Scriptio [BONUS] – Traditions terriennes: Noël

Bonus episode: Earthly traditions Oh Rouge ! I have to tell you something. Ninon taught me a thing, like, crazy! She also taught how to say like. It’s like oh my god! I didn’t get everything but roughly, it’s a story of a barn, Little Jesus, here, an ox, here, and a hat! And because of that… We get presents ! It’s the short version… Oh no no no don’t worry, I’m not done! There’s also a dress code! It’s veeeeery precise! Let me I help you. First, the colors! Red! Well, that’s good. Green! Gold! Then, the accessories. To begin with, the balls! Two globes of light to enlighten your hosts! Then, to adorn your delicate neckline, a garlaaaaaand! And a little bow tie ! A Christmas tree! A beard! Lace! A ribbon! Oh, a Santa! Christmas sock! Ribbon! And… And…And… Chiiiiii… polata! (sausage) Anastasia, it was for the Christmas tree, not humans…. And you’re telling me now?? I’ve had a little idea to develop the group cohesion! In the spirit of Christmas, I planned a little cocktail evening with the entire Scriptio’s team. I don’t want to go… Oh, I’m so pleased we are united here in the spirit of brotherhood and Christmas magic! I made little napkins with your name on it. I spent hoooours choosing your sitting! You’ll see, you’ll lo-ve it ! Sit, sit… Actually…. Who are you ?? Err…. I can’t find my name…. And did I tell you how I discovered this flower hyper efficient against jaw hair itching? Do you like flowers? I love flowers. Especially daises. You know it doesn’t look like it but, but, but the sees, flowers, plants, all that… Oh, are you a wizard too? I can fell you wand in your pocket. It’s wonderful! But you you know birds… Oh! To feed the little birds… You know birds, birds are essential to life… Again! But you only think of that… No actually. No actually it’s shitty. Oh! I’ll get it! Oh!Sir Scriptio! It’s here Christmas? OH OH OH! I don’t know why I keep doing that today… Ohhhh, it’s exactly what I wanted! Thanks a lot Ninon! How did you guess? Well, I go piss. My presents! My presents! My presents! I’ve got presents, right? Oh, enough! Here, there’s your present! Hey, but that’s not nice! You’re all ruining my party! You’re naughty! Naughty! Naughty! Hey no, it’s a real clementine! Ok, I change you back! Look, I found that! Come on! Merry Christmas! We’ll see you next year for the 1st season’s bloopers! We wish you happy holidays!

4 thoughts on “Scriptio [BONUS] – Traditions terriennes: Noël”

  1. Tellement fan de cet épisode, le matos, ça nous offre un rendu à tomber, et les dialogues sont à mourir de rire! Merci les filles pour ce beau cadeau de Noël, un peu en avance, et pour cette qualité toujours au rendez-vous ^^

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