sleepover with emma *CHRISTMAS EVE EDITION*

100 thoughts on “sleepover with emma *CHRISTMAS EVE EDITION*”

  1. OMGG! That happened to me to, i was in my bed and i was dreaming of a big shinny white toilet and i pessed myself mager oof

  2. not even lying exactly when she said if someone was street racing and exactly when that cafe was vrooming by, a car raced past my street 😂 you could even hear the rainwater splash afterwards

  3. Caribbean can be said either way bc like “Pirates of the Caribbean” is a different way to say it then “hey im going to take a trip to the Caribbean islands” the first way i used it is more long drawn out and the second is faster ya know? Idek lmao thank you for your time

  4. If your a boy pls tell me what yall do at sleepovers cause like… i wanna know and i cant find any of those comments. Lol

  5. Emma talking trash and insulting Santa for 19 minutes straight

    Also idc if it was 19 min and 8 sec

    And also it was probably just the first half

  6. video: dinner time mofo

    me: she’s DEFINITELY gonna have a bagel

    emma: i was originally gonna have a bagel

    me: HAHA called it….. kinda

  7. I pissed my pants when i was 12 once because I dreamt that I diarrhead. Soooo i was devestated and relieved at the same time.

  8. Emma: Hope you are with your family having a good time :DD
    Me: Nah im just sitting here and realizing I need to socialise 😉

  9. Boys smoke, drink, play videos games, listen to music and eat at sleepovers. I live in the hood so they also used be out late walking the streets getting into shit

  10. Okay im late but i have Emma marathons every day soooo yeaaa 🥰 THATS NOT WHAT I WANTED TO SAY

    we all know/knew she ate all the cookies after this video and had to run to the target the last day. And came too late bc she had to get coffee

    After that she made Santa sad so she gave one of the nipples


  11. July 2019? Anyone? I love 2017 Emma the person who didn't know what do with her life but still makes cookies

  12. Christmas story time:

    When I was 8 years old my 17 year old brother told me on Christmas eve that Santa wasnt real and that hes fake.

    I didnt believe him so I asked my grandma neighbor if Santa us fake and she said he is fake and when u grow older your parents will tell u his fake

    So yeah that's how I knew Santa was fake on the age of 8

  13. If u just listen from 5:36 – 5:48 without watching the video or without any context… Uhm.. Yeah

    Call me dirty minded but who WOULDN'T find that dirty 😂

  14. “you gotta please the man otherwise your getting nothing for Christmas you now what i mean”-EMME CHAMBERLAIN

  15. Currently watching this in August and I love Christmas like after Halloween I am in my element. Christmas is joyful and happy so now I want to get in my bed, read a good book and watch a holiday movie. Love you Emma xx

  16. I’m a boy so usually what we do at sleepovers is we go out to eat and go to the movies and then we play video games and then we do you like flips and then that’s really it and then go to bed and then we do it all over again

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