Snow Globe xmas nail tutorial

hi everybody welcome to my channel today
I’m just going to do a tutorial on a snow globe for your nails start by taking backing paper, I use the
back of a sculpting foam just so that your acrylic doesn’t stick to the back
so you can take your snowman off so take a bead, very tiny bead, of white acrylic I used naio nails and make the body of the Snowman. Now after that you make the head of the Snowman, u need to make the head smaller and then put a tiny bead on
top to make it look like snowman paint the snowman with whatever you like it would be better to use gel. I haven’t recorded myself painting it because he’s
that small you can’t see it but you just put tiny little dots where you’d put
the stones for the buttons the mouth and then put a tiny green, not
green! orange nose to resemble a carrot and then you have your little snowman I
also put a blue scarf on you use the tiniest little
brush or a dotting tool to paint that on in order to build the globe which goes
around the snowman you take a UV or gel sculpture gel and place it on the top of
a round, shiny object, I used the top of a Sharpie pen and just make sure it’s nice
and big it’s better to be bigger that way you can file off if you’ve done it
too big so yeah you put that on sorry I’ve gone out of screen a little bit but
I am just putting on the gel and then making sure that the snowman’s gonna fit
inside or is smaller and then we put it under a lamp to cure it and then you
clean off with some residue wipe off so it’s not so sticky, pop it off, go around
in circles pushing it very lightly and then there you have your globe, give it a
good clean on the inside, like you see I’m checking the it fits again, clean it
on the inside and put no wipe top coat on the inside, before I did that, sorry,
I did file it to make it smooth and i actually made it kind of rounded so it
fits to the nail. put the top coat on I like no wipe because then you don’t
have to mess around with sticky bits and nothing sticks to it, if you haven’t
wiped it properly, take your nail buff over it, use whatever color you want on the bottom I chose why because – snow put a bit of the acrylic on to stick
the Snowman on make sure it’s in place, I took the drill
and I made a tiny hole for where we’re going to insert the water, you might want
to make it a bit bigger than mine cuz I did struggle to get the water in. I used tiny little crystals as they seem to work better than glitter
cuz glitter seems to stick to the globe so this glitter it was thicker, it’s
pre-mixed, it’s blue and silver glitter so I’ll put a tiny bit of that in
and then it’s important to make sure it stays upside down otherwise it’s just
gonna fall everywhere. then what I did was poured my glitter everywhere so I
had to put it back in and then take some clear acrylic, also used to our naio nails and put it around the outside of the snowman, i used crystal clear
around the Snowman, I did go out of camera again I’m sorry about that but
yeah all I’m doing is putting it around the snowman on the nail so that
we can stick the globe on I place the nail upside down, the clear acrylic on that is not quite set yet but I did leave a little bit so
it wasn’t wet wet and then we take a clear bead again and go around do not
place it where you’ve put the little hole because obviously that’s where
we’re gonna put the water so clear acrylic all the way around to seal it
all minus the little hole. I did wait for it to completely set before I put water
in, so make sure you do that otherwise it will just leak everywhere and you will have
to start again. i used the top of a cuticle oil, you can use a tiny straw or whatever you want. I found that this was more effective, tap
it a few times to get the air bubble to the top. I also dropped it! you
just need to keep pouring into you haven’t got any air bubbles in. it’s
alright to have a tiny one because then it looks more like a snow globe, if he’s got
a tiny little one in there, you can tell its water then, dab off the water, you can
see a little bit of my glitter has gone everywhere and the water has gone all over but all the waters in and that’s what matters. Take in a clear bead
of acrylic again and we’re gonna place that over the hole, you probably
see a tiny little drop of water falls out but it didn’t affect it, it still
dried on and closed the hole So there you have a Christmas snow
globe with a snowman inside! Why don’t you give it a go, let me know what you’ve done tag me in whatever videos you’ve done or
a picture of it I’d like to see what you guys have done and yeah thanks so much
for watching

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