Sesame Street: Oscar Hates Christmas

see you later, Bob. I have a little errand to do. BOB: OK, Mr. Hooper. Oh, Mr. Hooper? MR. HOOPER: Yes. BOB: Happy Hanukkah. MR. HOOPER: Thank you, Bob. And a merry Christmas to you. OSCAR: Merry Christmas,
merry Christmas. Huh, I hope their Christmas
trees get termites. [SINGING] I can’t think of anything
that’s dumber. To a grouch, Christmas
is a bummer. Beaming faces everywhere,
happiness is in the air. I’m telling you,
it isn’t fair. I hate Christmas. People loaded with
goodwill, giving presents, what a thrill. That slushy nonsense
makes me ill. I hate Christmas. I’d rather have a holiday
like normal Grouches do. Instead of getting presents,
they take presents back from you. Here comes Santa,
girls and boys. So who needs that
big, red noise? I’ll tell him where
to put his toys. I hate Christmas. And if you want the truth,
I ain’t so crazy about Thanksgiving or Labor
Day either. Christmas carols to be sung,
decorations to be hung. Oh, yeah, well I stick
out my tongue. I hate Christmas. Christmas bells play loud and
strong, hurts my ears all that ding dong. Besides, it goes on
much too long. I hate Christmas. I’d rather have a holiday with a
lot less joy and flash, with a lot of less cheerful
smiling, and a lot more dirty trash. Yeah! Christmas day is almost here. When it’s over, then I cheer. I’m glad it’s only
once a year. I hate Christmas!

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  1. If I saw Oscar saying, "I hate Christmas." I come up to him and slap in the face saying, "Where's your holiday spirit?"

  2. This was always my favorite song from the special way back then. I even had the album. To this day it is still my favorite. I really quite enjoy these videos of the older shows.

  3. I thought I saw an episode once (long ago) where they showed the inside of Oscar's trashcan and it was a big, spacious area. Does Oscar's trashcan have a hole in the bottom leading to a subterranean lair where he lives, or is his trashcan like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside than it is on the outside?

  4. I tell you that if I saw Oscar the grouch and he says, "I hate Christmas!!" I would come up to him and slap him the face and say like, "Oscar, how can you say such a hurtful thing? I love Christmas. Where's your holiday spirit?!!"

  5. I also hate Christmas. It's an asphyxiating fake kitsch-celebrating holiday devoted to stuffing away implausible amounts of shamefully luxurious food. This year, I'm staying at home for the second time and it feels excellent. The number of people who resist Christmas is on the rise. Hope that by the time I'm grey and old, this pile of shit has all but disappeared.

  6. of course he did not. he lived in a god damn trashcan. Poorest mafaka on sesame street aint nobody helping him.

  7. Im alot like Oscar: I live in something close to a trash can, everybody criticizes me but nobody helps me…

  8. Nailed it the second time. Oscar's can is pretty much like the TARDIS. No one ever really calls attention to this, though. You just kind of take it for granted. Like when you hear hear down there yelling at his pet elephant to go practice exercising in the living room, or something.

  9. I suppose you do like this celebration of obesity? Well, at least I won't get diabetes like you. And I'll save lots of money.

  10. If I were in this music video. I say to Oscar, "Oscar, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Christmas is a beautiful holiday. And it's about the birthday of Jesus Christ."

  11. In this song, Oscar says he's glad Christmas only occurs once a year because he doesn't like the joy the holiday typically brings, but in Elmo Saves Christmas, after Elmo makes it Christmas every day, Oscar feels the opposite because everyone else is sick of the same old holiday, and the Fix-It-Shop goes out of business, leaving so many broken appliances piled up nearby.

  12. A few things about the sequence from 1:41–2:00
    1. That musician whose glockenspiel Oscar destroys is Danny Epstein, the show's music director at the time.
    2. If you wanted to sing along with the tune the musicians are playing, the lyrics would be "Joy to the World, the lord is come, and a partridge in a pear tree."

  13. Oscar:
    Hates the holidays cause they spoil kids and are too cheery,
    Has a name derived from the Jewish name "Asher",
    Kvetches a lot,
    Feels more at home in trash.
    All he is is an old Jew who survived the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

  14. OMG MY CHILDHOOD. I remember my family used to own the tapes to this special and I'd listen to it every year. Don't know what happened to those tapes now 😭

  15. i honestly feel bad for bob during this scene oscar just yanked away a present causing bob to drop the rest of the gifts

  16. We know that, Oscar! And we or I understand that you also hate MLP:FIM show and is not a Brony who likes pretty pastel colored ponies from Equestria either such as Twilight Sparkle or Pinkie Pie. So take a chill pill, You mean guy!

  17. Anyone know the name if this Christmas special? I watched it growing up, and I'm trying to find it to show my kids

  18. Ironically, in Elmo Saves Christmas, after Elmo wishes that Christmas would come daily (which is granted for an entire year), why does Oscar the Grouch actually enjoy Christmas every day (even though he basically HATES Christmas, but when Big Bird goes into a deeper depression on Snuffy spending Christmas with his grandmother in Cincinnati all year, Maria and Luis cannot work in the Fix-It Shop all year, the repetitive movie "It's a Wonderful Life", Count von Count has enough of counting all 365 days of Christmas every day, Spring Break and 4th of July becomes less enjoyable, and Santa and the elves become overwhelmed on their extra work)?

  19. Maybe not the appropriate forum for this question, but Oscar used to have a doll that would make a scary sound when he squeezed it. It made me laugh as a kid and I can't find video of it anywhere. Anybody remember its name or how to find a video? I keep just getting results for Oscar the Grouch toys and dolls.

  20. I can't believe it's been 40 YEARS since "Christmas Eve On Sesame Street" came out. I thought this was the funniest song ever. Oscar is just TOO darn funny but in real life, his part was played by a good man named "Caroll Spinney". The song has a catchy tune with a GREAT melody. I ALWAYS watch this every holiday to put myself in a good mood because it's just "TOO DARN FUNNY!!"

  21. You know, I'd love to see Sesame Street do a play on the Dr. Seuss book, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, because Oscar reminds me so much of the Grinch.

  22. I think he’s like squidward as kids we were like wow what a grouch but now as adults it’s like THESE DUDES HAD THE RIGHT IDEA

  23. "Here comes Santa, girls and boys, so who needs that big red noise? I'll tell him where to put his toys."
    Y'know, for kids!

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