Setting Up Our Christmas Village!

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  1. I don’t think anyone loves Christmas more than the Ballinger’s💗 i love you guys so much and i love your Christmas village set up💗 it’s also so cool to see colleen’s baby moving so much !!

  2. I love thus family they all are so funny including the baby and they are always so happy they all have a special bond with each other and don't let the fact that they are YouTubers get in the way of how they act and how they appreciate things

  3. It's so nice to see this family in their daily life, having fun and prepare for Christmas! Even people far away are watching you…. I am from the Netherlands 🙂

  4. Dose anyone else want to see more of Duncan!!! He’s getting so old! I kinda want a Duncan update! Like if you agree!

  5. I'm so excited!!!!! Vlogmas is here !!!!!! I'll be watching you guys rachel and colleen all season!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!😙😘😻❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟

  6. You all are so cute together! Your family is adorable. I love the village! It’s incredible. I want that!!! Jessica is such a nice mommy. She loves all the kids with all her heart and she is so supporting. I love this family so much!

  7. I do the same thing with my bubble gum! I like for a little bit, and then it's gross, so I get a new one. It's better that way, trust me.

  8. I can’t tell you how excited I get to watch your vlogmas videos during this time of year. You all are so genuine, so humble and so fun! I wish I could meet you all one day! ❤️

  9. Now that Vlogmas is happening in ALL the Ballinger channels I will get back into watching daily. The bell notifications don’t work for me. I don’t get notifications on who and when videos go up.

    And now for my real comment: It is crazy how Duncan started talking REAL WORDS. The video before going to Thanksgiving hearing Parker giving him names to say was so fun. And now hearing all the animal names and sounds he can say is really cool. I think the first year of a babies life is awesome. But when they start learning how to walk and talk is great fun.

  10. duncan is getting so tall good job on saying nativity

    parker so good at gymnast keep it up you are so cool nice job on helping set up christmas stuff for mom and dad nice job on cleaning up the toys you guys played with

    jakeup nice christmas village nice job on helping set up christmas stuff for mom and dad nice job on cleaning up the toys you guys played with

    baily you are so nice nice job on helping set up christmas stuff for mom and dad nice job on cleaning up the toys youguys played with

    mom you are so nice I wish I could meet you some day

    dad you guys are all so cool nice job on the book you two are writing so far keep it up

  11. Awesome you said thanks for staying til the end of the video I always do love Parker’s little baby laugh 😃 Maybe we will get that shout out. Marquita and my baby girls aka Mommy Chronicles. I vlogged well kind of did but stopped want to start back you guys inspire me 😃😃

  12. In this comment, with a girl named something, you told us that you are gonna make a movie the last time, your wife was very happy to see your work while you are telling this girl that she gonna have a baby next month, you want to tell all about their first son or daughter while working on tv shows and movies.

  13. You forgot to post this video in October because you said the day after thanksgiving and by the way why are you putting up Christmas decorations in October we put them up late November

  14. You guys are so fun!!! I know this is a long shot but I’d love to meet up some day – the kids would all have fun!! 😊

  15. We did our village a few weeks ago! We have similar stuff! We’ve collected them since forever. My mom has special old fashioned Santas that she uses to decorate with, too! We like setting up weeks in advanced..we got our (artificial) tree(s) about 2 weeks ago.

  16. The Christmas Village is pretty cute. Love Jacob’s love for the village stuff. As far as Bailey’s creative side, I am in awe. I have to say she is my new friend. I happen to be creative too.

  17. Oh my gosh!!!!! Your Christmas village is SOO PRETTY!!!!!!😍😍😍😍 Awesome job Ballinger Family!!😊😉👍👍👍 Ur kids r sooo sooo sooo sooo sooo sooo CUTE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!😘😘😘😘💜💜💕💕💕 Ur channel is really fun to watch. Thank you so much for inspiring me of your AMAZING videos💖💝 Hugs to you ALL!!!!!!!💟😁🤗🤗 I hope you Ballinger Family have the BEST CHRISTMAS EVERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😄😄😚😇 Fingers crossed for every one of you. Which I'll do it 6 times since your family has 6 people🙂😘😎 | For the Ballinger Family:🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞|

  18. I absolutely love that even tho sometimes we can get upset with people we love or things that happen we always should forgive & love as God intended! And a positive lesson is always shown thru your families vlogs!

  19. Colleen is NOT the only one that does that!!! I do it too 😂 I feel like Colleen and I are so similar with our weird habits.

  20. I have a son, 27 & a daughter, 25 & I still miss the wonderful feeling them moving around inside me before born. I’ve even had sympathy feelings of movements of babies growing in me. Probably just gas & or a solid making it’s way out!

  21. I definitely chew bubble gum like Colleen does. Colleen's friend who does the mind reading and such mentioned that her son would possibly be a baseball player… I guess his future gum chewing habit is rubbing off on his mama!

  22. Colleen, I chew a piece of gum and add another piece every couple of minutes haha. Those are small/normal size pieces though. It doesn't taste good after a short period of time. VIDEO IDEA: Rate gum by how good the flavor is and how long it lasts.

  23. Jacob is a great camera man
    Parker is a great performer
    Bailey is the best big sister ever
    Duncan is the cutest baby in the world
    you guys are really amazing parents

  24. i totally get the bubble gum thing. I do the same thing. I go through a pack of Orbit bubble gum so fast. It only takes about 2 mins for the flavor to go away and you have to replace it!!! 🙂

  25. Colleen isn't the only one who does that with bubble gum. I't's good for like 30 seconds, then it's disgusting. So, you have to have plenty of gum in order to have a delightful time chewing it. 1 yard of bubble gum is enough to It's to enjoy like thre times of bubble gum

  26. Christopher: I agree with Colleen! The taste of these kinds of bubblegums is gone so soon!! Too soon! I would do the exact same!! Thank you for this wonderful Christmas feeling vlog ☺️🎄 I love your families (also Colleen’s and Rachel’s) Vlogmasses! Because over here in the Netherlands most people only start Christmas after December 5th / 6th or even later. Because we have a children holiday in between. I want a Christmas-house NOW!

  27. wow Bailey is getting so much taller and Christopher put your shoes on when working at lifting heavy things and working with tools

  28. Colleen! I do the same thing with bubblegum!!!! I buy big bags of bubblegum and only chew the pieces for a few minutes at a time. I keep a separate bag with me to spit my chewed gum into. Everyone thinks it is pretty gross, but yum!

  29. Omg I can 100000% relate to the bubble gum thing 😂 im due a week after coleen & iv been doing this alot lately butttt it has to be sour jawbreakers 😍

  30. omg I'm 40 and my entire childhood I wished so hard they would make a candy that tasted and "felt" like gum. The closest I ever found was a candy called Bonkers, but of course they TOOK IT OFF THE MARKET D: D: Clearly this pain is still raw. 😉

  31. Holy crap, Colleen is so pregnant! I know that literally everyone has said this, including her, but WOW! I have never seen a fetus move before — that was so cool! I commend the kids on their taste in TV, because Masterchef Junior is AWESOME. Chef Jacob, what did you think of it??

  32. I 💖 your videos! I love your Christmas village! Your kids are so cute! I watch your videos every day. I like idea about Santa's mail.😃

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