Saving Christmas Eve!

It’s the night before Christmas… and Santa’s elves are rushing to get everything ready. In order to keep up with the times, they’ve updated their communication system. Presents – check, Reindeer -check, Sleigh – check, naughty or nice list – check! Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer take flight and Santa is on his way to deliver presents to children all around the world. On the way, he decides to check the list to see the houses where he has to deliver presents…. But where is the list? With Christmas in danger, Santa wastes no time. He takes out his tablet and opens his Brosix App. Using Brosix, he sends a message to the Elves Emergency Squad and asks for the list. Over Brosix’s encrypted peer to peer text chat, he manages to not only get the list, but most importantly, deliver all of the presents on time! Your team’s real-time communication makes all the difference! – Sign Up for a free trial today!

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