Poolside Chat Episode 12: Christmas Gifts For Pool Owners

This is Poolside Chat, where every week we answer your questions on how to fix and maintain your swimming pool. Poolside Chat is presented by inYoPools.com Helping Pool Owners Find The Right Pool Parts Since 2001. Now, here’s your hosts, Matt and Rob. Hello, welcome back to a special Christmas edition of Poolside Chat presented by inYoPools.com I’m Rob. This is Matt. Howdy. If you can’t guess it, this really is
our Christmas episode, because this is Ralphie and I’m Santa Claus, ho-ho-ho-ho-ho. Honestly, my first… my early Christmas present was being able to fit in this
suit without it being snug. Yes, because I was like, if you can’t fit into a Santa suit
without being snug, you’ve got to make some life changes.
Yes, life changes indeed. No diet needed. I got this. Next Christmas. Before we get started, favorite Christmas album? I would go Record.
Okay. I would say Donny Hathaway, “This Christmas.” ♫ This Christmas… ♫ I know this guy. He’s a Wham! fan. “Last Christmas.” Andrew Ridgeley,
from the top to the bottom. He carried it. He really did. You cannot stop him. Unstoppable.
The Scotty to Jordan. I’m going to go… I’m going to go, Beach Boys and
Jackson 5 are my top two. Well done, well done. A little boy action by the Jackson 5. You’ve got Jackson 5, urban. Then you’ve
got the beach with the Beach Boys. I like it. Yeah. It covers everything. A little country rock and roll, I like it. You’re okay Charlie Brown.
All right. All right. Let’s get past the music for once. For once. For once. This is Poolside Chat, not a Musicside Chat. We’re going to talk about the top five, the top five gifts you can give a pool owner. What do you got for me, Rob? All right. To start it off. The Christmas
classic is the RC submarine. I love RC Cola. No, the submarine. The toy. Oh, okay. Yes, that’s good. That’s good too. Basically, it’s just a little remote controlled toy. Great for the little guys, and it keeps
the big guys entertained too. Yes, as long as you’ve got some booze. All right. You can say it’s a little yellow submarine, if you want to bring it back to the Beatles, I think? Yes, definitely. You can always bring it back. I don’t think we’d have pay a copyright
for that. So that’s good. No, no. I think we’re okay. Our next thing will be a pool noodle. Yes. Now, they’re an everyday use. You don’t have to get that for Christmas. But they’re just fun to just float on or hit a younger brother with. Yes they’re good fighting tools.
Yes. They don’t hurt. They’re safe. Think about it, a cheap light saber. Yes, perfect. If you put a little handle on it, cut it in half. You can tell your kid, “Hey, it’s a light saber.” Done, over. You don’t have
to do a thing after that. Star Wars coming up.
I just saved you $300. You’re welcome, America. For the athletic ones out there,
you have a basketball hoop. Yes, we’ve got a couple
different basketball hoops. We’ve got the plastic kinds that you fill
with water and they sit on the side, and then we got the higher grade one’s which
actually you anchor down into your deck. Go big or go home. Yes, you get a full-size basketball, break away rim. Oh, snap.
Oh, yes. You don’t want to be in a, what was it?
Darryl Dawkins situation. Yes, Darryl Dawkins, Rest of Peace, Darryl Dawkins. There’s no glass in the pool. I’ve never seen Santa do that before. Our next one is the SwimWays Spring Float. Basically, it’s a pool hammock.
It is, yes. Basically, you inflate the edge of the float and then the rest is like mesh, so you’re sitting in the water while floating on top. It’s like, stay dry and a little wet. Yes, exactly. It’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful thing. Yes, great float. Great float.
Don’t do that in December. Everybody loves them. I wouldn’t say everybody. I would say 98%.
98%. What have we got for our fifth? Fifth? Fifth? This is not really a gift for Christmas. This is just a gift for all over the year, throughout the year.
Yes. Just because it saves you time
and it saves you heartache. An automatic pool cleaner.
Oh, yes. Everybody loves these. It saves you a lot of time and effort. What’s your favorite pool cleaner? What’s my favorite pool cleaner?
They’re like kids, you love them all. Grow back or grow forward. My favorite, I would say, robotic pool cleaner? I’m going to go ahead. I’m going to drop the bomb. Hayward Tiger Shark, if I’m ranking them. That’s a good one. That’s solid. Sturdy. I like the name. The Aquabot makes a good one too. Aquabot makes a good one.
They’re strong. If you want to go… We’ll throw Dolphin in there too. Why not throw everybody in there? Yeah. Who would win the fight? A Tiger Shark or a Dolphin? Trick question. No one win’s when they fight. It’s true. Nobody wins. It’s a sad thing. But thank you for our top five. It was a pretty good one.
We had a blast. I’m hot. I’m thanking ownership for our costumes
budget this year for Poolside Chat. Yes. We don’t get paid next year because of it. But we had fun doing it. I’m going to wear these gloves
for the rest of the day. I’m going to take off the Santa suit, but you don’t need to know that. Thank you for joining us. If you have any questions, you can
always contact us at 877-372-6038. email us at [email protected] or you can sign up for our newsletter
and you can receive our 128-page pool maintenance guide, that we’ll email.
Because it’s Christmas, it’s free. It’s Christmas time, ho-ho-ho. I’ve been practicing that for three months. You nailed it. And just… Thank you for joining us. Have a holly, jolly Christmas, by golly. Yes. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Bye.

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