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  1. I would put the playhouse inside because it gets really dirty outside I used to have one and we had to wash it like twice a week

  2. You guys are literally my favorite on YouTube! I literally watch every video! Chef Toni definitely need her on channel lol

  3. I love how your mom trying to buy all the toys for Ziya. And you trying to stop her, lol. 😂 Ziya has a lot of toys! I like that set with the cash register cell phone and laptop, too cute! 💟

  4. Once she is older you should get her an American a Girl Doll. I think she will love playing make believe and the food and accessories are larger. Even though they are more expensive, I played with them for years and bought my own with my own money since I liked them so much.

  5. Maybe what you can do with some of those toys in your garage and the toys you plan to donate is pack them up together with her and explain to her that not every kid is able to have as many toys as she does and another kid will be happy to play with the toys that she's not playing with. It'll teach her about just being mindful and grateful for what she does have and to give back however she can if she's able to.

  6. You're a wonderful mom and I completely understand spoiling your child. We have the same issues with toys at our house and my son is only 18 months old. As parents we want to give our children the world but we also want them to be appreciative and not greedy. Not sure how much Ziya would understand at this age but think about teaching her about Christmas giving as well. We always donate toys to local organizations this time of year and plan to include our son as well when he is old enough to understand. I know you said you still have unopened toys from last Christmas so donating them to those in need this year may be a great option! <3 Happy Holidays

  7. Get a baby doll called crybaby doll, they are colorful like cotton candy and are way better than baby dolls, I know that they're at target and the ace family got Elle one after their prank gifts.

  8. Notice Ziya said she's going to get not she wants. I was like okay Ziya I know that's right. Start young with knowing what you want.

  9. I am a parent also and run into the same issue with toys for my son. His room is seriously covered with toys, this year we are taking the approach to buy more educational things like books and learning toys as apposed to clutter toys. It's literally is so hard trying not to buy the whole store to impress you child and make them feel happy with their presents.

  10. Omg she is so cute! She is lucky to have a mother and grand mother like you wonderful lady's God Bless you all and thank you for sharing

  11. I understand my niece and nephew also have little plastic that drives me crazy 🤦🏽‍♀️ also I just want to say your daughter is so smart and adorable 🥰

  12. When I was a little girl my parents were friends with the daughter of the owners of Taras toys and they let me go in and pick three toys for free 💙 all I remember was getting edible water color paint lol

  13. Umm I just wanted to say you can bye a whole set of baby diapers at target for like 12 dollars and it is for dolls btw I love you channel

  14. Isn't the play house outside? In the back yard? She can put the tub in the bushes . See no water splashing in your house. Lol.. or is it an indoor playhouse?

  15. Your mom is so sweet ugh I love her. When she saw the outfit for the baby doll and she’s like I’ll buy it lol, reminds me off my mom 😭☺️

  16. I know you didnt ask but i think u should put the playhouse inside because then its gonna be bugs on it and stuff.just a tought

  17. Raven I think you are a great mother for your child and you give her all of your love your heart and feelings and care

  18. LEGO is a wonderful toy for creativity there isn’t really much better. All you need to do is have a big play mate with a drawstring and teach her to keep it contained. I get that all the little pieces in the play sets are annoying part of the problem is she’s only 3 and she doesn’t get it yet another year or so and she will keep the pieces under control

  19. I really praise what you're doing for christmas cus even though I'm not a parent I do have small nieces and the small plastic clutter is INSANE like things that are basically trash and the clutter does not end! So I really like your idea, usually for Xmas and birthdays my bf and I usually go for things they'll use like clothes and lunch box sets and stuff like that cus those kids get new toys literally every weekend. I will definitely be keeping your idea in mind for the younger relatives and future kids

  20. Disclaimer: I DO NOT have kids. Lol

    But I worked as a childcare teacher for years. I could not stand mess and unorganized toys! So I took pictures and made cute labels for each basket and self in my classroom and that’s how the kids cleaned up and put things away. It made a HUGE difference. ☺️

  21. I have like 40 dolls And No I'm not spoiled I have a big family and its from Christmas and my birthday and yes I still donate💓💓Love yah

  22. You’re doing good girl on scaling back! It’s def hard especially with other family members and grandparents that like to go overboard lol

    We honestly got less this year and more meaningful and I’m so much less stressed out! I’m over the clutter and my girls know they’re getting about 5-6 gifts a piece. We got my 4 yr old daughter the small melissa and Doug fold and go dollhouse and bought Disney princess hand painted peg dolls for it from a local business where we are from! We also got her some dress up pretend play because she LOVES it, a play doh set, a few pairs of pajamas and some clothes. And I think a Cinderella lego set.. plus A belle doll and a dry erase coloring book from the Disney store and that’s her Christmas!!

    My 7 yr old daughter got a Nintendo switch, 2 lego sets, clothes, pajamas, and accessories and games to go with her switch, 2 jojo lego sets and a dry erase coloring book as well and stocking stuffers. That’s their Christmas and I’m more excited about this Christmas than any other one because I think it’ll be their most favorite and cherished with less.

  23. Chef Toni needs a YouTube channel showing us Cricut content, cooking content, and just vlogs. Tbh it doesn’t matter I would watch it regardless.

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