Christmas!!!!
    I’m crying 😭 I’m so happy and sad, this is just so amazing!
    God bless everyone who does this❤️❤️❤️
    The little faces on these children are so happy! 😢

  8. Hello Samaritan Purse I say that thanks for the gift that I accept Thank For the books and bible you help other children they are so happy thank u

    _From Eugene Orcilla From Philippine s

  9. This is amazing to see that kids that have nothing to get something and be so happy it makes me want to cry 😭thank you if you volunteered you are truely the best

  10. My teacher said that tomorow my school was sent aroubf 6 big boxes of the operation christmas child bovmx i cant wait to open the tomorow i am from malang di indonesie

  11. Do the children get boxes each year? Or just one at the start to send them on their way through religious teaching?

  12. Thank you Samaritan's purse for giving a small present and I'm one of the children that have a gift ❤️💕

  13. Just a reminder that you don't have to be christian or even religious to take part in something like this. I am not religious, but I organize a donation spot every year in my community. You don't have to be religious to spread love and kindness.

  14. If you do this for people it makes a big change in their lives if you think about it we are all so lucky to have this stuff and our homes and now we can help other people be as lucky as we are by donating and helping them nobody should be left out the world is about being cheerful its not about having a bad life so people please keep donating it helps them so much to just give like a few toys and suff

  15. Hey! Praise the Lord In the Name of Christ…..We are Managing A Orphanage "Shinekids"….i Have heard About this…I am from India…Can i know how to get Samaritan gifts??

  16. I fully thank God for the opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. It also allows young children a sneak preview into the realm of serving the nations. i thank you for the opportunity to be apart of God's plan and purpose.

  17. It warms my heart to no end to see these precious children receiving these boxes. And to think that many of them have never received a gift before. I love giving to the needy. It makes me feel good to know I’ve brightened someone’s life.

  18. Please get involved… you don’t even have to be Christian… maybe find a charity who isn’t religious based… goodness comes from everywhere! Make a difference!

  19. I was one of the "inspectors" today at one of the warehouses, basically inspectors take out any foods and liquids. But I love seeing all of the genuine, straight from the heart notes that these people write to these kids. Ah it's so nice and made my day! I am so happy these kids will open it and find Jesus' and other families' love through these boxes and the things in them.

  20. Thank you samaritan purse. My children and their friends have received the gift box. By the way I'm from palu city of indonesia which was hit by an earthquake last september

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  23. I urge people to skip this charity and focus on organizations the provide clean water. Graham is a horrible person and is a propaganda spreading extremist.

  24. Hello.. God bless you.. I am in China. Can I also donate something for those beautiful children? Thank you. ♥️

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