Pirate101: Finding the Frosties [Yuletide 2018]

Ahoy ye mateys, Stephanie here on my swashbuckler. So the Christmas decorations, or I should say, the Yuletide decorations are back. There are present boxes in Avery Court as well as here outside the Bazaar. And they drop all kinds of things like the Yuletide pets and mounts. So let me just show you a bunch of things I got. I got this Paper Chain Snake, and this Karma Paper Dragon. There’s a bunch of other Yuletide pets you can get from these boxes. I also got some rental mounts, so I’m gonna put on one of them right now. This is the candy cane mount. There’s also the Yuletide dungeon, which I did a video on, with Bruno and Jesse and Elijah. One thing I do want to show you guys is the Frosty badges, which is gonna be the main focus of this video. And I will also put in the video description below an interactive table of contents, so you can just click to where you need to find the badge if you don’t already have that badge. Okay, so we’re gonna go to Port Regal Skyway. The Stormgate to Mooshu. Yup. I don’t have membership right now, so I have to manually sail to these places. If you do have membership, you can use the Transportalater on the Skull Island beach. But then I guess one advantage of doing it this way also is that for people who don’t play Pirate, you can kind of get a sense of the different skyways and scenery you can see in this world, in this game. Okay so we’re in Mooshu, and we’re gonna go to the Valencia stormgate. Actually you know what, I’m actually gonna just pick up the frosties in the order that is the most convenient. Since we’re already in Mooshu, let’s just pick up the Khotan Skyway one. I believe that’s also newly added this year, I might be wrong. But the thing is, I started playing Pirate in December 2017, so all of this stuff is new to me. XD So I do not already have these badges from previous years. Okay, I’m heading the wrong way. We gotta go on the pink path… Yeah and then we just follow this pink path all the way to the end, close to where that vortex is. That’s where you can find the Mooshu snowman, which will grant the “Fragrant Frosty” badge. XD Don’t know why anyone would ever want to identify as a Fragrant Frosty, but there you go. XD Should be somewhere right around here… And you gotta watch out for the flying turtles, because they can board your ship if you’re not careful. Yup, there it is. Okay so, to get the badge… Whoops. Okay you have to make sure your ship overlaps with the frosty, then you press Tab, and go collect it with your pirate. So there we go, we earned the badge “Fragrant Frosty.” And these badges will appear in your badge collection under the Exploration section. So we got that one. There’s five more. Okay so here we are, returning to Hamamitsu. Then we’re gonna go into the stormgate to Valencia. Be careful to avoid the Storm Koi, because they can board your ship. And then after we get to Valencia, I will also go into the stormgate to Aquila, so I can show you the new badge that was added this year. Okay here is the, one of the snowmen. Yeah, so we earned the badge “Frosty Voyager.” XD Okay, on the way to Valencia. By the way, if you want to collect the gingerbread badges, there are gingerbread ships in this skyway as well if you’re max-level. If you’re a low level, there are gingerbread ships in Skull Island, that will spawn near Jonah Town, I believe. And the gingerbread raiders also drop keys to the Krampus dungeons. Alright, stormgate to Aquila… and here we are in Aquila. And we gotta turn right. The snowman will be somewhere near the cliffs near Knossos. Yeah, there it is. And we earned the badge “Feathered Frosty.” XD That’s a new badge that was added this year. Then we have three more badges to pick up. I’m gonna pick up the Skull Island frosty. Okay the Skull Island frosty is somewhere near Jonah Town. By the way, the low-level gingerbread ships also spawn in this area. I don’t see any right now, but they spawn near where the Red Claw ships spawn. XD Yeah there’s another player’s ship. Um… is that a gingerbread? No, it’s not. It’s a cutthroat ship. But yeah, there’s the frosty. Okay. There we go, we earned the badge “Stay Frosty.” And now we have two more badges to pick up. One is in Avernus Skyway, so we’re gonna go to Tradewinds Skyway first, then go to Monquista and take the stormgate to Avernus. Okay, here we are in Tradewinds Skyway. There’s the stormgate to Monquista that we’re headed to. And that’s Scrimshaw, currently a popular hangout spot because of the skeleton key bosses that are in the Scrimshaw area. One of the things I really appreciate about Pirate is um, it really shows, you know, how big the world is. Especially when you sail between worlds, you really get a sense of scale, and you don’t really get that in Wiz because in Wiz, all you do is you just go to Bartleby, and click the world, and you just get there immediately. Okay, here we are in Monquista. And we gotta take the stormgate to Avernus, on the right at the edge of the map there. Careful not to get caught by the jellyfish… Avernus by the way is based on Dragonspyre in Wizard101, and I really wish KingsIsle would do more with Avernus. As of right now in the Pirate story, it’s just kind of a place that you pass through. But I really feel that it deserves more. It’s such a unique world. Okay here we are in Avernus, and we gotta be careful not to be pulled by the Bone Drakes in this place. So it’s safer to just stay on the path and not take a shortcut. The snowman is somewhere near the other stormgate. There’s the other stormgate. Here’s where we are on the map. And as soon as we round the corner, we’ll have to look out for the snowman. Yeah, there it is. Okay, gotta be careful not to be pulled by the Bone Drakes here… Oh. I don’t think we can avoid them. Anyway, these guys aren’t that high level, so… level 40. So I’m gonna shield Toro, and then have Toro and Fan drop our accuracy and agility buffs. And my Haywire Marine has hold the line 3 as well as vengeance 3, so he’s a really good defensive unit. Yeah my team is 30 levels higher than these guys, so they shouldn’t be too difficult. Alright, I gotta make sure to react quickly once this battle is over. Alright. Grab that frosty! And we got “Frosty Finder.” And let’s port out of here before we get pulled again. Alrighty! So the last one, the last of the six badges will be in Cool Ranch. So we’re gonna go to Flotsam Skyway and take the stormgate there. And there’s the stormgate to Cool Ranch. Be careful not to get pulled by the Waponi. Here we are in Cool Ranch, and the easiest way to get to where the snowman is, is to actually take the stagecoach. One ticket for Fort McMurtry, please. I don’t know why the last snowman chose to hang out in this really ghostly place. Maybe it’s a really shy frosty. Okay, so it should be somewhere near the Motherlode Mine. There he is. And we earned the badge “Frosty Wrangler.” Alright, so that’s how to get all the frosty badges. They will remain active for you to collect until the end of December, so make sure to pick them up if you have not already. Thank you for watching, leave a like if you enjoyed this video, and have a very happy holiday season! I will see you in the next video.

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  1. Maybe the frosty in cool ranch just wanted to be somewhere where nobody will go to so he can be lonely, or he might be taking a break this yuletide year

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