Sneaky Parents Go Christmas Shopping with 3 Kids!

It’s vlogmas, vlogmas And it’s time to celebrate… I love crickets. Can I have a cricket? What do you want a cricket for, Bailey? I just want to hold it. VLOGMAS… Vlogmas! Good morning everyone! we’re going to start the day off with
advent today because the last few days we haven’t been able to until really late let’s just get it going let’s do it
right the first thing in the morning start the day right right what are you doing what… It’s my turn. I’m a cowboy. Yeee-Haw! What are you wearing? A cowboy outfit. A cowboy outfit? yeah Cowboys usually wear a ridiculously
long tie. Look at how long that tie is. oh my goodness right that’s what you could lasso a
steer with that tie OK Parker, let’s see what you got today. What is it? I don’t know, let’s see. Oh, today is twelve. Do you see twelve on there? it’s a one and then a two oh that’s
close that’s 21 and look look right underneath it good work it’s another wreath and a lamp post Oh Parker it looks like two of your
people are in here. I know. Were they over visiting Bailey’s people? Oh it’s dishes. you not even building things
It’s just dishes. You’re done with your build. It’s something with guns. This looks like ginger from here. I see cloves and I smell cloves. It has Parker’s Actual nose in it. alright what kind of tea is a Bailey?
It is zingy ginger or organic herbal tea there’s only one thing in the world that
makes Parker this excited and it’s when i open up my disney tsum tsum calendar and
show what we’re giving away today so let’s see number 12 is a girl stitch so
this is do you know her name yeah no we don’t know her name this is
from stitch 2 i’m going to find out her name but this is what we’re giving away
and it’s a gingerbread little woman oh woman gingerbreads so keep watching
until the end of the vlog to find out how you can win this. today I’m going
over to Colleen’s house. Colleen is my sister she created the character miranda sings
we’re writing partners together we wrote the books self-help and haters back off
and she wants to work on a new project so I’m really excited to find out what
that entails and give you guys more information as it comes people often ask how we homeschool and
what our routine is and I wanted to tell you today went really well i was going to
share with you i basically work the kids and stations I would work with one kid
like parker I did his little preschool lesson Bailey was in the living room wrapping
gifts that she bought yesterday Jacob was working on a typing lesson on my
computer after or i was there with Parker with his
lesson i worked with jacob for a while on his reading lessons and then Bailey
went and she got the computer and then Parker got Play-doh and then when Bailey
was doing her lesson I told the boys they had to have outside play time I
said get outside go outside play time and I was great everybody does things
differently at different times in life but this is where we are in and it’s
been really great it’s been a good morning sweetie how’s it going you
having fun am i interrupting your you’re
learning? Sorry i just got to Colleen’s house and
she’s taking care of her cat doing some cat maintainence because it poops on himself
everyday it’s disgusting learn how to not poop on yourself. are you getting wiped?
lunches are made this is the Bailey plate it’s got Santa on it gluten-free
peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches seaweed tangerine gluten free pretzels
peanuts how’s your lunch Thumbs up and a smile I don’t even see a smile dude nice
already really yeah yeah yeah just finished it colleen’s house i’m really
excited because now i’m going to go to a music store and pick up the extra pieces
for Jacobs drumset supposed to just be looking at drum sets but this is very
distracting her here that’s the one tell santa all right now I’m picking up some food
for Jessica and I to eat because I’m starving hungry haven’t eaten anything
and it’s almost four o’clock and that’s probably not healthy I didn’t have like a cold press juice
though so that I think that counts as a meal right you’re dieting I’m not
dieting but if I was that would count as a meal right I got the food and there’s
ice skating over there which is totally random but funny fact about me is I’ve
never actually been ice skating I have not done any winter anything I’ve never
been snowboarding skiing ice-skating any of the things that involve ice curling
for example haven’t done it I targeting i’m at target and getting mommy a [honk-honk] You know I’m going to have to bleep that out mommy watches all of our blog oh yeah
yeah okay hmm well i’m getting her something special I
don’t think it’s in this aisle. i found it i think i found it I’m excited about this because mommy really wants it we got Bailey’s gift for Jessica in the
car and now we are free to roam about the store you’re doing your christmas
shopping the bargain zone nice we’ve been doing a lot of me taking to
the kids or three of the kids one place and then just going and getting things
and hiding them in the basket or the opposite where all get stuff and hide in
the basket that looks like Andy Andy it’s been kind of magic when you’re
shopping for your kids and your kids are there you gotta be sneaky one move is
the behind the cup move with diamond that diamond can we get this? bailey would love bailey would love this bailey would love this. put it on your Christmas list Parker’s making a split-decision YES! Christmas playing angry birds yeah okay honey we are about display so
you slide and like this it’s super easy a child could do it who’s in there who’s on that one you know this is you know who it is who
is it who is it oh I mean spider-man so that’s
spider-man right there don’t know that’s Batman Batman and who’s this guy batman batman then who’s this guy i don’t know superman oh yes very good I found an Elsa too. baby Moana I love her cute little hair I’m going to do something. [sings] Watch Me Whip Watch Me Nae Nae let’s see who today’s winner is its
Emily joy with the sideways smiley face congratulations if you want to win angel yeah I figured out her name angel
all you have to do is be subscribe to our Channel and write something in the
comments section be sure to leave a social-media handles
so that we can contact you if you win angel and if you want you don’t have to
do this for the the thing but it makes me feel good go ahead and like this
video because it makes me feel good hi let’s talk about what we learned
today we learned that Jessica’s tea has Parker’s
actual nose in it we learned that I don’t know the title of the book that i
wrote and finally we learned that if the holiday shopping seems a little
stressful to you to stop what you’re doing right there in the aisle do a
little whip maybe an a little nae nae thanks for watching everybody we’ll see
you next time yeah

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