Sibling Christmas Gift Name Exchange 🎁

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Do you ever feel like– Squawk, squawk.
Probably wants a cracker. You live in the middle
of a circus? Hey, no fart bags in our family. I am so overwhelmed with
everything that has to be done. I just can’t do it all. Do you want to go home
and draw names for Christmas? Abby! Oh, I wanted Abby. Evie, I got you! Julie’s getting Abby. Russell [inaudible]. Oh my gosh. It’s so confusing. It wanted to put itself
out of its misery. But… whatever. Oh Shari. It’s a good thing. Are you gonna fail
your class assignment? No, I still have one. Mom, if I smell it,
I will dry heave. Shari said that people in Europe
did not die of the plague. No, if the rats did not cause
the Black Plague, this did. Because this is bad. You may not know it
by its appearance, but this is not pumpkin pie. It’s not vomit either. It’s strawberry. Ew. So they cooked strawberries
with lots of herbs and spices, and so I use an herbs
and spices bread crumbs. Ew. Which may not have
been the best idea. We’re gonna go take the shortcut. Sure. You’re a jerk! You’re nice. I like you. You’re a jerk. Why? He doesn’t want me to hold him. Guys, we gotta go. He let me pet his beak. You let me kiss him. Can somebody open
the door for us? Okay.>>Let’s go.
>>Russell, use your [inaudible]. Dude,
you’re backpack’s so big. No, I’m just buff. I don’t think we can fit
through the doors. Okay, open it up, wider. There we go. Bye! The birds are fine Julie. Just sit down. Oh, I found your gloves. I can’t because Julie’s– Get in we’re wasting– Yeah, Julie, we’re wasting gas. Go! Do you ever feel like you live in the middle of a circus? Hey, no fart bags in our family. Squawk, squawk. Polly wants a cracker. Who put Chad sit by the birds? Good luck with your pie. No, I don’t wanna do this. Shari said you’re throwing
shade at my pie.>>I just thought–
>>Who talks like that? When we were driving, I just saw you glancing over,
and you’re just like… Stop throwing shade on my pie! Bye, guys! I’m gonna miss the birds. Then buy me a parakeet. No. Bye! I love you. The kids got in a lot
of trouble on the way to school. They started picking
on each other, and I just won’t have it. I told them, I said,
when you walk out that door, you’re open game. The whole world
can tear you apart. But when you are together, that is the one place
where you should feel safe. So when they’re fighting over
like the remote control, or they’re fighting over,
no, it’s my turn. No, you had it last. It’s my turn. That kind of thing, I usually let them
just fight it out. They need to learn how to manage themselves
amongst each other, and they need to learn how to
work through disagreements, and it doesn’t help
if Mom’s always coming in and fixing it for them. So they have to manage that, kind of stuff on their own. But when they’re picking
on each other and teasing each other,
I will not tolerate it, not for one second. Don’t pick on your
brothers and sisters. You guys stop it. Knock it off,
and be good to your parents. Stop being so hard on them. There we go. Rant over. Let’s get back to our day. I don’t know why I want
to share this with you, but I do. On the way home from taking
the kids to school, I just felt this
like overwhelming, like choking thing… Like there’s just– I am so overwhelmed with
everything that has to be done. This is half of my return pile. Like I just– I just can’t do it all, and I was feeling
like sorry for myself. I was feeling all,
whole realm of emotions, and I just– I just had this not like, like the Lord was
saying, it’s okay. Like, those are all things that they might get done,
or they might not, but it just doesn’t matter. You know, it doesn’t matter
how dirty your sink is today, and it doesn’t matter if your bed gets made, It doesn’t matter that I have like
12 loads of laundry literally to do, because nobody
has clean clothes. Like, that just doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re trying
to take care of your kids, and teach them correct
principles, and so… If you’re struggling today because everything you want
to get done isn’t getting done, maybe that will help. It just– It doesn’t matter. And you know what? And it’s true. Even if I got it all done, like if I could like
wave a magic wand, and it just all got done,
tomorrow would be a new list, a new pile. Like it never stops,
it never ends. So today, I’m gonna give myself
permission to not be perfect, and only get a little bit done, and to just try to focus
on taking care of myself, and teaching correct principles
to my children. Okay. I’m ready to move on for my day. Thanks for letting me vent.>>I’m so sorry about the wait.
>>Thank you. [Inaudible]. All right.
Let me give you an update. My kitchen is still a mess,
but I tackled two things. I went and gathered some stuff
that I needed to take to the DI, and the second thing I did
was I made some returns. So I only got
two things done today, and I’m telling myself
that that’s okay. I’m going to get the kids
a little bit of dinner, and then we’re gonna go
to Chad’s basketball game. Then do you want to go home
and draw names for Christmas? Yeah? Who are you gonna get? I don’t know. Just someones. Just [inaudible]. We’ll see. It’s 100%. Let me see that. And then 100%. Shut the front door. Let me see that. Oh my word. Oh my goodness. Russell. Good job, buddy. Just about to hit
Julie in the face. Did you catch
where the ball went? Are you okay? Yeah. Oh no! Just… No! Good job! Chad’s the only one
who’s being a Scrooge. You’re not wearing them either. [inaudible] do on Christmas? Oh yeah. [Inaudible] Thank you daddy. Okay, go Evie. I don’t need
a lot for Christmas. Right there, do a Christmas
dance for us, right there. With me. There is just one thing I need. [Inaudible] jump, jump. What if Chad becomes
a professional ballroom dancer? I would [inaudible]. Oh, Chad, you could go
on Dancing with the Stars. So could Eve. Brothers and sisters,
partner together. Put your arms up, Eve. Chad has a competition on Thursday.>>[inaudible]
>>Perfect together. Ever since me and Chad were
like super little, I think, I don’t know
when it started, but we were really little, we would draw for
Christmas every year. We’d all pick a name, and we would get
that person a present, and mom and dad
weren’t included in this. It was just something
that the siblings did for fun, and this year,
we’re doing it. Kind of the same, but we’re also going to be doing
like an act of service, or like a fun experience
along with the gifts that we open on Christmas Eve. I’m called Eve,
and it’s called Christmas Eve. And I’m called Eve. I think it was last year, when we did this, and we
were crazy and disrespectful, and like we have to postpone it
for a week, and Dad was like, no Christmas, no present. You know it’s getting really bad around the house
when the parents are like, that’s it! No Christmas for you. You guys were so naughty. [Inaudible] was like the thing. We did– That was a really
cool experience though. We were able to give the gifts
to that needy family, and that was fun. We literally took the gifts
the kids were gonna get from Kevin and I. We wrapped them up, and we gave him to a family
who deserved it more than we did. Okay, all right. Let’s get this goose cooking. Youngest to oldest. Eve goes first. Oh no.
But then I know who I get. Oh… No, just the person she
draws gets to go next. Eve has Shari. Eve has me– No, it’s not. It’s my turn. Look. Yay! Eve is gonna get
me good things, because Mom and Dad helped her. I want to get Chad. Abby! Oh, I wanted Abby. Okay, Abby, you go next. I should get Russell. Abby, please draw me. Thinking like a puzzle
or something. For Abby, you can get
a bunch of dead mice. If your act of service
is to feed your snake, I will say no. I put that on it. I’m not feeding it. You are, and you
have to do cleaning. No, I’m not. Chad. I [inaudible] like [inaudible]. I know what to get you. Chad, you can’t read through. Okay. Okay, I’m sorry. Oh, your foot phone hit me. No, let go. Let go. Chad. I don’t want Russell. You’re so– Let go. All right, Chad. I mixed it up. Stop sucking on that cord. It’s gross. No, you can’t look. What if he gets Russell? Don’t make anyone feel bad. It’s Eve. Yay! Evie, I got you! There’s two names left. Your own and Russell? So Eve and Russell
have each other? I mean Julie-Russell have each other? Wait a minute. Julie, who did you get? Russell. Myself? That’s the only person left
that isn’t herself, which means Russell gets Julie. Yeah, but I got him last year. Okay, so then… What if Julie had me? Oh yeah. And Eve had Russell,
and Russell had– What if we let
Chad have Russell? No, I’ll have Abby. No, you have me. I got Eve last year. Okay, we’re gonna
figure this out, and then we’ll come back, and
let you know who everyone drew, because this isn’t working. Kevin, tell us
how it’s gonna go. Okay, Abby gets for Chad. Okay. Russell gets for Julie. Eve gets for Shari. Shari gets for Russell. Julie gets for Abby. Who do I get then? Evie, you’re gonna– You get one from Shari. Chad’s getting something for Eve? Chad’s getting something for… Abby. So who’s getting
something for Eve? Julie. Julie is. No, Julie’s doing Abby… Russell isn’t doing anything. Oh my gosh! Okay, we’ll come back again
when we figure it out. This is so confusing. If you go through my Instagram,
it is not that bad. There are worse. My kids refuse to
like pose that way. They’re like, Mom,
we’re not gonna do it. I don’t pose that way. How do you pose, Eve? How do you pose? Sit down. Okay, everyone. Everyone’s in line,
everyone’s in order, and everyone’s going
to say who they got. We finally figured this out. Ew. Chad. [Inaudible] Chad! If you guys can get this right. I will slap you hard. Start with Shari. Okay, I have Russell. All right. Shari has Russell. I have Eve. Chad has Eve. I have Chad. Abby has Chad. I have Shari. Julie has Shari. I have Abby. Russell has Abby. I have Russell. Daddy. Daddy. No, stop confusing everyone. Who do you have? [inaudible]. Julie? Eve has Julie. Is anyone missing? Abby has Russell! I do. All right. Everyone, get to bed. I don’t see or hear
from anyone the rest of the day. Now, let’s watch a Christmas movie! Christmas movie!

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