Secret Santa Christmas Party – Behind The Bulldog Episode 24

– I don’t remember this move. (laughing) (upbeat music) (laughing) – [Man] Don’t know Alex. – [Man 2] Don’t know who Alex is. – I’m an old school friend of Gareth’s and I’ve integrated well with
the board of community. (laughing) And we have a good time. – He likes Tom Misch – I love Tom Misch. – He loves Tom Misch. – I’ve seen him twice.
– Twice? – Twice and that was within a week. (gasps) – It’s the Yeezys. The Yeezys.
– What’s on his feet? – [Guys] Crep check. – Bam. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Who’s gonna be the most drunk tonight? – Gareth – Coming in hot. No, I’m gonna start like
this, and then work to, and be hammered. But I’m gonna be careful, you know? – Think vomit comments, take it up. – [Gareth] I’ll be on the vomit
train, no I won’t be sick. (upbeat music) – [Guy] Right, you want to announce that? – The hump. – [Guy] That’s pretty
sexist though, right? Those steps. – [Man] Whoo! – Get boon capped by the day. The jump drop. I don’t remember this move. (laughing) That’s the jump drop. Ah, that’s it. (cheers and applause) (laughing) – [Camera Man] Give me your best dance. Your best dance. – [Camera Man] Bring me back to 2017. – Oh I love this song. (laughing) (funky music) – Congregate in one area, please. Let’s congregate. Presents. So we’re all about to do secret santa. I’m gonna be handing out
the presents for everyone, so let’s get ready to see what everyone bought each other then. Is everyone ready for Secret santa? – [All] Yeah. – Okay, so the first one is Buzz. – [Camera Man] Buzz C. – Open it! (crack) – Oh! – [Man] Whoo! – Wears it on. – Is that Rich? – This is Richard. It has to be Richard. The fuck? – It’s Richard, yeah. – NO. (loopy music) – Man Up! Someone’s got some beef with me. – [Camera Man] It says Man Up. Ah fuckit. (laughter) – Hat gang. M’lady. – I don’t like mine. No, I like it. (loopy music) – In general, hearing you guys laughing and coming together cause of something we all created
together, from five years ago. So that means a lot. So here’s to another five years, I guess. Just enjoy yourself and keep an eye out for anyone around you, and you know we are families,
as cliche as it sounds. It is about you guys, it’s not about me. And that’s what I started
this out for, so bluff. Putting me off. Yeah it was not about
me, this whole business, and it still isn’t about me. It’s about you guys. We can create our own destinies. Yeah let’s have fun tonight, and without you guys we
would literally be nothing. – What’s that say? – Gabby to commence the
first board of reports. (applause) – I forgot. (laughter) – Yeah this is the first,
the first ever one. – This is where you need
to make everyone shut up. – You’re gonna do the open? – I’ll do these parts. – I’ll shut up now. – So for the first award of the night it’s the social media obsessed award. And this is the person who pretty much live streams their
whole life on Instagram. The nominees for this award are Emily Wilson, Buzz
Carter, Jonathan Millbank, Andre Pierrie, and Matt Sladden. And the winner is, and the winner is. – [All] Yay. – @jonathan_lifeinpics – Shouldn’t have had them. Do we have a photo? Is this a photo opportunity? This is a photo. There we go. – @jonathan_lifeinpics – Do I give a speech? – @jonathan_lifeinpics @jonathan_lifeinpics – And the nominees are Lee Dobson, Adam Symes, and Buzz Carter (applause) – Take a photo. – Buzz, These are for you as well. – Oh Jesus. – These are all for
you, and your gift bag. There you go. – Do I do a speech? – You have, go if you can do it quickly. – Let’s time how long this will go. – Okay, I’ll just move my mouth. – No you can give a quick little speech. – Beep, beep, beeeeep. (shouts & applause) – Yay, Olly. – Speech! – [All] Hey! – Tom, you got more. – [Tom] Oh wow, okay. That was sick. – Christmas came early. – [Gabby] We’ve got one more as well. – And the winner is, – [All] Ryan, Yay! (applause) (laughter) – Neve. – [All] Yay. (applause) – Congrats. – And the winner is, Adam. – [All] Yay. – I do actually have to
speech for the award. – [Guy] Speech. – Oh he does. – [All] Ahhh! – It’s great that people
actually recognize my dedication to people
eating off of clean surfaces, and healthy cutlery and
long may it continue. (applause) – Wish everyone a tremendous
Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Bulldog! (cheers)

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