Screaming Inappropriate Things in Public on Christmas Eve!

100 thoughts on “Screaming Inappropriate Things in Public on Christmas Eve!”

  1. Find the difference

  2. Colleen you should do a video like what you expected Christmas to be like without flynn and then what actually happened with flynn

  3. I love Colleen’s laugh! I know she doesn’t like it, but I think it’s awesome! I know it has nothing to do with the vlog, but I just noticed

  4. Holy cow that is a lot of presents under the tree. We just moved so we had like only maybe 7 presents this year. We did not do much.

  5. For christmas i got miranda sings my diareeh it is a dream vometrue to have and it is soooo funny my favorite part is when you call god daddy

  6. Hey! Future Amanda here I know A LOT of people watched this already and yes this is 1 day after Flynn’s REAL due date! And I just wanted to say HE’S SOOO FREAKIN CUTE OMG (he also looks like his dad & maybe have his mom’s eyes) Love you Colleen 😘❤️😂

  7. I love how she was talking about how she didn’t make very many sweets this year but she actually made soooo many

  8. Colleen just seems like a mom that will have lots of boys and she’ll be taking all of them to sports and she’ll have a mini van and stuff so cute love yah

  9. Does any one else in the uk realise that when Colleen releases videos it’s always the next day from in the vlog Like here the vlog came out on Christmas Day not Christmas Eve

  10. Baby's first words will be

    Welcome to vlogmas everyday, It will probably be boring but I hope you'll stay. Merry Christmas or what ever you celebrate.

  11. Honestly, that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. I saw you at CVS, but wasn’t the girl who saw u when u yelled. But still it was funny

  12. My little sister has celiac (I think that’s how you spell it, but it means allergic to wheat aka gluten free) she is miserable whenever she accidentally eats something with wheat she gets so sick. It’s awful and

  13. Erin👚👕💄💋👶🏼🍼finn😨🤩😎😁🍾🥂11333🕎🔯🔯✡️💙🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

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