Pastor Robs House On Christmas Eve?

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turns out that oppression are in dallas texas was burglarized on christmas eve and had about ten thousand dollars worth of
her merchandise stolen from her home now this story has a little twisty twist to
it so i want to shake has a local news report that’ll explain what that twist is and then
we’ll discuss it the name degree beat down through a little
player prominently displayed on several churches
and businesses that this is the fact that uh… bursary agnew that name is now tainted and just still really leaflet dallas police say on christmas eve fifty one-year-old center mcgrath the pastor
of agnes church broken the agnew’s home and tried to steal more than ten thousand dollars
worth of fur coats designer purses and electronics trial spot of the great climb into a broken
window and called police when officers arrived they say they found a great molding the stolen
items into work are agnew was not home technical tester i can’t even begin to level of reached inwards police immigrant houston delia’s attacked
officers it even slipped out of a set of handcuffs before getting charged with or glory and resisting
arrest grantham matter taken brentwood regrets speech was
noticeably slower during our interview we brought it up she said she was on pain
medication the past early sunday services searchable
looking dog and is the sister-in-law up to the late bishop lori mcgrath a clergyman who was active in local politics the group says she went to act is home to
check on things which is spotted two burglars outside at how much she climbed through the
window to help and it’s with the process unsettling call the police ball regret also admits she has a long criminal
record includes product prostitution this woman update says she turned her life around has done nothing wrong to agnew abnormally
history never valign who’d when asked how do what she thinks
ever over faster as you speak the cd supplied way demand uh… it session burglarized ireland pastor who has
a history of prosecution uh… and fraud what’s interesting uh… but my favorite part of the story it
was the pastors excuse all i sought to burglars and not force me to break into our home through
a window and try to stop that and average had stopped and i decided it’s a good idea
to also put the cat the ten thousand dollars worth of prior and uh… designer bags in
the trunk of my car and don’t get it clipping coupons he’s an opportunistic that
will begun on the house it many this serves as an apprentice and get rid of
them but they listen for murder formal excuses those two black death i don’t know i know
i was wondering like i wonder what kind of discussion she days i did police even humor are really two other burdens on atlanta like
i would love to know what that description would be because in with the regular her into a black
hole michelman early so it looks like to give the
rb malts multi-racial but um she’s like lawyer
purple black guys did i get i was afraid of it unabashed remove all kinds of things over there soliciting a replacement uh… the if you’re going to go go away before
homeroom the actions because she’s insane asunto burglars uh… and i’d probably should
have done inside the house to stop them and what kind of payment for his mercy on yeah i know i don’t
think i’ve interviewed her during the pain medication but was in pain medications drugs
norfolk the pain medication was a little bit of beloved approaching the it may be the baby’s persons annexin makes
smokeless almost will crack on this i don’t know what else is on but it was the pain medication
with that she was just on the worked or was it
was that was the excuse this leverages i was on the dehydrated and exhausted from all the
work ever since so that was on japan trip high and i i don’t know who she thinks is
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40 thoughts on “Pastor Robs House On Christmas Eve?”

  1. @dangerouslytalented You are stupid if you have to rely on prison statistics to prove your point, you sound like a conservative there Jim-Bob, the point is not about Going to Prison and getting Caught nor am I saying Christians don't commit crimes, the point is People Commit Crimes everyday and don't get caught and you are smoking good Crack Cocain if you think Atheists are on some Higher Moral Compass that defies logic cuz Atheists are human just as the next man, but keep smoking that crack boy

  2. @hotsizzleakadafizz Exactly Ive been watching TYT and I can name at least 15 episodes where Cenk went out of his way to Bash or make fun of Christianity, then he will turn around every now and then and defend it in some weak non-sense like case or he will Get up set with Terrorist Muslims every now and then. Its funny because he claims to be Atheist but barely if ever bashes Islam and even when discussing some Religious Nut who is not a Christian he finds a way to Bash Christianity.

  3. @SwampThizzle Blacks haven'truined the medical system and you have no facts to back that up. Canada's medical system is running efficiently and they have minorities as well. Second, what costs us more, a Black person stealing a car or a White Banker stealing billions?

    You think about that for a while son.

    And Jew or not…they are White…you are one of them…part of the White establishment……stop Jew hating and take responsibility for your actions

  4. @SwampThizzle No, the Pigford case is NOT settled….many Blacks were not able to file before the deadline because it was so short and it was not publicized…just another case of Whites hurrying up and sweeping it under the rug…….and why are you talking about Blacks not voting for Obama? Are you all of a sudden on the side of Blacks voting for Republicans? You just got done calling them the n-word and being criminals…now wonder the Republicans is the home of racist bigots

  5. @SwampThizzle That pastor was Caucasian…stop acting like she wasn't…its so funny…anytime a White person does something bad…you say he's black….you live in a fucked up fantasy son…….Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, Oswalt, IRA, Phelps family, Cheney family, BTK killer, Green River killer, Manson family, all fucking lunatics…

  6. Pshh not surprised in the least. Nowadays when I learn someone is super religious I become suspicious of them and trust them way less. They always seem to be the ones trying to divert attention away from their true selves by putting up a religious front.

  7. I don’t know why this incident occurred, but there are also many good things about this lady. This Lady is not only a pastor , but she is a home health coordinator in the South Oak Cliff Community. She does referrals for needy disabled people to be place in assisted living facilities and follow up to make sure everything is in order. She provided for our family a 5000.00 hospital bed when my father was ill. She does check up on families to make sure everything is OK.

  8. @dangerouslytalented
    "Actually, it is probably more of a correlation than a causation"

    …I disagree, I think it is causation. However, it is not that being religious makes you dumb, it is that being dumb will make it more likely that you are religious. Or, more importantly, being smart will make you less likely to be religious because smart people are much more likely to realize it is all bollocks.

    As for the religion-poor-crimes thing, that is probably just a correlation.

  9. @jimbrown257 … one does not cause the other, but they both have the same cause. Poor education would make you more religious AND make one more likely to commit crime.

  10. ya sa, ya sa, ya sa, I waos jus protectin the merchandise from the devil. So I tooook it for safe keepin. Pleese forgive me for the misunderstandin.

  11. This is hillarious. And she is high at the time of the interview. Damn, that's a G of a pastor. Guess it fits Oakcliff status!

  12. Someone should skin that bitch alive. And I'm not talking about the pastor.
    People who wear fur deserve to feel the agony they cause.

  13. Living in a hole like that, where did this poor ass old lady get the money to afford electronics and fur coats? Her crack selling grandson, or selling herself?

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