Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie Exchange Gifts

BERT: Christmas Eve
and I still don’t have an idea for
Ernie’s present. It’s gotta be something
really special. [SQUEAK] What? What is? Oh. Ernie’s rubber ducky. Hey wait! That gives me a neato idea. I’ll get Ernie a soap dish
to put his rubber ducky in. What a nifty idea! [LAUGHS] ERNIE: Hoo. I’m home, Bert. Oh Bert? Eh. Hey, what’s this? Why, it’s a paper clip. I bet this is from Bert’s
paper clip collection. Of course, this is
Bert’s 1957 Acme. Why, he’d feel just
awful if he lost this. Hey! Now I know what I’ll
get Bert for Christmas. I’ll get him a cigar box to keep
his paper clip collection in. That’s what I’ll get him. Then they’ll never
get lost again. Oh hi there, Mr. Hooper. MR. HOOPER: Oh, hello Ernie. What brings you here? ERNIE: Well, I’m just
doing a little bit of last minute Christmas
shopping and there. That is a fine looking
empty cigar box up there. MR. HOOPER: Oh. Oh. Really? Well, thank you. ERNIE: Well, Mr. Hooper,
I don’t have any money, but suppose I gave you rubber
ducky here for that cigar box, would you trade? MR. HOOPER: Ernie. Your rubber ducky? Are you sure? [SQUEAK] ERNIE: I just gotta have
that cigar box, Mr. Hooper. MR. HOOPER: Well, if it’s
that very important to you, here you are. ERNIE: Oh, well thank
you, Mr. Hooper. And well, here’s
here’s Rubber Ducky. Good-bye, Mr. Hooper and
good-bye Rubber Ducky. [DOOR OPENS] MR. HOOPER: Good-bye Ernie. BERT: Uh, Mr. Hooper. MR. HOOPER: Hello Bert. BERT: Uh. Hi Ernie. I was just. ERNIE: Last minute shopping. BERT: Yeah, me too. I just. Ah, Mr. Hooper. Uh, yeah. Mr. Hooper. MR. HOOPER: Yes? BERT: I am prepared to offer
you the deal of a lifetime. Ready? MR. HOOPER: Yes, I am. BERT: Ta-da! Huh? Huh? This is the finest
paper clip collection in the Western world. Isn’t that a beauty? Now, look, look, look. See there, there is my jumbo
jim right in the middle. Isn’t that a beauty? And over there, right
by your hand there, that is a chrome plated one I
got a paper clip manufacturer’s convention. MR. HOOPER: It’s
very impressive. BERT: Oh, it’s wonderful. And they’re all
so, so individual. Yeah, I am prepared to trade
you this terrific paper clip collection for just
one small soap dish. Color pink. Yeah. Huh? What do you say, Mr. Hooper? Do we have a deal? MR. HOOPER: Well, I must
say you talked me into it. BERT: Oh, terrific. Thank you. MR. HOOPER: Are you sure? BERT: Yes, I’m sure. Thank you, Mr. Hooper. Mr. Hooper? Do you think that maybe I could
come and visit my paper cl–. Never mind. [SIGHS] Well, time for bed, Ernie. ERNIE: Yup. It is beddy bye time, Bert. BERT: Yeah, sure is. ERNIE: Oh. Bert, I can’t stand
it any longer! Let’s open these
presents tonight! BERT: Yeah! Yeah. ERNIE: Here you are, Bert. That one is for you. BERT: Ernie, thanks. This one right here’s for you. ERNIE: Oh great, Bert. Hey, but you open yours
up first, would you? BERT: Can I? ERNIE: Please. BERT: Oh, thanks a lot. Oh, Ernie, what a great,
superb packing job. You just cut the ribbon
corner so neatly. Now if I can just slide my
finger underneath the paper and get the tape. No, how about a scissor? Well, maybe if I just– ERNIE: Oh, Bert, just
open it up would you? BERT: Oh, yeah. OK. There. Oh, Ernie! A cigar box! ERNIE: Yeah. BERT: Oh, hunky dory. ERNIE: I got it especially
for your paper clip collection, Bert. BERT: What? ERNIE: I got the
cigar box so you could keep your
paper clips in it. BERT: Oh. Uh-huh. Yeah. Well. ERNIE: Oh come on, Bert. Put your paper clips in there
so I can see how they look. I just can’t wait to see. BERT: Uh, gee, Ernie. Um. Hey, what! How about your present? You didn’t open
your present yet. ERNIE: Oh, OK, Bert. BERT: Come on, open it up. ERNIE: All righty. BERT: Come on. Yeah. Oh boy, oh boy, I can’t wait. ERNIE: Yeah. Let’s see. I gotta get in here. BERT: Yeah. I wrapped it good, huh? ERNIE: You certainly did, Bert. Oh, Why it’s a oh,
that’s a soap dish, huh? BERT: That’s right. Yup. A soap dish. ERNIE: Oh, it’s beautiful, Bert. BERT: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I got it for Rubber Ducky. ERNIE: What? BERT: Yeah. Yeah. So he won’t keep falling into
the tub and sinking you know. Hey, let’s see how
he looks in it. Go get Rubber Ducky. ERNIE: But. [KNOCK ON THE DOOR] Come in! MR. HOOPER: Merry
Christmas, Ernie! ERNIE: Merry
Christmas, Mr. Hooper. BERT: Merry
Christmas, Mr. Hooper. MR. HOOPER: Hey, I just
came by to drop off some Christmas presents. ERNIE: Oh. BERT: Wow. MR. HOOPER: This
is for you, Bert. BERT: Oh, thank you, Mr. Hooper. MR. HOOPER: And this
is for you, Ernie. ERNIE: Oh, gee, thanks
a lot, Mr. Hooper. BERT: Oh wow. How nice. ERNIE: Hey, what
did you get, Bert? BERT: Oh, I don’t know. I’ll open it up. ERNIE: Open up yours first. BERT: Let’s see. Should I untie the
ribbon or get a scissor and then take it from
the outside here? ERNIE: Bert! BERT: Yes. ERNIE: Just open it up. BERT: OK. Yes, yes. Oh! My paper clips! Oh, Mr. Hooper. Thank you. MR. HOOPER: You’re welcome. BERT: Oh wow. ERNIE: But Bert,
how did Mr. Hooper get your paper clip collection? MR. HOOPER: Never mind, Ernie. Just open your present. BERT: Yeah, yeah. Let’s see. Let’s see what you have. Let’s see. Let’s see. ERNIE: Um, let’s see here. BERT: What is it? What is it? Huh? ERNIE: Oh! It’s not! [SQUEAKING] It’s Rubber Ducky! [SQUEAKING] Oh, hi Rubber Ducky! BERT: Ernie, how did Mr.
Hooper get Rubber Ducky? ERNIE: Oh, that’s sort of a long
story, Bert but thanks a lot, Mr. Hooper. MR. HOOPER: You’re welcome. BERT: Hey Ernie? ERNIE: Yeah? BERT: Ernie, we didn’t
get Mr. Hooper anything. ERNIE: Oh, you’re right, Bert. MR. HOOPER: You’re wrong boys. I got the best
Christmas present ever. BERT: What do you mean? ERNIE: Yeah, what do you mean? MR. HOOPER: Well, I got
to see that every one got exactly what they
wanted for Christmas. Huh? Merry Christmas! ERNIE: Merry
Christmas, Mr. Hooper. BERT: Merry
Christmas, Mr. Hooper. Oh. ERNIE: Gee. BERT: Merry Christmas, Ernie. (SINGING) Now three of
these kids belong together. Three of these kids
are kind of the same. But one of these kids
is doing his own thing. Now it’s time to play our game.

54 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie Exchange Gifts”

  1. My most prized toy from childhood was the Sesame Street Brownstone from fisher price: I stil have some of the pieces. I must have had an expansion set, because I also had Grover, Sherlock Hemlock, Kermit, The Count. Oh, here i probably had this <3<3<3

  2. Who else here didn't know that Mr. Hooper existed before seeing this special. Mr. Hooper was not on the show during my generation. Quite a shame he died when he did. Anyone who grew up with Mr. Hooper likely saw the episode confirming his death and is probably in their 50's or 60's now.

  3. This story I believe is based off of the short story the Gift of the Magi which has the exact same premise of two people giving away their most valuable possessions to give an accessory for the others possession

  4. Aw man, I love Mr Hooper, even though I wasn't born when he was around, but I cannot help but missing him. He is so generous to give Burt and Ernie their prize posessions back as gifts

  5. Imagine how happy Ernie and Bert would have been when gay marriage became legal! They can then marry the one they love.

  6. They trade stuff of more and less value for stuff, can I go to a shop give them a mars bar and get a twix? POINT IS IN BERT'S CASE HE PROFITED LIKE €60

  7. They sacrificed each other's precious item to buy a gift for the other AWWWWWT-T. When Ernie said, "I don't have any money, but I would trade rubber ducky for the cigar box," that went right through my heart. They really do love each other and the ending really wrapped up the whole episode sadsadjsjd

  8. Ernie- "I'll get him a cigar box to keep his paperclips collection in! That's what I'll get him! Then they'll never get lost again!" Ernie then tosses Bert's 1957 acame on the floor. LOL! 😂

  9. I was hoping they'd give Mr.Hooper the soap holder and cigar box since they didnt get him anything, then no one got anything new.

  10. "They'll never get lost again" Throws paper clip carelessly (If I lose his beloved clip, he'll appreciate my present more! He'll think, "Wow Ernie. If only I had your present earlier!" All according to plan.)
    At least after Bert trades his paper clips away, he still has the one Ernie dropped somewhere.

  11. Oh one of my friends sent me this oh it's such a sad day Ernie lost his rubber duckie is I remember this was a sad day for the Sesame Street Community

  12. We need more people like mr. Hooper in this world that is this kind and it made me cry how both push their wants to the side to make the other one happy😭😭
    R.I.P. Mr. Hooper

  13. Awwwwwwwwwww, so priceless!!!❤💝💜❤💖💙❤💛💓❤💚💖❤ Truly demonstrating the real meaning of what Christmas is all about – love, compassion, and giving, just like the Lord Jesus came to earth as a tiny baby to give his very life for all of us because of love😭😭😭😊😊😊❤💜❤ This precious clip really sends home a clear message to children and adults alike: it's more of a blessing to give than to just receive😀😁😊💑👧👩👪👫👴👵❤💓❤rip "Mr, Looper…I mean…Hooper💜❤💜

  14. “And mister hooper came to saaaaaay, oh my dear friends Bert and Ernie, here’s a little something to each of you from me, here are your paper clips, and here’s your rubber ducky, how could i ignore, such countless generosiiiiiiity~~” 💜

    A thousand house points to anyone who gets the reference

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