Our Christmas Haul! Our Top 5 Favorite Gifts! | The Rybka Twins

100 thoughts on “Our Christmas Haul! Our Top 5 Favorite Gifts! | The Rybka Twins”

  1. I saw Aladdin in Melbourne! It was amazing. And I got old school vans for Christmas too. Really look up to you guys since I'm a dancer

  2. My three favourite gifts were
    An actual built in pool
    Rose gold pandora add on charm bracelet
    Rose gold beats by Dre solo 3 special edition wireless headphones

  3. Sam and tegan u guys are the best i love you soo much the extreme yoga challage in the santa costume made me cry of laughter 😘😘😘😘😘😝😝😝😜😜😋😋😋

  4. You guys are amazing. I am a twin too but my twin had diabetes and cerebral palsy and we both love yall so much

  5. Loved all the gifts you showed!! My top 5 Christmas gifts were: Prismacolours, old skool vans, topshop bee earrings, pink fitbit and a guitar!! Xoxo this is a bit late but hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy New kate

  6. I've seen Aladdin. It is the best musical ever! I love watching you guys! I can relate to you because I am a dancer too!❤️💖💃

  7. I got a new set of earphones and some Bluetooth head set for Christmas and I got me a phone and a new tablet for Christmas and some new socks and mackup and some ear ring's and nackles and a new TV it was the best day I have ever hade
    In my life my birthday is December 4 I'm like right around the
    Corner so I got alote of presents for Christmas and my brothers birthday is on January 24 that's so unfer I wish me and my sisters were twins because than me and my sisters will be like you I love you you are my favorite youtuber I love Sam and teagan they are so pretty I love you so much

  8. My top 5 favs are(no order)
    Ticket to P!nk in melb in July or June?
    New iPad
    Ring from pandora
    Earrings from Pandora

  9. How old are you, the Rybka twins? I think that both of you are 17… I love your challenge videos, especially with other twins.
    It's is now new year in Vietnam, hope you two stronger, prettier and cooler!

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