Quick and Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping with #MyAficionadoPicks

This Christmas you don’t need to spend a lot to give gifts to your loved ones Please stay tuned and I’ll show you how we will wrap our Christmas gifts for Christmas 2019! So that you’ll be notified for new videos I apologize, I still don’t have my voice back That’s why my voice is hoarse. But I really want to share because I know, majority of you are on Christmas shopping Do you know that you can give amazing gifts to your loved ones without hurting your budget? which I saw that will not hurt my budget this Christmas season We have fragrance for both girls and boys It has a floral scent I’ll give this one to a friend who is always on the go We also have Adventurous This is for the “boy next door” Adventurous is what I recommend Last but not the least, we have Fancy This is for teenagers or students who wants to have that sweet image when they enter the classroom You’ll catch everyone’s attention with the sweet effect! You guys know how much I support local products How will we wrap these gifts? I’ll show how I usually wrap my Christmas gifts So that it will give that special effect to your recipients It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or cheap It’s the fact that you remembered them and you gave time and effort to look for the perfect gift just for them I like these gift wraps It is actually multi purpose This was given by my Aunt You can also use this as a headband There you go! So it looks really simple. It’s in a clear wrapper with a ribbon They will see right away that your gift is from Aficionado I’m sure they will be really excited to open and try it! On to the next idea on how we will wrap our Christmas gift We will use a box You don’t need to wrap it anymore. Will just add some confetti inside So it will look amazing! This is it! No one can guess that you’re gift was so affordable The way you wrap your gift will make it even more amazing So they will really appreciate it If you are on the go and you don’t have the time to wrap your gifts with boxes The pouch is for multi use For example, they already used up their perfume They can use the pouch as their pencil case, they can place their chargers or earphones It is really for multi use It’s ready! Just put a Christmas card! Those are my ways to wrap my Christmas gifts With a little effort But like I said I’m sure the people you will give your gifts to, will appreciate your gifts especially when they see it’s from Aficionado I hope you liked the way we wrapped our gifts for Christmas 2019 with My Aficionado Picks! Happy Anniversary Aficionado Good job and kudos to you guys! My camera got low batt! Merry Christmas from Preeti and Happy Anniversary Aficionado!

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