Scribble Scrubbie Pets! Adopt Cutest New Pets In Town! Crayola Colour & Design – Christmas Toys 2018

Hey! Who wants to go on the slide? I do.. Do you? Uh Uh I can’t fit I’m next in line Oh Look at the Baby Kittens… I’m going to play hide and seek guys…. 1… 2… 3… Ready or Not here I come… Eww.. Who’s that. Ashlee… Ashlee and Paige Boutique Please come by… Ok… No one in here… No one over here OK Let me look over near the shops Under here… Ahh we found you… Oh I’m amazing… Oh Hi…. Oh Oh Oh I am so amazing ! Wow Birdie where did you get that new style? Its… Its… Amazing! I’ve just been to the beauty salon Birdie looks amazing – Let’s go to the salon Hi everyone my name is Paige. Hi everyone my name is Ashlee. And Today we will be reviewing… Scribbles Scrubbie Pets from Crayola. I love
Crayola. We both love arts and crafts so we’re super excited for this. We’re gonna start
opening up our little pets right now! I got my pets in there. We have 4 cute
little pets and a real working shower and you can pop the scrubber in. Now I
think these pets need a makevoer so we got… not one ..not two … but six washable markers. There’s 12 cute pets to collect I for one love these already. I’m
starting with the pink. Oh this place is amazing! So true. Whoa look at all this stuff! Hi my name’s Paige and you may have seen our Flyers.
I am madam Paige and this is Ashlee. We will be helping you today. Which one of you want to go first? Me Me Me… Wiggle my fluffy tail. Okay I would like to go first. Okay
you can go first hop on our chair here. Can all of you guys go check out all
the cool styles we have see if you don’t like it we can wash it off easily. Just have a little explore around the store. Let’s start with some purple. Okay okay.
Whoa do you like those little streaks? Ok lets draw on your ear. What sort of
look are you going for today puppy? I want to be fierce! I want to be a
fierce warrior puppy! I don’t like it. I don’t like it. Oh OK Then.
Let’s bring you over and put you in the tub… and wash it off. It’s time to wash you off… Now let’s start off with spraying you. Now let’s turn over And give you a little scrub. Perfection puppy! Let’s get you a mirror
so you can see. I love it! WOW this is puppy. Beautiful! Do you like it. (Barking) Alright let’s move on to the next customer . What you looking for. I’m going to be a beautiful little spring! Let’s start with some green I think…. How are you going in there bunny? Let’s scrub you. Scrubbie Dubbie in the Tubbie (singing) I think you’re done… what do you think? I
could just add a bit of a comb just to add like a little touch…. All right what
do you? Oh it’s lovely but my whole body is pretty much green
there’s only two little bits of other color .. do you mind if I get something
else? Of course not We’re here to help. Now let’s pop you in
our little bathtub and give you little bit of a rinse with the water … and start
giving you some scrub. Let’s try green. Are you ready for your next style. Sure I am. I love green style. So after I finish rinsing do you want to try to
go for different sort of floral look or a completely new look? Oh darling I’m really not sure… but
maybe I could go for … maybe um … fireworks sort of girl! Pop star! Now let’s press
our little gold button, and I think you’re done. All right let’s get to work
on your new look. Oh no I don’t like it! Ok Let’s give you a new style. Let’s spray. All right I want to be a princess!
Now let’s get your scrubber let’s get that off. And that bit. Now let’s get you out! OK here is a little towel. Maybe I might use this ring for inspiration! Ok is everything alright there sweetie? all right here’s a princess look…maybe on
your tail we should add some stripes of purple. OK Ta DA! a mirror? Yes! You do amazing! I love it! It is perfect! I’m going to go over there to wait for my friends. Who’s going next? Me! Now let’s get your tail. A bit of yellow here.. Now let’s get some blue… OMG! you are looking fabulous! Let’s add some coloured pens – pink and red and purple too Perfect! I think I look Perfect. Oh you look fab, you look fab, you look fab! Hi I’m Kitty and I would like a surprise! I would like the same as bunny! Okay! All
right what do you think you are a movie star! What do you think? I think I look lovely. Thank you very much Thanks now I’m amovie stare… yeah. Um I would like a Christmas theme. I really like Christmas. Oh you like the same as me. I I have a Christmas theme. Oh I think you are Christmas lights or Easter eggs. Yes I’m Christmas lights. OK this is your style for Christmas. A
big Christmas tree on your face, and a few Christmas presents and some green on
this ear. Yeah I like the idea, but I really don’t want a Christmas tree in my face. Of
course of course Can I please have a a little wash. Sure…
let’s start with wetting. We’ll get you nice and clean Ok we will give you a little scrub first sweetie. Just a little scrub Oh I look amazing. YAY I look amazing. Here they are.. We got princess, popstar,
superhero and Bunny Scout, meet mine, Famous, Famous Superkitty.. Zombee, Easter wrapper puppy Pink Slime Playdoh … Flower Puppy Thanks so much for the looks. Hey
who are you where are my friends. Who are you what happened to my friends? We’re your friends.. We just had a fun makeover Thanks for our great makeovers guys. We are out of here. If you want to find us we’ll
be at any great retailer before Christmas. Hey let’s get ice cream on the way. I loved it it was so much fun designing all the
puppies, I really liked it because I got to use my artistic side. And I love
designing stuff so this was a really good thing for me and I thought it would
be really hard to like wash all of them, but it’s really easy, press the water
once, do a little scrub here and there press it one more time and then she’sout, then dry with a cloth.. and done! And so I really like this product and out of 10
I’ll give it 10 no 10 I’ll give it a hundred. okay out of 20, I give it 100 million, 100 million,
100 zillion stars. This will be a really great present for Christmas – boys and
girls. Today we had so much fun from Crayola’s new products. Goodbye guys. Check back soon for more videos that are going to be really great. And comment down below if you would buy this present for Christmas see you next time . This was a really fun day.. Goodbye See description for more details and product inclusions For more fun videos visit Toys In Action youtube family kids channel. See you next time…

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  1. These super cute toys are available just in time for Christmas at all great retailers… We thought they were super fun and would make a great addition to any Christmas list.

  2. Colour, Rinse, Re-Pet! From the most colourful brand on the planet comes Crayola’s new Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets, colourable and washable pet figures that little would-be groomers can customise again and again! So much fun !

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