Silent Night by Chewbacca

Raaawr rar rar raaaar! Raawr! rar rar raaaar! Raaaaaar Rar Raaaar Haar Haaar RooaaaaaAAAAAr Chewy! Hoooomph Hoomph Eeegh Emph RRr Rar rar rar Raaaaaghr Hoooomph Rar Aaaaghr Hemp Hmrr Aaaargh arrr Rrrawr This is ridiculous Raaaar Raar AAAARgh Ar ar Haaarmph Aaaargh Raaa ra hum Eeaaarh hur hum GHrrrmph Ho ho ho ho ho ho!

100 thoughts on “Silent Night by Chewbacca”

  1. Si ya la Saga es una mierda por culpa de Rian mierda Johnson…..yo casi me suicido al ver esta reverenda mierda

  2. When you see a video of Wookies speaking Wookie but when you check the closed captioning and there is no subtitles for Wookie:

    ”Impossible. Perhaps the files are incomplete.”

  3. Sorry chewie but i cannot sleep with any music. But you singed so good and i can listen when i was awaken

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