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(upbeat music) (farting) – Arr, ye mateys, don’t
forget to wash ye hands. Hey, guys, it’s Kamri from
the Kamri Noel channel, and today I’m here with– – I’m Brooklyn!
– And I’m Bailey. – And today, we are going to be doing the Poopy Head challenge. – The Poopy Head challenge. Pretty self-explanatory. Wipe away the competition. – I’m ready to flush the
competition down the toilet. (toilet flushing) – Okay, but before we get started, make sure you like this video
and subscribe to this channel. Now onto the video. So we’re gonna play Poopyhead,
and this is the game where number two… – [All Girls] Always wins. – Knee slapper! – Okay, so basically, we’re
each gonna get a third of the deck and we have to lay it down as fast as we can in the order– – In one pile. – Yes, and one more, pile,
in the order, toilet, poop… – [All Girls] Toilet
paper, wash your hands. – And whoever gets rid
of their cards first, gets to hit the whoopee cushion, and then the person with the
most cards left in their hands get to put one of these on their heads. – And the colors, the
colors cannot be repeating. So you can’t put two of the
same colors next to each other. – And then whoever has
the most little poopy hats on their head at the end, loses. This is the crappiest
game we’ve ever played. (sarcastic laughter) (toilet flushing) – Orange toilet. – Blue poop. – Green wash your hands. – No, no, no, you do the toilet paper! – That’s green toilet paper! – Toilet paper!
– Toilet paper! – Then wash your hands.
– Orange toilet. – Blue poop. (farting) – I have three cards.
– And I have six cards. – Bailey has to wear the poop! Bailey’s winning streak
is going down the toilet. – I never had a winning streak. (toilet flushing) Orange toilet. – Okay, I have all three down. – You can’t do that, one
at a time, one at a time! – Blue poop. – [Brooklyn] That ruins my whole thing! (heavy breathing) – Stop, I’m feeling suffocated! – What do I have? Orange toilet, blue toilet paper! Orange poop! – [Brooklyn] You can’t put orange down! – [Bailey] Green poop! (groans) – I’m not, I have one, two, three, four, five, six cards again. – I have one card. – Bailey gets the poop again! – There you go. You can’t do it on top,
you have poopy horns! It’s the new style, everybody! – I should wear this
out in public, you know? (toilet flushing) – Orange toilet. – Green poop. (rock music) – Orange–
– Green wash your hands. (farting) – How many do you have?
– Three! – Dang it!
– Yes, victory is mine! – I’m wearing mine like a unicorn. – Oh my goodness. Uni-poop, no! – You’re a double poop,
I only have one poop. (toilet flushing) – Orange toilet.
– Green… – Woah, Kamri, pick up your blue toilet! This is your blue poop. Orange, green. – Dang it! – Two.
– Four! – Yes! I am no longer the single dos poops. – I am a duo-poop now. (toilet flushing) – That one was already down! – Blue–
– Get off! Orange toilet. Stop, stop, you’re crowding
me, I can’t move my arms! ♫ Hey, hey, hey, hey, let’s go ♫ Hey, hey, hey, hey – Blue toilet! – No!
– Two cards! You’re the loser! Tiebreaker, Bailey’s
gonna have a tri-poop now. – Wow, so in fashion, she looks great. – I’m poop royalty. – I flushed my competition. – You wiped us. – I wipe it clean! – Thank you guys so much
for watching that challenge. I’m so glad that I didn’t lose because five poop heads on my
head would have been a lot, but before you go, make sure you subscribe by clicking over here
and watch my other videos by clicking over here, see ya!

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